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kindly like share & subscribe the channel and don't forget to dress a lapel I hello everyone welcome to adieu Namibia I'm Lambo de Callier counselor illumise endogenous party dear students it's goodness for all of you those who want to study in foreign countries for MBBS program yes we are making all the top most medical college details along with free structure and about the quality of education all major countries we are making video each and everything about the colleges no need to go anywhere to find out about the polish details about the restructure cost of living everything you can find out on a channel a dunam media still if you are any down anybody's like foreign country what are the recent procedure whatever the tuition fees but about the cost of living everything all to get the visa we can help it out each and everything for that you just made your Cody's they do not media that would definitely help it out thank you for watching you kindly like share and subscribe the channel and don't forget to press the bell I


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