Trump meets with pharmaceutical execs, vows to cut drug prices

Trump meets with pharmaceutical execs, vows
to cut drug prices. By SARAH WESTWOOD. President Trump vowed to lower the cost of
prescription drugs on Tuesday, in part by slashing regulations that put restrictions
on how pharmaceutical companies do business. “You folks have done a tremendous job, but
we have to get prices down,” Trump said during a meeting with pharmaceutical executives at
the White House. Executives from Merck and Johnson & Johnson
were among the attendees at Tuesday’s meetings. Many of the executives asked Trump to address
high taxes and burdensome regulations in the hopes that doing so could lower costs for
patients. “We have to lower the drug prices,” Trump
said. He has previously floated a policy that would
allow the government to negotiate lower drug prices as a way to pressure pharmaceutical
companies into offering cheaper medications. The president also lamented the slow pace
of Food and Drug Administration approvals, which he said can delay the use of potentially
life-saving drugs by dragging out the review process. “We’re going to get the approval process much
faster,” Trump said. Trump said future trade policies would “prioritize
that foreign countries pay their fair share for U.S. manufactured drugs so our drug companies
have greater financial resources to accelerate the development of new cures.” “Right now, it’s very unfair what other countries
are doing to us,” Trump said. “And one thing really I want you to do: I’ve
seen this over the years, but a lot of the companies have moved out, they don’t make
the drugs in our country anymore. A lot of that has to do with regulation, a
lot of it has to do with the fact that other countries take advantage of ours with their
money and their money supply and devaluation. Because our country has been run so badly,
we know nothing about devaluation. You look at Japan. They play the money market, they play the
devaluation market, while we sit here like a bunch of dummies.”


  1. I really love what your doing President Trump but take care of yourself remember you have time to get all this done soon,you have done more for the American people then anyone

  2. Trump is the best! He's a no bullshit kinda guy and fears no one! He's exactly what we needed. Not some dumbshits Democrat.

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