Trump Smears UK Healthcare, Then Gets Mauled By Brits

usually even Trump tweets I don't really pay too much attention to it because Trump is the kind of guy that likes to tweet to distract from other things that are going on but when he starts tweeting about actual policy then I do pay attention because there are people out there that believe what Trump has to say and they'll read a tweet or see a statement from him and and think that he's being honest because he comes off as a guy who is a no BS kind of person and it's a large part of the reason why a lot of people who are tired of the typical politician voted for Donald Trump so when he gets into issues like health care and starts trying to smear other countries on how they do their health care or how their health care system works then I think it's time to do some fact-checking and clear the air just to just to make sure that people understand that what Trump is saying is not true even if you are a Trump supporter and you think that he's telling you the truth in reality he's not so he tweeted this about or he tweeted this out about health care this morning saying the Democrats are pushing for universal health care while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their universal system is going broke and not working Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non personal medical care no thanks so for people that are in the know this tweet is littered with inaccuracies but if you don't know or even if you do know it's really important to go over just wrong that entire tweet is everything from the what the the March was about to the actual health care system in the UK so just to start off here's what a British journalist David OTT well tweeted out in response to Don Trump's tweet about their universal health care system in the UK saying they're marching to protected not to replace it with a privatized system the national health care service is popular with voters across all parties the anger isn't with the system but with the lack of adequate funding America spends a fortune on health care it's not a cheaper system and he attaches a graph here showing the percentage of the GDP spent on health care in the u.s. in comparison to Sweden France Germany and the UK and you can see Sweden France Germany in the UK all have Universal systems and spend a lot less money on their health care system now if you're living outside of the US and you have a universal health care system in your country this is likely already obvious to you but if you're living in the US and you have to rely on American media to get your news then you probably don't have a clue or really a good idea of how terrible the American healthcare system really is now just to get back to the actual March for a second the marks that Trump tweeted saying that is about how much people hated the health care system in the UK well here's the Guardian report before this Trump tweet discussing what the actual March is about saying the NHS protest thousands marched to demand more cash for the national healthcare service bearing placards with slogans including quote more staff more beds more funds and quote saving lives cost money saving money cost lives they chanted keep your hands off our NHS as they set off from Warren Street at lunchtime the demonstration called NHS in crisis fix it now was organized by the People's Assembly and health campaigns together marchers were addressed by speakers who outlined their experience of the pressures facing the NHS one mother told how her daughter died after she had been allowed out of psychiatric care too soon so now that we have a better idea of what the actual March was about and it was clearly about people marching for more funding for the NHS not marching against a universal system here's also some reaction from Twitter from both the left and the rights in support of UK's healthcare system so Jeremy Corbyn in response to Donald Trump tweeted out wrong people were marching because we love our NHS and hate what the Tories are doing to it health care is a human right and support for the UK's universal health care system was echoed by the UK's right-wing as well as Conservative MP and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted out this I may disagree with claims made on that March but not one of them wants to live in a system where 28 million people have no coverage NHS may have challenges but I'm proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage we're all get care no matter the size of their bank balance so in the UK this is a nonpartisan issue both the left wing and the right wing believe in a universal health care system and the only real debate is on how much to actually fund that system but there is no debate about its existence the Tories the Conservative Party in the UK have no interest in completely taking away the NHS but in the u.s. even Democrats can't agree to a universal health care system and that's because of corporate influence having the influence from the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that continue to push a privatized system because it obviously benefits them financially but it doesn't benefit anybody else know somebody else who does believe in the NHS the national healthcare services system the health care system in the UK is somebody that is the whole reason I'm doing this video I had an instance in Scotland where a friend of mine was in Scotland Rison he got very very sick they took him by ambulance he was there for four days he was really in trouble and they released him and he said where do I pay they said there's no charge and not only he said it was like great doctors great care yeah I mean we could have a great system in this country so even Trump the guy that started this whole conversation the reason I'm doing this video because he lied about how terrible the universal system is in the UK even Trump wants or likes approves of Scotland's universal health care system which by the way in case you didn't know Scotland is a country in the UK so they are under an NHS system and he's talking about how his friend got sick and there was no charge great doctors great care he loved it but a couple years later that vide was from 2015 a couple years later he's tweeting out about how terrible universal coverages so this is why it's important to call this stuff out because Trump still has a lot of supporters and even if you're not a trump supporter but you're a conservative voter and you don't believe in a universal health care system you have to be aware of what's going on outside your country what other countries are doing and whether you're in the UK or Canada or wherever there aren't people trying to remove universal health care once universal health care is implemented it doesn't go away and that's because it has massive support it's an obvious system it's a basic right it's something I don't even think about as a Canadian we have universal health care I don't have to think about it I know it's a big topic in the u.s. because you always have to figure out who's your insurer what's your copay all the charges you got you have to figure out what your when you get sick but when I get sick here there's nothing I go to the doctor I have a health card I walk in see the doctor I leave that's it sometimes if I need medication I go pay for the medication it's cheaper in Canada than in the US and oftentimes if you if you have a full-time job and you have benefits that had that Pharma care is covered so you're paying a fraction of what you would normally pay so these are all it's just it's it's so we're talking about this because to me it's just so obvious it there's there's no reason to debate this because there is no debate a universal health care system is the only way to go and it's not just Canadians and British people talking about this Americans Americans by and large wants a universal system in fact a July 2017 ap n o RC poll shows that 62% of Americans want the federal government to ensure health care for all and that poll is backed by countless other polls like this one from Pew research that shows that 60% of Americans believe that the government is responsible for ensuring health care coverage so once again universal health care is not a crazy idea and even Americans are now waking up to that so I would love to pretend that there's some sort of debate here and we could debate the pros and cons of a universal health care system but there's no debate the debates over every time a country moves to a universal system they don't go back do you know why it's because a universal health care system once implemented is incredibly popular people wake up to that and all the propaganda talking against it quickly goes away once you actually experience it for yourself so these debates around health care in the UK in Canada they're never about removing universal coverage the debate is only about how much funding should there be so when can another's debates around Pharma care should pharmaceuticals all be covered by the government or should dental care be covered and in the in the UK the debate is about how much funding should be put into the NHS the debates are never about taking away health care coverage so when you see that and just having this outside perspective that luckily I have as a Canadian you can see how broken the debate is in the u.s. around health care because really what you have in the u.s. is this debate where both sides the Democrats and Republicans are being funded by corporate interests private insurers and pharma companies putting money into these politicians to keep a private system going because they financially benefit from it but in a universal system you know who benefits the actual citizens you


