Triphala Dosage for Constipation | Medicinal Plants in Ayurveda (Paavani Ayurveda Churna)

hey guys welcome back to Clareminded my name
is Clare this video is Triphala dosage for
constipation specifically talking about triphala as a medicinal plant in ayurveda
so this video I’m going to go over what triphala is because it’s actually three
Indian super fruits that are all combining together to give you a
delicious mixture and then I will give you the benefits of triphala and then
and will give you two versions of how you can intake triphala the correct
dosage for constipation or anything else you’re dealing with we’re gonna do one
cold infusion and then just one warm evening mixture so we’ll start with what
is triphala is. so triphala is a healing tonic it is one of the most powerful
super herbs especially in ayurveda we use it all the time because it has
this power basically to nourish but also detoxify at the exact same time it’s a
combination of a amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki and each one of those is linked
to a specific dosha in which it kind of nurtures and pacifies and then when you
bring them all together it gives us gentle detoxifying but nourishing elixir at the exact same time so essentially what triphala does is it
helps pull the AMA (and remember ama is toxins in your body) so triphala helps
pull the AMA out of your tissues within the body and it pulls them back into the
digestive tract and then once it’s in the digestive tract it is able to be
eliminated through your body so it’s really pulling out all these toxins from
different parts of your body and your tissues and then helping you eliminate
them through your bodily functions so it kind of helps just ultimately clear your
body of toxins but it doesn’t dry you out, it doesn’t cause any malnourished at
all it detoxifies you but then nourishes you at the exact same time so it’s
amazing to help with regular elimination and it’s great for like getting rid of
toxins and then all around just kind of like helping you stay nourished and
build those ojos which are the immune system
so it’s an amazing ayurvedic super herb it’s way up at the top it’s definitely one to
keep track of. so like I mentioned triphala is made up of these three ayurvedic super fruits you have haritaki which helps with the
elimination and then you have amalaki which helps with digestion and then bibhitaki which helps with the absorption of the nutrients so the combination of
these three make up triphala and the first one is haritaki
and haritaki is linked to the vata dosha because haritaki helps with elimination
so haritaki is ideal for pacifying the Vata dosha it’s acts as this like
natural laxative and helps aid with bowel movements it’s also known to help
stimulates mental awareness wisdom and overall creativity. haritaki also
helps rebuild some of the colons the liver the spleen and the lung so haritaki is great for pacifying vata dosha. and is one of the three super fruits. the next one is amalaki. so amalaki is ideal
for pacifying the pitta dosha so amalaki actually helps rebuild our red
blood cell count within our body it’s a great vitamin C booster it helps
detoxify our liver and our mouth while rejuvenating our gums our teeth are hair
and nails it’s amazing and it also helps us fight inflammation in our stomach
the last one is bibhitaki and this is a third ayurvedic super fruit that makes a
triphala and bibhitaki is specifically for pacifying the
kapha dosha so it cleanses and tonifies the colon and then it expels any kapha
accumulation or buildup of the respiratory system the urinary tract and
the digestive tract altogether it really helps just kind of like rebuild strength
within the body and helps cleanse the colon and anything in the digestive
tract so now for the benefits of triphala it is a super powerful
antioxidant it supports healthy pH levels within the body it cleanses the
colon and rehydrates your body it can be used as a gentle laxative and can add
any constipation and it helps rejuvenate red blood cells organs and any tissues
within the body now I’m going to show you triphala dosage for
constipation in two separate ways one cold infusion and one evening warm
mixture triphala dosage for constipation I’m going to show you two ways that you
can take this elixir so I am using PAAVANI Ayurveda’s triphala churna which is
the powdered form that I use and there’s two simple ways that you can make this
elixir or tonic that you want to drink and consume your triphala in so the first
one is a warm evening tonic I like to call it so basically what you do is you
just add a half a teaspoon of the triphala churna into a half a cup of warm water
you stir it and you mix it right before bed the only thing to note that is
because you’re having this right before bed if you’re not used to the triphala
in your system you may be getting up once or twice throughout the evening to
go to the bathroom just readjust get your body acquaintance
and then I’ll show you the other way in which we take it in the morning so
