Trump: Obamacare 'Will Destroy American Healthcare Forever'

Donald Trump was doing a rally in Valley Forge Pennsylvania on Tuesday and he focused quite a bit on the issue of health care in fact if I'm not mistaken I think that was the main thing in that speech going into it he said well this is gonna be the one on health care so he made a bold claim about the future of the American healthcare system he said the following quote failure to repeal and replace Obamacare will destroy American health care forever forever okay so now what's his plan to replace it nothing this is a classic right wing movie I'll bomb a care so bad so terrible repeal and replace what should we replace it with I don't know so that's that's a fair I mean to be totally fair to him he does have that terrible standard right wing idea of well you know you should remove the lines around the states in order to help people or something so they argue all that'll make costs go down yadda yadda know what ends up happening is the health insurance companies will simply all move to the one state that gives them the lowest tax rate so it's really for them to pad their bottom line more will actually help people no of course not and what other idea outside of that – these guys have nothing I mean the funny thing is the only one Trump has floated was during the debate where he said well maybe I'll expand Medicaid okay that's what Obamacare does that's one of the main provisions of Obamacare is expanding Medicaid and a lot of the Republican governor said I'm going to refuse to do that in my state specifically to try to tank Obamacare so they and by the way people have died as a result of them not expanding Medicaid in their states there was a Harvard study I think it was it was like 20,000 people or something died as a result of that because Republican governors were like yeah I'm just not gonna expand Medicaid and let these people you know be screwed so his one idea is so his idea is repeal and replace Obamacare and replace it with Obamacare partly but furthermore man look when he says you know Obamacare will destroy American health care forever it's not the Obamacare would destroy American healthcare it's that we're in a bad spot because we have private health insurance companies so the main issue with Obamacare and we still don't get me wrong a reform that was a step in the right direction because what we had before was so bad that anything would have improved the system any kind of reform so along comes Obamacare which actually is a right-wing reform you know Richard Nixon supported a version of it with the individual mandate Bob Dole did Newt Gingrich Chuck Grassley right wing think-tanks wrote policy paper saying this is our response to single-payer from the left so it was better than nothing but the main problem is you still have the health insurance companies in control which is why today for example we are seeing spikes in costs for it now we don't know how big the spikes would have been without Obamacare but we do know that one of the main reasons it's happening is you have some health insurance companies who are pulling out of it because they say you're not letting us make enough you're not letting us be greedy enough even though you just hand it over to the private health insurance companies a forced market you made it so that people okay now you're mandated by law to go buy health insurance on the private marketplace that's what Obamacare did that's the individual mandate part of it with these changes so people you know go to it they're forced to hand over their money to private health insurance companies and still the in private health insurers come to go not enough so now some of them are pulling out of the market and in some places in some states you only have one insurance provider and they just Jack their prices up so but the problem isn't Obamacare the problem isn't that kind of reform the government tried to do the problem is that the private health insurance company still exists they're an unnecessary for-profit middleman they are a rapacious rapacious asheesh rapacious shark jacking your money for no goddamn reason look we've all experienced it I certainly have experienced it this idea of okay so you have to pay X amount of money per month let's just make up a number 337 dollars a month that's what you have to pay for your health insurance and then you go to the doctor when something happens they go okay great so you owe us $5,000 what I've been paying three hundred thirty-seven dollars a month that's nice yeah but you have the copay and the deductible and the blah blah blah blah blah blah and you still owe a shitload of money but then why am I paying you every month if you're the health insurance company and then when something happens they go will you pay the first X amount well no bitch I've been paying you the whole time you pay because they're you they are screwing you this isn't what it's like in other countries guys in other countries other modern nations they have what's called one variation or another of a single-payer system you know what that means means sick help to steal from the movie John Q sick help so you know you're in trouble you something happens you go to the doctor they take care of you and it caused $0.00 and you walk out yeah but there's no 7:30 is a free lunch man somebody's paying for it that's right somebody's paying for it you know what happens it comes out of your taxes so right now your taxes go towards what goes towards Wars fighting people in an offensive way when they didn't attack us goes towards corporate welfare goes towards Wall Street bailouts goes towards pork barrel spending all types of nonsense that if you got to pick you would never prioritize what they spend it on you would never say yeah what you do now is good you'd say give me education give me healthcare give me things that make sense well in other nations modern nations they put it towards that makes a lot more sense hey man how about one of the first things we do is if you're sick you get help and you don't have to go bankrupt that wacky idea in the US did you know the number one cause of bankruptcy is medical bankruptcies I mean that's just not you're not acting like a modern nation at that point you're just over your population and letting people get rich off of pain and suffering that's what's happening with our health care system and our health insurance system you don't need the private health insurance companies now by the way I'm not saying you ban all private health insurance companies what I'm saying is if you had a system that was a single-payer system you can have supplemental care where if somebody wants to get private insurance they get private insurance but right now they're forced to go through private insurance and they're taking their unnecessary cut so they robbed you when you get sick they robbed you when you're not sick – could you just pay the premium to get nothing out of it isn't what it's like in other countries it doesn't have to be like this we spend more on health care than any other country and we get worse outcomes why why because of the rapacious for-profit middlemen that's the problem so it's not Obamacare's fault it's the fault of the entire system the root problem the cancer the virus is the private health insurance companies we need single-payer medicare-for-all and we need it now


