Tough Mudder Obstacle Tips: How To Complete Electroshock Therapy | Tough Mudder

I am Coach. And I’m here with a couple of my friends
from the Tough Mudder Pro Team, Hunter and Corinna. We’re in front of Electroshock Therapy. Yes, it’s a completely
optional obstacle, and you’ll only see it
at Tough Mudder Full. Now I have a couple of tips for you
before we complete this obstacle. Number one, we’re just
going to get psyched up. Number two, we’re going to
link arms with our friends. Number three, we’re going to keep our
nice pace throughout this whole thing– keep on moving. And number four, you’d better
look out for them pesky hay bales. Let’s do this. [AIR-RAID SIREN] All right, I have a few fun facts
about this fantastic obstacle. Number one, it came to the
Tough Mudder scene in 2011. Number two, it’s 800 square
feet of electrical madness. That’s 10,000 volts that are
going to come right through you. And number three, we have
two rows of hay bales to make you stumble throughout. Pretty exciting. Thank you for watching our
Tough Mudder YouTube channel. Make sure you leave some comments
below, watch more of our how-to videos, and sign yourselves up for
a Tough Mudder event soon.


  1. Thank you Tough Mudder for always giving us such great tips and advice!! I can’t wait for my first run in September!!!!!

  2. Electric and water. Can we get some more details on this obstacle? What's the voltage and what is it sourced from? A generator?

  3. I've only done one tough mudder and the cords got Tangled around each other and basically wrapped around me… it was scary but funny at the same time ( i got shocked probably 20 times but the look on the person watching over that obstacle face was priceless)

  4. Don't see the point of this obstacle there is no skill or strength required it's just getting hurt and even if you pass and make it through you still get hit by the wires

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