Truth about Health Care in America

listen my friends and you will hear a sordid tale of American healthcare 2019 yeah you know American healthcare seems great when you're healthy and you just hear about it and read about how wonderful it is and all the advancements in medicine the new drugs that are coming out and how they're doing research about cures for this and that but the truth of the matter is American healthcare is atrocious and I'll tell you the reasoning it's medicine for profit number one so people that are profiting guess what happens ever hear that G word greed yeah it happens even to the best of people best of doctors when they start out I'm sure a lot of them were not greedy they had good intentions of being healers and yet they get into the medical system and it is a system it's a business it's an establishment so it's a industry that has a firewall of protection against you suing them for any wrongdoing and yet medical errors lead to half a million lost lives every year in hospitals almost half a million people die in hospitals for medical errors and the doctors have to be on the hook for a lot of that I don't think it's all just the night cleaning guy or the nurses that we know a lot of nurses are wonderful people that help we know a lot of nurses steal drugs from patients I've known a few personally that we're proud that they did that they took medicines for patients drugs that they like like sleeping pills or feta means things not amphetamine so much but sleeping pills primarily and I think by and large there's a lot of hypocrisy and corruption in the medical establishment the fees that are charged are just astronomical today in America we're one of the few industrialized modern countries that still has medicine for profit our tax money doesn't go towards a health care system that could benefit everybody in this country instead we paid through the nose high for health insurance I pay about three thousand five hundred dollars a year for my auto and my health coverage insurance and I'm lucky to only pay that much I know some people pay fifteen hundred dollars a month for medical insurance so very lucky that I have a retirement package and I have a good program with BlueCross BlueShield but we won't digress into that I want to talk today about my experience I had recently with an auto accident and it happened which is one night innocently driving across a major street in Denver across town I was going the speed limit about 20 miles an hour and I had my lights on a seatbelt on just going through my lane and as I was approaching the same level where the car and the other lane that was wanting to turn left right in front of me across me to my right into the parking lot as I approached where her car was with maybe another second that I would have been equal to her car she suddenly pulled right in front of me just an insane thing to do and she claimed that she was looking at another another driver now the only way she could have been looking at another driver was she would have had been looking all the way to her right while she was turning left he said really add up so I suspect she was on her cell phone but we would probably find that out if we can get the GPS documentation what if her phone was on at that time of the accident because we know the precise time had happened I have pictures I took right after it on my phone and I know the exact time that it took place within a minute or two the event happened suddenly so I I hit the brakes and my car skidded a bit which jolted me a little bit of my seat but then the next was the collision itself when I lurched forward I'd already been going through a chiropractic treatment and remedial care and therapy for my neck and low back and I have pretty bad arthritis that I do my best to control with celery juicing and it really helps in the hands as far as the movement flexibility but it doesn't really get rid of all this arthritis this stuff lodged in my neck or in my back I mean it helps with the pain the inflammation when I'm healthy but when it gets inflamed again from a traumatic injury all bets are off that arthritis is playing right in as long as well as the inflammation tissue that's been damaged so I sustained a whiplash and a broken vertebrae at my C 71 joint I don't know if it's cracked they said to crack so I guess it's on both sides it was cracked I have very stiff neck I don't really like we're in this neck brace a lot but I do because it keeps my head stable and keeps me from trying to turn my head a lot which is probably right now a good dia actually I have more low back pain than I do neck pain but that's another whole issue I've experienced a lot of low back pain in the last 15-20 years of my life and increasingly more and more and I sustained three horrific injuries now in the last three years so playing with fire you know so here's the kind of health care treatment I got that night I came home after the injury after the accident and tried to just tough it out with some ibuprofen but it wasn't working after about three hours I was in excruciating pain and headache and I knew something was wrong so I drove myself over to Swedish Hospital which is a big Hospital in Denver and I went in I told them immediately I was in severe pain it was a level nine my head was just about to explode my neck was very inflamed and pain I knew my back was hurting at that time too but that night the neck was actually worse at that time and I conveyed to them my misery and so they assigned me told me to go take a seat then I subsequently sat there for almost two hours watching six different people groups of people come in and check in and then get admitted ahead of me and when I finally went up after that time and asked what is going on when am I gonna get seen I was told well we're prioritizing these people are in some more severe need well I said okay I can accept that but why do I just keep sitting here I mean it's that backed up and apparently it was so I finally just reached my boiling point I couldn't take it anymore I felt I could probably still drive home but that was gonna be about it so I told him I'm leaving they didn't even try to stop me just said see you later so I left and I was able to drive home slowly and when I got there was the pain was just about to make me unconscious so severe so I did call 911 but the best part of the story here is that the 911 responders were perfect they came in about ten minutes they were banging on my door there was four big guys out there they had three ambulances outside so it was a little bit of overkill I would say I don't know if I'm gonna get charged for all that but I probably will no doubt but anyway it took at least two of them to help me you know get down there on a stretcher locked in and take me to the hospital they took me to Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver which I had never heard of at the time it's not one of the bigger hospitals that endeavor you hear about but as I went there and I was taken in a doctor came in immediately into the