Treatment of periodontal disease – Scaling and root planing ©


  1. I had this done because I had nothing else needed and had $1500 insurance to spend that year. Had no loose teeth, no blood, no headache, no problems…..1 year and 3 months after it, all 4 of my upper teeth broke off at the gum line leaving me with the 2 front teeth. The dentist "cosmetically enhanced" those 4 teeth during the 2 day procedure for some reason because they looked beautiful when done and I remember seeing the blue light several times. devastating

  2. Just got home from dentist with a deep cleaning and scaling. Hygienist used gel topical anesthesia on the gums. This procedure isn't nearly as bad as it looks. Don't overthink this people: Save your teeth and take care of your gums.

  3. Monday and Tuesday I got an appointment for this… in the Early morning @ 8 ….going to to kick of my spring break just right 😂

  4. I just finish my first Treatment in an hour Ago.. I can Feel the pain starting now but when can I eat? I am so hungry

  5. Had this done today it wasn’t too bad but kinda uncomfortable I never knew my gums were in bad shape… start flossing people!

  6. I am watching this after coming from the dentist, I am so scared how it's done,and unfortunately it cost 544£,
    Take care of your teeth cause you wouldn't enjoy meats without it😘😁

  7. I need to have this done before it gets any worst,but My insurance dont pay for it. It will cost me 1,300 with local anesthesia. Which im not to happy about it, im looking for a oral surgean to put me to sleep . Here at ct

  8. I got my entire top and bottom done in one sitting and they put some numbing stuff on my gums but gosh it was still painful ! I should’ve just got the shot to numb it ! After the Procedure my mouth is really sore the next following day and my gums had bruising but the third day I was pretty good. The sore wasn’t super bad like I’m cry but it was enjoyable .

  9. polishing isn't always necessary, reasons, it can actually make the tooth lose a bit of its shape, it's just for cosmetics purposes. Great vid tho

  10. I have a huge phobia of the dentist but it can't be that bad. Think of how far down the floss goes. And also they numb you.. A dental phobia will go away when your teeth get to a bad enough point. Dont let that happen tho. Face your fears before you lose everything

  11. After the procedure doctor applied some adhesive between gum and tooth. How long will that adhesive stay? When can I brush it off?

  12. My one teeth is totally destroyed inside my gums meat comes out from inside the teeth outside almost same level of other teeth size height very disturbing when i am earing. Also early morning my mouth is not feeling fresh. What is the specific name of this disease. Please help and how to treat.

  13. i have gingivitis and my appointment is on monday but i’m afraid because i don’t want to feel pain, i’m almost at severe but not entirely there yet. my teeth aren’t loose but hurt. will i be okay?? anyone help

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