  1. Republicans want to destroy the middle class and help their donors. If you take the top 0.1% of American income earners, Those earning 3.8
    million dollars a year or more (1/10 of 1%), the repeal of Obamacare
    (ACA) will save those people an average of 195,000 a year. These are the
    people the Republicans are really trying to help. Not you or me. Those
    people overwhelmingly contribute to the GOP, and that's really why the
    ACA is being repealed, those rich people.

  2. This so so true. The current healthcare system is designed to keep you just sick enough so that you require all these medications, then you're medicating your medication. It's a vicious cycle.

  3. Our last governor refused Obamacare and instead ,made a more " efficient" cost saving plan that just fed me a drug that has been proven unsafe in the civilised world. The drug is hydroxyzine. The new standard, among the civilized world , is avoid it if possible and limit the dosage to 50 mg/day maximum(for a person my age). It provokes tachycardia and cardiac arrest. I've been fed 375mg /day for two years. I now have heart trouble.
    To make matters worse, this drug was administered to ameliorate the hell these malfeasant boobs caused by ignoring my history and giving me a drug that, according to my records , I should avoid.
    These assholes are hubris filled drug dealers of the worst order. They lured me in , stupidly poisoned me then did it again. They destroyed the quality of my life.
    During the worst of this time, my younger brother was killed by reactions to anothe european banned drug prescribed to him by his 'health prevention' provider.
    Take my heathcare…..Please! I don't want it!

  4. Health care cost are high in the US due to poor choices that millions of Americans have made about their lifestyle choices.
    And lastly, the US no longer screens people coming to the US who are infected with Aids.

  5. obamacare is destroying peoples lives lost doctors lost plans Higher premiums what trump said was true obamacare is a total failure.. fuck obama and hillary

  6. you said it best at the end, people get rich off of people's pain and suffering bc of medical bankruptcy. when your life is on the line they got you by the balls and they dont give a flying FUCK if you can't afford it. its a gd shame. also wanted to apologize for flipping out in the comments the other day when you made a video bashing trump. i was a dick.

  7. he doesn't like Obama care because he is gonna take the money from the rich and Trump supporters say they hate Jews ūüėĻ

  8. French college student => 500 euro a year and everything is free (60% at 200 the 40%left for 300%) , around 1000 top much for elderdly, and if your extra poor like unemployment its totally free (+ of course the 600 euro/months you get from Active solidarity income ), American capitalism is a euphemisme for rich fucking poor…

  9. Immediate dislike for Kyle once again lying about the healthcare systems in other countries. Most have multipayer, similar to a public option, not single payer.

  10. Murica spends 60% of your taxes on war . Europe is like … 2? 2%? The rest goes to school and healthcare. So … go on do that ?

  11. I went to university in Canada and my roommates asked me one time,, "So what's that about bringing money to the doctor's office in the US? I don't get it". I was like, yeah it's a fucking scam.

  12. We need single payers in the U.S, it is bullsh*t how this country is using our tax money to kill, instead of helping, people.

  13. Kyle is first person this election season to bring up the fact Republican governors refused to expand medicaid.

  14. Trump is the master of overstatement. It's gonna be HUGE -IT'S GONNA BE THE BEST EVER . Or , alternatively, it's the worst Рit will destroy healthcare FOREVER.

    Not really much room for nuance with  the Donald.

  15. Obamacare has been pretty shit. I hope its replaced with single payer, but paying like 4 grand a year right now in my 20s in california on healthcare is unsustainable and that dam will break sooner or later at this rate.

  16. so, people will go bankrupt paying for obamacare that they can no longer afford OR have to pay a penalty that they can also not afford.. Ahhh, only in the usa can you get screwed twice from your gov't.

  17. The overhead of private insurance companies includes multi-million dollar salaries for executives. Another of their budget items is contributing to the campaigns of politicians, and paying lobbyists. I'd rather pay it in taxes than be paying these leaches on society.

  18. My mom receives treatment worth 4200 USD a month for FREE in Denmark (taxpayers pay for it), if she would be in the US, she would be DEAD.

  19. Someone predicted that the cubs would beat the indians in extra innings in the 7th game of the world series this year. Yet, we are all still sitting here asking, "How the fuck did we end up with these two idiots as our presidential candidates?!?"

  20. 'Will'? Obamacare has been around for years. If it would have destroyed healthcare, it would have done it already. Same with all of the fascistic claims people have about Obama.

  21. To try to sell the idea that the government will make your healthcare more affordable, efficient, and keep the quality standards high is absolute insanity. Keep selling the legalization of marijuana idea, cause you have to be stoned to believe it.

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