Transforming medical education

UIC Medicine is impassioned medicine. University
of Illinois Medicine is innovative medicine. UIC Medicine is intelligent medicine. UIC Medicine is inclusive medicine. Inclusive. Inclusive. Inclusive medicine. Our vision for the College of Medicine is a broad vision of trying to transform medical education,
not only here in Illinois, but throughout the country and in the world. I've always had
a passion for caring for other people and serving them, and medicine seemed like a great
way to give other people a chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Having grown up in a
predominantly Latino neighborhood with somewhat of a lack of access to health care really
prompted me to become involved in health care. I wanted to become a physician not only to
treat one patient at a time, but also to become an advocate for more people. Diabetes affects
an enormous amount of people, and seeing those patients struggling with this life-long disease
– becoming blind, losing their organs, losing their limbs – is something that is difficult
to watch. It's more difficult to watch knowing that there is a solution to that, and that's
what drives me every day to come back to work and not give up. I think innovative best describes
UIC Medicine because the school places a tremendous emphasis on student feedback, and on both
macro- and micro-curricular changes, and they're very sensitive to that and eager to enact
those changes to better the school. The kind of translational medicine that we do here at University of Illinois is really what drives innovation and new technologies. I believe
that there are many, many opportunities now to capture this convergence between technology
and medicine, between the STEM disciplines and medicine, bioengineering – without losing
focus about what is most important, which is taking care of patients who need our help.
At the end of the day, we will be able to prepare our doctors, our students, our researchers,
to be the leaders at the cutting edge of the future of medicine. And we are very much excited
about that future. I'm the eighth person in my family to attend UIC College of Medicine. UIC is one of the most diverse places to work and to study, both in terms of staff and students.
And UIC also has a unique commitment to serving those less advantaged in Chicago, and I think
that makes it a really inclusive place to be. Being here in Chicago, we have the privilege
of treating a lot of people that are underserved. Having that access to a diverse population
is really important, especially when we talk about not just treating people, but doing
research. Because, if you do research on a select group of people that don't represent
the broader makeup of the country, you might be missing out on something really important.
And so, the ability to study people, treat people from different ethnic backgrounds,
different socioeconomic backgrounds, I think is a real strength of the work we do here
at UIC. I think that the clinical exposure that I've gotten at the University of Illinois
has been phenomenal, and because of it, I think that it will prepare me to go into residency ready to treat patients and ready to become a physician. We made it one of our top priorities
at the College of Medicine to have an explicit program, one we call a "Residency Preparedness
Program." Invest in the students, and make sure that each and every one of our students
who want to go into a residency will get the residency that they want. I'm interested in
bariatric surgery. Pediatric oncology. Infectious diseases. Child psychiatry. Inspired is a
great description for UIC because we have this massive campus with seemingly unlimited
possibilities and students come here from all over the world. We have excellent researchers
here. We have excellent clinicians here. And we bring all of that together in a very collaborative, stimulating, engaging environment. One of the things that makes the University of Illinois really strong are the people – an enormous pool of bright minds and driven people. And
the students, ultimately, are the ones on the bench doing the majority of the research,
be it at the graduate or undergraduate level, or post-doctoral level, they are the strength
of the university. Here at the University of Illinois, we have something that is unique. We have superb primary care areas, and rural areas, urban communities, we have global medicine
areas, we have some of the most highly-specialized areas of care delivery, not only here in Chicago,
but in our four campuses. We've got diverse patient population. So we can be the test
bed for many of these ideas. By being at that cutting edge of asking these questions, I think we are doing a great service to community and we'll be serving the state of
Illinois and the nation. University of Illinois College of Medicine. UIC Medicine is inventive
medicine. Inspired medicine. Inclusive medicine. Impassioned medicine, it happens here. It happens here, it's always happened here.

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