Towards Precision Medicine – Nature Reviews Genetics

Precision medicine is a strategy for
tailoring clinical decision-making to the genetics underlying a disease. And while that seems like a very straightforward concept, in practice there are a lot of technical and conceptual hurdles that need to be overcome for this approach to be successful. The Review by Euan Ashley of Stanford University describes some of the key challenges
that the community is facing, and that need to be overcome to bring genomics up to clinical grade, and crucially the article also puts forth possible solutions on how to improve precision and accuracy of genomic medicine. Some of the topics that the article discusses are optimized sequencing strategies,
clinically focused bioinformatics pipelines, and reliable metrics for the
disease causality of genetic variants. Reviews can advance discovery by
bringing together different strands of robust and insightful research on a
particular topic. Today’s researchers are facing many grand challenges worldwide, like food security, sustainability in global health. A balanced and unbiased
Review can really support this endeavor by opening up new areas of knowledge, or
bringing researchers up-to-date with recent advances, or by connecting
different disciplines. The Nature Reviews journals partner with their authors to help them achieve excellence. Our in-house editors are incredibly
passionate about our disciplines, and we really strive to publish articles of the
highest quality that are accessible to a wide audience, and that are enhanced with beautiful artwork. Ultimately, we want to support our research communities and provide researchers and clinicians with a big picture they need to pursue great science.

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