Top Hemp Oil 2500mg – Healthy Stress & Anxiety Support – All-Natural Pain Reliever – Anti-Inflamm..

bought this from my dad who suffers from neuropathy the tops of his feet hurt so badly that he can't sleep after just the first dose he felt a difference and was finally able to sleep so glad we found this product I have been using his product for almost a week it has been a great help for coming down in the evening before bedtime it's super easy to take and has a faint mint taste I put about 20 to 30 drops under my tongue and hold it for 90 seconds for quicker absorption then I take a drink of water and swish it around my mouth to swallow the remaining oil my son he's 21 and I both have ADD we had heard great things about this product so we decided to give it a try we were amazed at how relaxed it made us feel and how quickly it worked thank you we will definitely be purchasing again

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