  1. Its two bad this is over a year ago that it was placed because our current premier Doug Ford has been talking about privatizing certain parts of the public healthcare system in Ontario, Canada. The voters should of known better to listen to his obvious lies because he gave no context to his answers, no concrete answers about policy, but promised big things. Sound Familiar?

  2. The problem here in the U S is that big Insurance companies donate a lot of money to the politicians so they will never vote against them. We have to get corporate money OUT of POLITICS if we ever want to accomplish anything for the people

  3. 04/02/2019
    Mick Jagger is going to have heart valve surgery, and he lives in England and has paid into the European health care system for years. Now, this dope, as do many other Liberals and Leftists, always tell us how great the Socialist's health care system is and that America's health care system sucks.
    So why is Mick Jagger NOT having his heart valve surgery done by the British?
    Because Mick Jagger doesn't want to wait for it and he wants to live!
    That's right, Mick Jagger has flown to Miami, Florida and is going to have his surgery done in New York in the American Private Health care system!
    Not even under Obamacare.
    Mick Jagger is living proof that President Donald Trump is correct about health care!
    America is the best in the world!
    Liberals, Leftists, Communists, and Socialists want to bring you their Healthcare systems and tout them as the best, but the elites go to America for their's!
    Mick Jagger didn't go to Canada for surgery.

  4. I remember as a child believing that all countries had some sort of healthcare system like ours in the U.K., and being completely baffled when I came to realise that countries like the US do not. It’s so normal for me to walk into a hospital, have treatment, and walk out without paying a dime.

  5. PS Israel has national health, and you don't complain about theirs. HOW PHONY! Drumpf & his lackeys! PS not only that our tax dollars help pay for theirs and some other Middle Eastern Countries. But don't you dare think of asking for that good service here! It makes you fat and lazy eh?

  6. I feel like America ruining their health care system means the rest of the world will learn from it and won't follow suit. Unfortunately the US just did it first..

  7. When a person gets sick, and the system looks for how to profit from it, then there is something seriously wrong with that society. Its that simple.

  8. You've got one chance only in 2020 to elect Bernie Sanders and get your own universal health care. I don't know how you all sleep at night for fear of getting sick. Vote Bernie and join the rest of the industrialized world. Churchill in 1945 didn't want universal health care so voters voted in the opposition who did by a LANDSLIDE. Vote Bernie and get your universal coverage and then throw eggs at every politician/news anchor who said it couldn't be done and that you won't like it.

  9. Trump goes on about "Fake News"……he's the one who invented IT! How on earth did that man get into power. The NHS puts peoples health over wealth…pity you couldn't say the same thing.

  10. You need to go national in the USA on public TV so everyone can see this POV! Otherwise you are preaching to the choir

  11. USA doesn't have a health CARE system it has a money making scam that doesn't give a shit about people's health it's just a business.
    I'm English and the NHS is amazing and when I hear American's slating it I can't believe they are talking about the NHS because what they say is utter bollocks.