starting with the warm evening tonic of the triple of churna
we are going to take a half a cup of warm water so you can warm it on the
stove just slightly warm not boiling at all it just slightly warm or just
room-temperature water is okay too so we are going to pour a half a cup of that
warm water to just a glass there and then we’re going to take half a teaspoon
of the triphala churna you got it in powder form here to pour it in there and then you can use
a point to kind of just mix it together and then we have a warm tonic triphala
tonic elixir that we would drink right before bed and again this doesn’t taste
too hot so just be warning that it smells just very earthy so when you take
it just go ahead and take it all the way right before you go to bed but be aware
that this could cause you to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night
which is totally okay remember you’re just still getting used to the triphala
dosage and just getting it back into your system so take this warm tonic
before bed okay so the next way I’m going to show you for the triphala
dosage for constipation is going to be a cold infusion and this is actually the way that PAAVANI suggests to take it
and all it is basically is let you you let the triphala churna steep overnight
so with adding it to just room-temperature water you mix it
together you steep it overnight and then you take it first thing in the morning
when you wake up this will help the triphala churna kind of just
really like open itself up you give it like soaking and let it steep overnight
so it’s really mixed well into the water which will help you absorb it perfectly
in the morning and then when you take it in the morning just be aware about a
couple hours later you might start to feel a lot of more movement if you’re
not used to the triphala so to make this we’re going to grab a cup and you
want to do this before bed you grab some purified water 1/2 cup and then again a half a teaspoon of the
triphala churna and then mix this together just to break apart the powder and then once you mix all the powder in
the half cup of water you’re just going to leave it on the counter and let it
steep overnight and then in the morning you were going to wake up you’re going
to mix it together and then drink it first thing in the morning and this is
going to get your bowel movements instantly moving and it’s also gonna
nourish you at the exact same time so just leave it on your counter wake up in
the morning give it a nice little stir because the powder may have settled at
the bottom drink it and you’re good to go
now triphala you can get in churna or powder form or it comes in capsule I
would definitely recommend taking it in the churna or the powder form because
when you take it in the churna form you’re getting connected deeper to
triphala and each of the plants that are inside triphala so you’re connecting
more to the elements to a mother nature and to the medicinal plant you’re
building that relationship with triphala because you’re tasting it you’re
smelling it and in capsule form it’s kind of just like you dunk it down and
then hopefully it absorbs but when you were taking in the churna form like
this you literally use your sensory immersion to kind of like experience
triphala and all the super fruits that are in it
haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki so you can get that mixture in the
morning or in the evening give it a good smell kind of really embrace the
elements and the sensations that come from triphala and then consume it, you
taste it it goes down your body you’re building that relation
and sending that loving-kindness into your soul into your body to help clean
and clear yourself of toxins so I highly recommend taking it in the churna form
I’ve been using PAAVANI ayurveda it’s one of my favorite brands they are organic
certified trade vegan gluten free all the fun stuff and they use the whole
plants when making and crushing their powdered churna triphala so if you guys
have any questions please let me know in the comments below this is just a recap
over triple a dosage for constipation I just showed you two ways in which you
can take triphala and consume it and kind of help that constipation and
triphala again is a medicinal plant in ayurveda it’s focusing on pulling toxins
from your tissues and your body sending them into the digestive tract and then
out through your elimination system I give you the benefits of triphala and
all the fun other juicy stuff if you guys have any questions or comments
please leave them in the links below like my page like this video if you have
any questions about PAAVANI I’ve linked them in all the show notes below check
out their social medias and their website they have tons of awesome cool
products and send me some love I appreciate you bye


  1. Is it good 4 indigestion how does it help u absorb nutrients can u explain and is it good 4 gallbladder and pancrease function ?thanks

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