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leadership is important in every aspect of being a nurse from a new graduate all the way through a nurse executive I think the best nurse leaders are those that span boundaries you naturally want to do something to help others and putting yourself forward is really just part of that process to get out of your comfort zone you just have to take the risk mentorship is so critical it is a critical piece of this of this leadership campaign the Institute of Medicine in its landmark 2010 report the future of Nursing leading change advancing health deemed leadership so important it is one of the reports four key messages and two of the recommendations to expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts and to prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health to me being a nurse leader is being a voice for the community I think it's really about bringing others to the table with you it's serving as a mentor to someone else so that they can arise and become a leader nurses you know bring a perspective from the patient but also work with physicians and other members of the health care team to make changes that will impact patients in the hospital outside the communities they are energetic rising nurse leaders with strong vision the campaign for action created to implement the IOM recommendations has turned a spotlight a nurse leadership in 2014 the campaign named ten breakthrough leaders in Nursing who helped transform the nation's healthcare system create healthier communities and build a culture of health I helped create the first nurse manager job share in North Carolina at my institution because I wanted to work I had small children so did my job share partner and so we did the first job share in nursing my life took me in many different directions where I got to learn lots of skills kind of practice and things out and then gather it all back up and move back home and follow my dream and help to provide services to women who otherwise wouldn't have had them leadership is about stepping outside of your comfort zone well I think you have to push yourself to be uncomfortable I mean that's how you learn so if you're just doing the things that you're really good at you're not learning and changing and growing I decided to go for an opening as a night supervisor knowing that I had little chance to get the position because I was only 18 months into my nursing career so it was a surprise when I was actually chosen for the position leadership is about mentoring there are mentors that are formal and there are some maybe that are even informal and then there are some that seek you out instead of you seeking them out but it's such an amazing part of our profession to mentor one another if you see someone that you want to emulate you see someone that makes you have a wow factor X the person to mentor you and leadership means being at the table when policy decisions are made we must make sure that we are not just knocking at the door and hoping someone will open the door we need to not lower down to address the IOM statement that quote leadership is fundamental to advancing the profession xx nursing organizations have formed the nurses on boards coalition to put 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020 we can care very deeply about making things better for people through systems through policies but if we're not connected to the places where those decisions are made then it's more a goal a desire a hope we want more than hope we want serious action to be a nurse means to be a leader nurses work to build healthier communities and oversee complex health care for people in hospitals in their homes in long-term residential settings in schools and wherever they live work play and worship I'm on a school Advisory Board and you know I approached it and they said they needed a person in charge of strategic planning and I said I can do that and they were surprised I said well hospitals you know organizations that's what we do sometimes it's just showing up whether it's an association a larger organization a committee a board what-have-you showing up showing up as is half the battle pathways to leadership are many through community organizations the PTA neighborhood groups nonprofit agencies and in your workplace joining a committee and then leading it can be the first step to getting on a board of directors and making policy decisions about health care find the things that you're passionate about find the things that you love those are the things that you'll shine in because your heart will be in it nurses some three million strong in the most trusted health care profession in the country are passionate about their profession and dedicated to helping others the message from the IOM and the campaign for action is that nurses need to be just as dedicated and passionate about taking roles in making policy we can't get any of this done without nurses stepping up to the plate and being those leaders that we need as Florence Nightingale said to be in charge is certainly not only to carry out the proper measures yourself but to see that everyone else does so too you you you

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