Traumatic Bursitis with Dr. ER

so this patient presented to the emergency department a couple days after a fall in which she sustained an abrasion to a right elbow you can see it right there at the edge of their elbow and over the next couple days should evolve this redness and warmth and pain and soreness extending into the proximal humerus biceps area all the way down into the form you can see the pictures have significantly read all that is patient sustained what's called traumatic bursitis in other words she had initial trauma and abrasion to the elbow introduced her bacteria into that skin into that bursa space and then it extended as a cellulitis a soft tissue infection all the way throughout here we are marking the edges of the sole itis with a surgical type pen marker it's a permanent marker the reason we do this is because that way we can watch the progression over the next few hours next couple days to make sure that indeed the redness is improving and that's about it patient was submitted to a hospital with IV antibiotics and an orthopedic referral for further evaluation hey my name is William I'm checking in with energy I've been on it for four months now and I am continuously still losing weight I have a lot more energy my dog's super happy because he gets to go on a lot more walks and we actually did I eat mile hike last weekend which was a lot of fun looking for a great way to cut weight and look great it's time to check out if energy available exclusively from Amazon energy is America's top weight-loss supplement this elite fat burning formula turns your body into a calorie burning furnace energy to all the crew at energy I wanted to just tell you guys to keep losing all the weight you're doing amazing and congrats on hitting your goals I highly recommend the energy I think you should give it a shot


  1. I had an infected bursitis a couple of years ago. It was really hot, red and swollen. And very tender. They gave me antibiotics, but didn't drain the infection, which I was hoping. It took about a month for the swelling and tenderness to go away.

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