  12. I recently had sepsis and had to be admitted to hospital where I was moved to critical care and intubated. In total I spent 3 weeks in hospital and for half that time I was in critical care. I have made a full recovery from a life-threatening condition which would have cost an arm and a leg in the US. Luckily I am in the UK. There was no bill.

  13. Jeremy Hunt (sic) is only saying that because it’s politically expedient. The wanker wrote a book about why it should be privatised. Arse.

  14. “This tweet is filed with. . .inaccuracies. . .” C’mon, they’re lies. Damn lies. But, you’re show is great, nonetheless.
    Money. Money. Money. Donors. Donors. Donors. Ick.
    I have 2 friends that got diagnosed with Cancer this year. Both had to raise money at go fund me to for their expenses. Only In America.

  15. Good video, all makes perfect sense to me. My wife and I both back the NHS, forty years ago my wife had life saving surgery which involved cutting open her skull. Several weeks in the hospital and then many months as an out patient, she is now 63 and the NHS still checks on her each year with out patient appointments.
    God bless the NHS.

    PS should be a human right the world over .

  16. I`m in UK and I`m a fan of Donald Trump, i really like how he stands up for himself, but i think he`s wrong on this, i wish you guys in America had Nhs because i have heard about some real horror stories over there where health costs have ruined families, Basic healthcare should be available for everyone.

  17. Why do Americans still believe the shit spouted about our NHS here in Britain, I experienced your health care and the shock when I was handed a bill for a kidney stone of $10,800.00 I almost fainted, America your doctor's are crooks, Hippocratic oath, more like hypocrisy , what shit : God bless Britain and our NHS …

  18. America is a good example of Capitalism gone extreme as in most things there is a balance and hopefully 2020 will restore balance for you guys.

  19. Same here in Australia, I turn up wait 10 minutes and see the doctor, I don’t even have to show them my Medicare card as they have it on file.

  20. Brilliantly explained, pity the normal American is so ignorant. Mr T is so utterly ignorant and doesn't seem capable of fully understanding anything.

  21. I'm a pensioner in the UK, all, that is ALL my 'medicare', comes free along with ALL my prescriptions and I take four seperate pills a day, every day for longterm conditions. This is the reality of our National Health Service built by the Labour Party in the immediate post WW11 period, despite massive opposition by our right wing Conservative Party at that time. If any political party attempted to eliminate the NHS and replace it with the elitist, cash centrered US System that beggers and buggers everyone but the rich, they would be destroyed at the next election.
    For all you US Type One Diabetics, back in the early 90s, I worked in marketing with IBM, my wife was a Teacher, we were smack bang in the affluent middleclass here. We never gave 'medicare' a single thought when our son, just weeks after his 8th birthday, caught a weird bug and became so ill we feared for his life, he recovered because the NHS was there for him. He was left a Type One Diabetic, which, for those unaware, means he is insulin dependent for the rest of his life. He is in his 30s now and his insulin supply is free because he is currently out of work, if he was in work, he would pay approximately $10 for every prescription. We maintain two seperate stocks of insulin across two seperate households, for emergencies, a tactic many Type One Diabetics employ here and one that is encouraged by the NHS Diabetic Support Teams that exist in most big cities. Trump constantly proves The Equine Paradox…If there only a limited number of horses in the world; how come there are so many horses' arses?

  22. Spot The Difference – US / UK Healthcare – Karla Jayne-Thomas – ://

  23. Apparently Ignorance is Bliss. In the UK the Tories decided to privatize some of the (non-medical) services and brought in austerity on top of this. So a lot of the money has been taken out of the system leaving shortages. There is no excuse for this at all. Just bad government policy.

  24. I'm from the UK, we pay income tax, we also pay, something we call national insurance, I paid the equivalent of around $160, per month, it depends on how much you earn, that covers almost everything, part of this money also goes towards a state pension, not very much, but its something, now I'm 65, I don't pay any national insurance, even though I still work. I have just seen a comment that in the US, a hip replacement will cost around $35,000 to $40,000, how do ordinary people cope with those sorts of sums to find. It seems to me that Americans care more about making money for insurance company's than the health of it's own citizens.

  25. David I’m a 72-year-old woman lost my husband had no insurance living on Social Security only. with universal healthcare how will I pay for my medication? Is it included in the program or is that a separate policy I have to buy ? I’m not putting it down just trying to understand it.

  26. Americans constantly tell themselves they live in greatest country on earth, therefore they are incapable of learning from other countries progress

  27. For you dumb Americans the reason it’s cheaper is because people go to the doctors as a preventative measure, it’s cheaper than not going and then having to go into higher costs options like hospitals because they prevented disease etc progressing.

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