Treating angiomas & DPNs on the chest with electrocautery For medical education- NSFE.

okay one little bun it's good I feel like a little pinch okay okay a little pinch yeah I hate the red ones usually you'll get more about just part of getting I know part of getting owed I know my mom gets out and bother you my mom has them and I'm like oh gosh I'm gonna get them on I my sister I'm like let me stop him yeah yeah you're gonna be the only ones with I don't know you gonna show up and the brown ones are just right yeah yeah they're like little baby wisdom spots you'd say they're like they're called their wisdom spots a good one yeah yeah this just called getting old no it's you gotta say it a nice way otherwise it becomes such a bad word I know I know I'm just kidding no I don't I have a big one up there I do write sometimes they might need another but they look like they're doing all right I'm gonna just cuz you're so tolerant of this I'm gonna just try to SAP away as many little ones I see do I have one up there okay you have a couple right here so it's gonna look a little we can say like a little ants like a little little little dark spots on you here okay so they get a little bit red afterwards you're gonna pan down and show how they gotta get a little red inflamed but they kind of show off is there anything I need to do to like for treatment-wise like no just a little nothing I mean I don't have to give you a little antibiotic right mate you don't need anything trying to get a small team assure you to it's right here so you can see take a look and see how they're all like especially the red ones it really makes them go away right away but they're going to kind of turn dark and okay off like a little less a little spice okay


  1. What setting do you use on the cautery? I use 1.2 when I do seb hyps but not sure about what setting to use for cherry angiomas. Thanks!

  2. So this is for the red dots and now your turning them to look like a freckle? I've had them since I was a teenager. Just two that worry me, but the rest would love to match my other freckles.

  3. How much could this cost or it will depend on the amount? I have a few and thinking to remove them later. They are so annoying to look at.

  4. Any one tried the Fopobiacne Secrets (just google search it)? We've noticed many amazing things about this popular natural acne treatment.

  5. I have a load of these, and I'm not 40 yet. I'll be one big red cherry at age 60 at this rate. Didn't know there was a procedure to remove them. 🙂

  6. Wish I could have mine removed.  They are all over my body and very annoying.  Some are so large people think I'm bleeding…

  7. I had one on one of my pinkies.. it started as a little blood blister looking thing, then grew HUGE.  I worked freight at the time, and it was in just the right spot to keep getting scrapped and hit when I opened boxes.   Dad froze it off for me over the course of a few weeks… it was huge under the skin…

  8. I never knew you could do anything to get rid of these. Thanks. I will ask my Dr. How about those crusty age spots? I have several and they come back after Dr. Freezes them

  9. I really wish I could afford to have work done.  🙂  I would keep someone busy for a while. LOL  I have just about all of the things that you have been treating lately and more.  It would cost me a fortune.  I just recently lost my job. 🙁  It would sure help me to feel more self confident when going to job interviews.  I am 51 and already have worries of being hire at my age as it is.  Oh well, I hope someone will overlook my age and my facial issues and give me a position somewhere.  🙂  thanks for sharing your videos Dr. Lee.

  10. Haha! Your patient was awesome! I was laughing along with her. 😄 Please thank her for letting us see this procedure!

  11. Oh, Dr. Lee. My skin is a mess. I wish I could come to you. Well, that's the thing of living in far away continents. Sigh.

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