1. Use room temperature not just straight out of the fridge. Great video, the clicker training sea n be used for many training scenarios.

  2. It seems logical. Will give it a try on my dog. He's extremely sensitive and too smart to get what we are going to do to to him even before we start. Hope it works!

  3. Great video. I’ve already been doing this for a couple weeks, mines still nervous if the bottle is close but hopefully a couple more weeks and she’ll be fine with it!

  4. I’ve been doing this with my dog now for 45 minutes and we can’t get past the “hold the bottle up to the ear” part. We did it successfully a few times and when I tried to move to the next step of opening the ear and putting the bottle to it (unopened) she just runs whether I have the clicker and treats or not. I’m so frustrated.

  5. My dog has a sixth sense: he can just tell when I pick up the medication bottle and runs and hides. But I will try this until it works!

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