Transcribing Medication Orders

after a prescriber writes a medication order on the order sheet in a patient's chart you'll probably have to transcribe it onto a medication administration record or ma R this process carries a risk of making or perpetuating a medication error the information you'll transcribe onto an MA are in ink not pencil includes the date of the order full name of the drug dose form and amount administration route time schedule date to start giving the drug and date to stop giving the drug as you transcribe the order make sure it includes all of this information also evaluate the appropriateness of the order and take care not to make errors during transcription such as transcribing the order on to the wrong patient's chart writing an incorrect drug name dose amount route of administration or time of administration using a dangerous abbreviation or placing a decimal point in the wrong location in some facilities a specially trained secretary or assistant transcribes the medication orders however it's still your responsibility to make sure that all orders are transcribed correctly

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