Transgender health care horror stories

my name is Leo cell and my pronouns are they them there my name is Sofia Stanford pronouns she her I'm gray and my preferred pronouns are he/him Robin can our Haase and I use feminine pronoun so she her hers my name is Luke Jude and I prefer he/him pronouns my name is Chloe flora my preferred pronouns are she or they 99% of time when I go to the doctor I'm anxious and nervous even though insurance and driver's license and everything says female you really don't know what to expect yeah I don't think I know any trans person that went to the medical system and had a nice time with it and not in this country I haven't gone to the dentist in four or five years because it's just such an uncomfortable experience I know people who if they sprained their ankle will just wrap it up and put some ice on it rather than go into the ER and having an x-ray done because it's just not worth the stress I've had a history of urinary tract infections it was pretty commonplace for me and I went to the urgent care in the physician on staff that I was dealing with kept telling me over and over how a typical it was for a man to be having a series of urinary tract infections I tried to interrupt him and say I understand you know I've been through a gender transition so my Anatomy is probably not what you expect it to be and he kept stopping he wouldn't let me complete and assuring me that he did understand he did understand and he said I think I would like to take a look so I pulled down my pants and it wasn't at all what he expected and he was immediately apologetic he said oh you don't have oh I'm so sorry I didn't realize I said I know we tried to tell you I initially knew I identified and felt female around five years old when this was caught out by right by my family member who was the director of mental health for the state that I lived in essentially required force correction like invasive hypnotherapy corrective assignment and orientation to gender roles other things to help masculinize and/or reprogram the viewpoint of the world to the to the child if I had to be this way I'm gonna walk in front of a car and I'm gonna reset it and Phi over that's what I thought when I was six I had a bunch of different symptoms tied to sleep tied to appetite weight gain mood it had sort of increased in severity over a year and one of the things that my doctor told me to do was check myself into a hospital next time I had my round of symptoms so I checked into a hospital and even just within the check-in process I was misgendered I finally spoke to the doctor and he came in and was speaking to me as if I was a 13 year old girl and all of my symptoms were surrounding hormones and when I started talking about hormones this doctor in the hospital actually looked at me and said Oh what do hormones do I I think hormones did anything and he actually checked me out of the hospital he said you know I think that you're just bleeding a lot right now fast forward three days later from this hospital visit and I was diagnosed with invasive hormonal breast cancer that tested 99% positive for estrogen and I think that if I had had the same list of symptoms but was a cisgendered man I would have been treated completely differently so in general I've been blessed with a good primary care physician and an endocrinology doctor but I was seeing a specialist for a different medical problem and my records and everything all said female I have everything changed and the guy looked at it he went through all of those steps and then said so do you address full time as a woman and I was stunned it's like do you dress full-time as a man yes yes I'm a woman I am a woman of transgender experience and of course it's just like any other woman in your office the biggest horror story that I had was going to the pharmacy to pick up my first testosterone prescription I was nerve-racked already because it's like such an emotional thing to like finally get that golden ticket ends up being like a dollar so it's just the syringes there's no medicine for people later in about 20 minutes they finally look it up in the computer and they're like oh yeah oops throughout this entire process I have to say my legal name which isn't the name that I go by out loud to the entire store and I'm basically outing myself to everyone around me and that's not wanting to hide that's just about trying to stay safe like some people hear that and they might follow me to my car and bash my head in during one physical therapy appointment I had one of the therapists misgendered me to an entire room of people both other physical therapists and other clients he never looked me in the eye again he never talked about it he never apologized it was just this weight and especially me as a trans woman me as a trans woman I get misgendered all the time like it's something I deal with on a near-daily basis so to have that happen in a medical setting something where I can opt out of even though it might not be the healthiest thing I will I'd rather protect my own sense of mental health

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