Trombone First Aid – Triage (1/14)

hello everybody i am Gabriele Marchetti
professional trombone player and welcome to my channel for this series of short
videos I called Trombone First Aid I had this project in mind during my
last year teaching in Roma and Perugia because I felt I had to repeat over and
over again the same things to my students because normally when we
practice we get stuck in difficult passages and difficult technical stuff
just because we forget about the basics of playing trombone or playing any other
brass instrument. Of course this is not going to be a trombone course. I
recommend you to follow your teacher’s advices and yes, if you have no teacher
just go out and find a good one, but when you practice alone and when, like now,
it’s holiday time and you have nobody to refer to, it’s easy to go off road and
lose the the direction of where to focus your practice for every day routine, so I
want to just to give you some hints, some tips to get back on track and hopefully
enjoy more your everyday playing. So in the next episodes I will talk about
specific topics and give some examples of what I found quite interesting and
useful for myself to remind and to refresh every day some technical and
fundamental aspects of trombone playing. I hope you will like it or may even find
it useful. If you want to let your comment or question just write down
below and if you like it you can subscribe to my channel or put a like
down Enjoy your practice and I hope it’s going to be useful!


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