Tree Update Episode 17

Dear Ecosians, welcome to this tree update number 17 to you from Borneo, Indonesia. Two years ago, we started to plant trees here. Valuable trees, like rubber but also jengkol, durian, sugar palm, all these trees that, once they’re growing, will actually create value for the farmers because they can sell the products on the market. At the same time, the tengkawang nuts that grow in the natural forest are also collected by the farmers and sold to another partner that we’re working with that are making the illipe butter out of it. So the whole point of this programme, and it’s really working, is to create value out of a standing forest and make it less tempting to sell to palm oil or maybe to slash and burn and do other agriculture there. Thank you for making this possible,
and let’s go to the next project At the complete other side of the globe, in Haiti, we have started [planting trees] – 9 months ago – together with Eden Reforestation Projects, and now the results are there! 230,000 trees have been planted in five different watersheds, protecting the watersheds from erosion and running of the water too fast. But in addition, 80,000 trees have been distributed to the families of pupils of 10 different schools. It’s not an easy place to work, Haiti. There is inflation, the fuel costs are really high, and there’s a big process of social unrest. So I’m really proud that Ecosia and Eden together – made possible by our users – have been able to have this impact on the island. Now, if you want to a yield forest from your products or whether you want to have your forest for nature or for people combined, you’re first going to need that forest. At my last tree update I talked about Mali, where Hommes et Terre now is also starting to implement their approach together with the local communities. And here you see the first pictures of half moons that have been created in Mali with the programme of Hommes et Terre. They brought in their balance. They said: we will do something if you do something and now, together, we’re restoring soils in Mali, a country torn apart by terrorists and others and I am very proud that we are now also working there. Thank you for watching. Who knows where we will have the next Tree Update, maybe from another tree, maybe from another project where we’re just planting trees. But wherever it’s going to be, it’s going to be exciting because it’s something where Ecosia users and our projects are together restoring the world.


  1. thank you for putting out inspiring, hopeful content, showing exactly what you are doing and how it is helping!

  2. Well done. Easiest thing in the world to help me sleep easy at night because of video's like these! Thank you!

  3. Very very very very very very essential for the planete, Very good joob. You be fantastic. really

  4. 2:23 you see those guys shaking hands?Look at the guy left from the guy shaking hands on the right
    Doesn't he look like the actor that plays as Nick Fury in the Avengers triology

  5. Trees are my fav, I love what your doing, Thank you & I am happy to be part of this amazing project!! I live in OREGON USA WE LOVE OUR TREES!!

  6. On Netflix "The boy who harnessed the Wind" Love this true story & inspiration William gave to save his Malawian Village, invented a wind turbin to create a flow of water from their well to water all there crops this could be done for the new trees being planted, they will need much water to grow.

  7. IF the water was spun to the left in a round container before watering the trees, creating a vortex like you would find in nature, you would get mind blowing growth and fruits even without fertilizers…and the survival rate of the trees would be a lot higher…I get picture perfect roses every time, but when ever I try to tell people, it goes straight over their heads because their minds are closed to the power of nature…
    Now, just imagine what it can do for our bodies…

  8. i love this I use it everyday and I sometimes search useless things to plant more tress

  9. Ecosia not only helps the environment but feels like an actual search engine. I barely use google anymore!

  10. You should look into "Tab for a cause" if you haven't already. It's a plugin for your homepage and every time you open a new tab, you get a heart. You can then donate those hearts to the listed charities. 🙂[email protected]

  11. Please try planting in the Philippines😣, the climate here os becoming worse. I'm just 12 years old so all I can do is to use Ecosia because I know that you have good goals for all of us.

  12. Yo, I love you guys! Using Ecosia is
    easy and i love knowing that with every search im helping our planet.

  13. Planted 40 trees already with the phone app and the computer browser combined ! Your work is amazing, I hope it grows even more !!

  14. sadly, the next island after Borneo,Celebes, people start to deforestation and plant palm oil, even near my home.

  15. Im using ecosia so often and i'm so happy that it is planting trees becaus that is soooooo important thank you💚

  16. Hey ^^ Next year I'll get to university and I want to study Computer science (I have the exams to get to uni next week). One of my dream jobs when I finish is working at ecosia. Is it at Germany? I am from Spain btw

  17. I hope this project won't stop. This could be the beginning of an era where technology and environment finally correlate.

  18. Very goog job. Thank you ecosia!!!  I think that your job will be even more valuable if you plant majoritly fruit trees… make fruit forest around the world in order to sustain soil life, carbon storage, stop erosion and feed humanity!!!

  19. I already planted 18 trees today! Everyone has to do something for our Planet. Ecosia is a great way to start.

  20. This is so beautiful and idealistic but it's Working which is the most important thing. Please, everyone who sees this, give the video a comment. It'll boost their analytics and the Youtube Algorithm will do the rest. This needs to blow up, and it only does that if this gets a lot of interaction all at once. Even if it's just one letter. (But ideally give feedback obviously!) <3 Love Ecosia and everything it's doing.

    Plus, I bet you'll get a lot of views if you do sillier and sillier camera shots with trees in future. 😛

  21. i am trying to get my school too use ecosia as our default browser but no one believes that it is legit :/

  22. Ecosia has to be my favorite company, hands down! It's so impressive how you're able to coordinate these wide ranging projects with such specific aims that benefit the environment and the people living there. Conservation is more important than ever and Ecosia is leading the way!

  23. Machst immer weiter so und bleibt nicht bei eurer Arbeit stehen!!!
    Man sieht wieviel ihr und alle Leute die Ecosia nutzen schon erreicht haben.
    Viel Glück noch macht weiter du und danke das es euch gibt😀😜

  24. I hope to see results of Mali in another video update. Thank you ecosia. Your World project is the best I have ever known.

  25. Have you done tree planting in Guatemala
    I heard that a lot of trees are being cut down and not replanted

  26. The work you do is amazing. I introduced Ecosia to my school and from 1st Semptember it will be in our school!

  27. I love what you guys are soing it was such a small change i did 5 years ago and the thought of how many trees i helped olanting makes my heart jumo in my chest! Thank gou for your work.

  28. Good job ecosia but we all should do that
    At least easy things like don't waste energy if you don't need like (TV is on but you don't watch)

    We should use less plastics
    Don't throw trash on the ground and other little things so we can help earth but we still will be happy

    Hard but possible

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