Trevor’s Story: Burn and Reconstructive Center at Swedish

(gentle music) – You only live once, but
it is worth taking the risk of living once to sacrifice
your family for your fun? [Trevor] I was at a friend’s
house on New Year’s Eve. We were playing games, having a good time. We looked down, and it was 12 o’clock. Well, our tradition is
that we blow off fireworks after midnight to bring in the new year. I decided to hold one in my hand and light the fuse, and unfortunately, (firework crackles) it went down through my
hand and to the ground. [Abby Tate, Trevor’s wife]
He came in and said
he needed help. People were handing me
towels and that kinda thing, and I’m just, I didn’t even
really look at it closely for a while, just held
it as tight as I could. When we got to Colorado
Springs, they knew at that point that he needed more specialized care. And so, that was when
they made the decision to transport him to Swedish. [Dr.Pulikkottil]
The trauma team let me
know, and sent me a photo of the injury, and I knew
that this was gonna be a significant and devastating
injury to that hand. – My biggest fear was just
having it cut off and healed, and not having a hand at all. – We really wanted to make sure that he had no life-threatening injuries, and then work on salvaging
his upper extremity. – I immediately felt like
we were in the right place. [Dr.Daniali]
Once we got the wound
clean, we then worked from kind of deepest level out, and focused on getting the bones aligned. – He had a significant
forearm bone fracture, as well as several wrist bones fractures. And it really shortened
his arm, and so we had to lengthen it and hold
everything onto length with what’s called an external fixator. It’s just basically a frame on the outside of the arm to
hold things to length, because there’s just too
much shattered bone in there. – He had a lot of boney comminution, lot’s of little pieces
and really putting it all back together, it’s
a little bit of a puzzle. – After that, it left a
lot this bone exposed. We recognized that he
needed soft coverage. It just means any type of tissue that we can put over this would help. A really tried and tested method is to use the skin off of the chest but you leave it connected to the chest. And so ultimately the upper extremity was sewn to the chest and left
in place for about a month. And during that time the
blood flow goes from the chest into the hand and slowly,
that balance shifts and the hands starts
overtaking that tissue, and the hand starts
really becoming the main blood flow source to that tissue. Then, at four weeks, we disconnected it. We closed his chest-site. And now we have nice
supple tissue to cover all of those reconstructions
in his upper extremity. [Lawn mower running]
– So the surgery went off
without a hitch. It was kind of releasing so to say. Occupational therapy was outstanding. – So you want to go down, in, and just go in to get a stretch and
you absolutely avoid pain. – Carol, she was very
diligent in what she does and she gave me hope. And she gave me strength to succeed. There’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have had my hand. No doubt. I honestly feel the reason
that I was sent to Swedish, was because he’s the only
one in the state of Colorado that could even attempt
to put me back together. And he did that for me. That’s why I’m here. (mumbles) Is to spread that love,
and to spread my word for the care that I received at Swedish.
[We are Swedish. We are Swedish

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