room just poked me a couple times asked a few questions she was gone so she was in there about two minutes max from then on I had nurses and technicians flying around in and out just now and then not consistently in the room or anything obviously but they would come in to check on do certain things like blood pressure hook up the IV and all that so I was left in the room and told that would be examine and get some some CT scans and MRIs so that's what happened however the CT scan became a few hours later and basically that didn't prove to show any severe hemorrhaging in the brain or anything although I did have at the time my slight concussion my head was shaken up bad it was like a PTSD that I was experiencing for the subsequent I would say eight days after the accident it's been diminishing and getting better and proving now in time because of my concerted efforts to work on that however the medical establishment didn't recognize this concussion that I had at all it was slight I've had some really severe concussions before much worse as far as the effect but this one was pretty severe in terms of my confusion to having trouble remembering things I became extremely agitated over the next few days next week actually six seven days very angry at the slightest thing being provoked very very easily to anger and rage and it caused a lot of problems with some of my relationships some of the hostilities were definitely me venting on people a little inappropriately I was not really getting subsequently the greatest treatment either and let me elaborate on that that night in the hospital I was told I would get a MRI at five in the morning so then I was put in the room and told awake and so I did and the lights were left on I couldn't really doze too much although I realized now I should have you know pleaded with them to please turn the lights out pretty harsh and I got no blanket I was laying there just in on a t-shirt and sweatpants and so I got really chilled a really cold during the night and no nurse ever came in to see about me to get offered me a blanket or turn the light and again I guess I should have rang that buzzer a bag or scream or pleaded or asked or something but I didn't and so I kept expecting the MRI they promised me at 5 a.m. and that's what I was trying to kind of hope for well it turned out I didn't get the MRI till 8 a.m. so three hours later they give me the MRI and the conclusion was that I yeah I have two cracked vertebrae in the neck so then I'm kept there a couple more hours about nine o'clock in the morning after the MRI I'm given my first pain medication a percocet and I had received some ibuprofen earlier in the night that was all so I'm enduring a lot of pain in the hospital a lot of discomfort not the nicest treatment each individual that worked with me the technicians and nurses were Pleasant I don't have any complaint about their personal demeanor for bedside manner if you want to call it that but the last doctor who came in and checked on me in the morning again was about a minute or two just poked a little bit and said we're just gonna send you home with this neck brace and get some physical therapy see another doctor later and I'll check you out so I was not given a ride home from a hospital or anything I had to call my own uber and of course pay for that and then I got the bill in the mail today and I don't this is not all the pill because the ambulance still hasn't come yet but the total billing for the what they call a CT angio net this is a fluid they put in your neck that was three hundred and thirty-eight dollars but the total hospital charges for the thirty one dollars for the ibuprofen and the one percocet the lab they did a lab report sixty dollars hematology I guess I don't know why I wasn't bleeding or anything like that a hundred and ninety dollars almost the CT scan was $6,100 this is about a 15-minute procedure where they ejected some diet to be kind of weird sensation and that was about it just general ER room I guess like a hotel room for the night eleven thousand eight hundred dollars the magnetic resonance MRI was a forty five hundred four thousand five hundred dollars the the pharmacy oh this was the percocet one hundred and ninety two dollars for the percocet and then so they're going to say the insurance or somebody is going to pay like half of it and they're billing me a little over $9,000 for that so we're looking at about a ninety four hundred dollar bill for that hospital stay for that 24 hour excruciating ordeal that I was kind of put through and what I have to say is subsequently I found out that you know I didn't even tell you this part about the accident itself let me back up a little second after that accident happened the woman started driving away from me okay that kind of freaked me out because it says the third would have been the third hit-and-run that I experienced in the last three years well that other two got away so this time I was determined to stop this hit-and-run driver and I went to grab my phone to take a picture and when I got out of my car my car was in Drive still I forgot to park it so it was driving away and so I panicked somehow got back and got the car in park but it really wasn't a good thing to do to my body at that point the condition it was in but it's kind of an emergency thing your adrenaline tells you you have to stop the car cannot let the car run away so I went and stopped the car and I came back and the woman had actually gotten out of the car at that time because traffic was so thick and there was a red light she couldn't go through so if she realized she had to face the music it should turn around and we went into the parking lot at Walmart there where we were next to and and I called 911 immediately I told her I was very upset I was hurt my neck and back were hurt and I was actually my shoulder and knee weren't feeling that great either at pains and all my joints right then and i called 9-1-1 and i pleaded with the operator for a policeman to come out to the scene investigate and you know give her the ticket and all that and they told me they would if the car was on fire when there was gasoline dripping out on the street that was the only condition the police would come otherwise they were not coming out for an accident like that and just to file the report ourselves online the next day said exchange information and so the woman already had out for registration and insurance flashing it in front of me but i was all alarmed and shaken up at the time mentally confused and everything about what was going on and very perplexed that the police were not coming out wondering what was going on I did not get her driver's license photograph where did I get a phone number but I did get her name and the insurance and the registration information which was the least sufficient her down woman left after about five minutes she just would not stick around very long I didn't even think to make a video of the scene or even the images of the cars at the time on video or any of that subsequently