Transgender Speech Therapy at UConn

so how’s your voice changed since you
joined the group here at UConn? so my voice my voice is, my pitch is a lot better my resonance is a lot better, I know I’m more
confident going out you know out in public and stuff like that
I don’t get mis-gendered when I’m on the phone
I mean it’s huge because its so hard to just go through this (doing a voice exercise) transgender speech therapy involves
working with a client to change the way their voice
sounds it can involve things like changing their pitch higher on lower, their resonance Palomino. Palomino. Good nice pitch penicillin. penicillin. ridiculous. ridiculous. ridiculous ridiculous. that was better. right now this
blue band is what we’re trying to use for our target pitch as you can see much of my speaking is
winding up just below it so I’m not quite where i want to be but we’re still working on it (voice exercise) I think the voice is like the frosting on the cake it is the final thing left for me to accomplish in order to just not think about anything in and just be
in the world one, two, three four, five So lets try to sit up a little bit take a
big breath from your belly one, two three, four five. where did it feel comfortable? four. good. and its gratifying to watch someone feel really good about
themselves and if we can play even a very small part in having them feel good about who they
are and how they present to the world then we did a good job people here are very caring
they’re very accepting there’s no judgment It really is a warm wonderful
atmosphere I’m just thrilled with it and I think it’s something that should be shared


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  4. Hi. Could you tell me which app is being used in this clip where you can set a pitch range in real time? Is it sonnets? Thanks, Helen

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  6. Hi, Nice job!!! I would like to know the app´s name used in order to measure the voice pitch, please

  7. Well, the supportive environment and diligent efforts and good intentions and all are nice.. But it's too bad you don't appear to actually know anything about trans voice though.. =(

  8. I’m thinking that the pesky chromosomal structure is in your way bro, yep its deal breaker but good luck on folks ignoring all other senses, as I see it your compounding your problem of self acceptance in the pursuit to extend to sound femme would be to get others in your fantasy. It is deceptive and creepy minimally, at the point one begins to hack themselves it seems damned unhealthy…

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