Trump expected to sign executive order on drug cost disclosure


  1. Once again, Trump solving problems that the that the political class have let slide. Making America Great Again.

  2. Canadian here. Yesterrday I enjoyed my first glass of milk ever not made and farmed in British Columbia. Previous to this B.C. enjoyed not just a Federal monopoly, but a Provincial monopoly. The dairy foods company name, ironically enough, is called Fairlife. Tasted cold and delicious. Thanks Trump.

  3. Patents prevent competition. The best way is to look at buying out the patents. Then transparency laws with regards to the research will be very helpful in keeping those patent buyouts under control.

  4. how about transparent about what's actually in the vaccines in plain english with criminal penalties for inaccuracy ?

  5. Trump appointed ex pres of globalist huge pharma Ely Lily & Co to run our Health & Human Services.
    Go ahead and pretend we are not getting screwed.

  6. Now Americans will be able to see how much they're getting screwed over, some more jingoistic idiots will try to flaunt how great America's healthcare system is to people of other countries only to get absolutely trounced by other countries having their drugs priced almost 750x cheaper in some cases.

  7. If you take prescription meds, compare prices on

    Works at CVS, Walgreen, Walmart. Safeway and more. No signups or memberships to use typically. Instant savings.

  8. Trump continues to move America forward while Pelosi, Schumer and the do-nothing congress continues their war of hate, hate, hate against the president. Their rabid, frothing at the mouth "let's get Trump" agenda has now become bizarre. Meanwhile,they flatly refuse to pass legislation to help the overwhelmed heroes at the border patrol.

  9. This is great. I see so many patients that can’t afford the medication their dr prescribed. And have to use the one the insurance approves or pay out of pocket. Who in insurance company makes that decision?

  10. how many insurance companies are poor? if we are required by law to pay for any kind of insurance, why do the insurance companies need protection from unjust laws?

  11. With all the hate, division and investigations, President Trump continues his work to help Americans. Medicine costs are too high in USA. Other countries get the same meds and they get them for less. Fair pricing for Americans is RIGHT.

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