again I realize I should have probably done those things but well you're in shock like that as I was not the first thing on your mind so now I find out that the woman has a very weak insurance company and very likely the minimal coverage they're a company that specializes in just the lowest coverage as possible to give you the absolute lowest rate the minimal amount required so I told my chances are not very good to recover very much recoup much of these expenses and my insurance is going to get depleted pretty fast and I'll be on the hook for a lot of medical bills now the other story that haven't mentioned besides the police report is that I did file the report the next day online once I filed it I was told I would get a confirmation email well I didn't get one so I filed it a second time I still didn't get a confirmation email so the next day I called the police station and asked how come I don't get the confirmation and they said well sometimes we have glitches in our system and it doesn't get files and you if you want you can come to it in person I said I'd be glad to so I went down that night to the police station took about an hour to fill out the form in complete detail give them all the information a description of how the accident happened when where how everything but the vital information of the woman that I didn't have her driver's license and phone number but everything else was pretty intact and complete I filed that report and I was expecting a case number the next day which is what the insurance companies and lawyers have been asking for the case number and I called the next day for that I was told there is no case number he stole this is not a case it's not a criminal action she didn't she wasn't at fault no citation was issued so this woman is just a clearly a civil lawsuit now if it goes to that if the claim can't be settled out of court it will be a civil lawsuit to prove her guilt or you know what I'm saying the way it happened this way it happened and so now because the police didn't come to the scene it puts me in more of a jeopardy and this whole situation as to how it's going to play out so I know I've paid my taxes unlike Trump who doesn't pay taxes and proud of it I paid my taxes every year that I have to don't really have too many things I can write off to get away with and my tax money I only ask that the money be wisely spent however I know that half every dollar goes to military and a fair amount does go local state and federal but maybe not federal at state and local tax money goes to the police department and the police department totally let me down very very disappointed in the police department not doing their job not so much the police department themselves I've got to say I put the blame also on the 911 operator who is just adamant that they're not coming out so maybe that's police policy in which case I do blame the police department or if it's 911 policy they just don't want to get involved I don't know which hopefully that will come out in court will have a record of that 911 call and everything will be played out in court maybe in a couple of years and a big grand drama and maybe I would wind up having to take this woman to court to collect damages I don't know if it'll get that bad I hope it doesn't I hope the thing can be settled reasonably fairly but I'm just seeking justice in a system that is not really fair the medical establishment allopathic medicine in America is largely about surgery treating trauma which is what they supposedly were doing to be again the treatment was very third-rate they are also very good at dispensing medications and drugs which are in most cases putting you at high risk for other kinds of things to develop especially if you take draw any kind of drug long term and I'm including blood pressure medication statins the kind of drugs that many many people are taking today drugs to treat diabetes cancer chemotherapy all these type drugs are horrific on the effects they have on the body it even drugs in a prescribed for psychiatric use adderall ativan the zyprexa Prozac all these kind of drugs have rendus tremendous effects on the bodies the medical establishment by and large it's medicine for profit remember we started with that that's what it is it amounts to is greed and greed is rampant there's a million doctors in America there's less than 1/10 of that less than a hundred thousand of all the other alternative practitioners put together and that includes Chinese medicine homeopathy natural medicine chiropractic did all the alternatives to allopathic medicine there's a very small number out there they're doing their best to help people and they're not all 100% fantastic I know there's always going to be good and bad in any profession but the medical establishment I would say by and large is one of the most overrated and obscene professions in terms of how they raped the American public with the high costs and the high insurance cost I the drugs are fairly cheap if you have insurance and you're getting a generic of course you're getting pretty cheap drugs and they love that because it keeps people more hooked on these medications addicted to these drugs whether it's a psychological addiction to opiates or just an addiction in your own mind that you created because it's stabilizing your cholesterol your blood pressure and now you have to take it every day so you're basically addicted to it down you have no choice but take that drug and suffer the consequences so I would just reach out here in my statement today to let you know health care in America it is not all and well it could be a thousand times better if marianne williamson was to get elected I think we would see an improvement in it we're not seeing it right now it's only bad and getting worse and I'm sorry to say that because America is supposed to be the land of the free home of the brave the land of opportunity the land where we take care of our people and by a large we don't we screw our own citizens over I say we I mean the government obviously the government and big business medicine is nothing more than big business in America today most doctors or millionaires if not billionaires and I'm not saying that they didn't at some level earn some of that money however I think the balance is just shifted to to the favor of the doctors as opposed to the patient and the old adage from Hippocrates do no harm I don't think that's happening I think many doctors are by and large actually doing more harm in the long run than really helping people to heal and get healthy they never talked to you about your diet that hardly ever comes up because the doctor is too busy right now to script for a medicine so okay I'll end it there that's American healthcare here today you heard it from Benjamin the mad prophet Jonah namaste little tongue tighter at the end but I like to say that it just means I acknowledge the higher being and divinity in you and I'm extending that from myself as well so remember I am

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