Transplanting Seedlings for the Market

Come under. Come out. Go in right away as far down as you can go
so that it’s as close to the top as possible. And it needs to be in the center of the pot
so the leaves don’t touch the plastic. So this is creating a vortex where you’re
going one way and then back another way that is biodynamic in nature. They do their preps like that. And this one is the one we’re coming up with. So this is a long one and it’s already bent,
which is not good. There. That one was a tough one because that one
had a bend in it. When it comes out of the box, the seed box,
we try to only keep them in a pot for about a month. So during the month of April. We’re selling them basically in May – the
first week in May, and once we dig them up I bring them back to my screened in porch
right by my bedroom and I will spray them down, three to four times a day so that they
have the right moisture and you can tell from the soil whether they have the right moisture
or they’re drying out and you don’t want them to dry out. But you don’t want to have them with a lot
of moisture either because they don’t like that. So they’re very temperamental once they get
into the plastic pots. If they don’t sell at the farmer’s market
with the big spring herb festival, I have a couple of outlets…West Village Market
and Deli that sells my plants. I give that about two weeks and after that,
they come back into the forest and they get planted and they come out of the plastic. Now there are some plants that are much older
and I’ll take a couple of those with me to a festival. They usually sell out pretty fast and they’re
way higher priced than the little guys. But there’s not a big market for them. If I brought a lot of them, I’d be bringing
a bunch home too. So you have to be really careful on bringing
the right amount so that you sell out and that’s the desired place to be and that’s
only through experience.

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