Trying Chinese medicine for the first time

Hi it’s Gloria and I’m heading over to the
Tzu Chi Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I’m gonna be trying Chinese
medicine for the first time so I actually have knots right over here and
I’m hoping that cupping, acupuncture or herbal remedies can help with that.
So let’s head on over. Alright, so I’m standing right in front of the clinic
and in case you didn’t know, there are actually two types of services that they
provide so the first one you can get treated by a student and this is
supervised by a certified practitioner or you can just meet with a certified practitioner so today I’m going with the student clinic. So what were you hoping to get for today? Usually when I’m stressed, I get like
huge knots in the back of my neck and I heard like things like acupuncture or
cupping might be really good to help release that tension. Could you point it out? Do you mind if I yeah yeah You do feel like you have a knot here My name is Xissy Wang and I am in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner program at
Humber. I like to help people in whatever way I can and I did kind of grew up
massaging my parents and later learned that a lot of stuff that I did was
actually like Chinese massage or tuina and so I looked into like something that
was nutrition-based or holistic medicine and I really felt because I had the previous
experience with Chinese medicine and it helping me, I wanted to get into that so I could
help more people and raise awareness. It’s a little softer on the left side.
You are right hand dominant? Left-handed. Oh okay, sometimes you
do have compensation too Just rest the bottom of your, the back
of your wrist on here like that. Thank you. Are you getting over a cold or you have
any signs of that? Colds? No You don’t tend to get sick a lot or anything? No like maybe like once or twice a year. Okay The way that we take the pulse is we look
at different levels of how the quality of your pulse is and that tells us different
things about what’s going on in the body. So different organ systems as she was saying
like how the meridians are floating. May I see your tongue? Just relax. Stick it out as far as you can. So cupping if you’ve never had it can leave like bruises Sometimes the areas where there’s like I
said the stagnation, it causes pain so where there is stagnation it’ll be more
purple, so it’s like drying of the blood circulation to the surface and so it
might be there for sometimes up to a week so if you are going to go in a bikini or
something just beware you might look like you have some bruises on your back Okay. It’s okay. Hopefully, it look good on me. We shall see. I think it will. Toronto Fashion week who? Wow work it! I’m like kind of ticklish. But don’t tell anybody! Does that feel okay or is that too tight? No that feels good. Feels good? Okay Does that feel okay or is it too tight? It feels good. There’s several types of cupping but the
ones that we use in here primarily are the glass ones. They
kind of look like small fish bowls and what we do is the idea of creating
suction. So with the glass ones, you use heat or fire and alcohol swabs. You light
that and you’re basically burning the oxygen out from inside the cup
and immediately placing on a flat area of skin on the body usually on the back
and what that does is it draws the circulation it’s like creating a bruise
essentially. It’s free bringing more circulation to the surface and where you
have more stagnation or the areas where things are stuck, you’ll see it’s quite
purple and that may last for a week or so mm-hmm we’ll take off the excess oil and
that is what we’re looking for. That this is gonna stay a little bit.
These are really purple. Then, I mean if you do this more often then it will become
less purple each time cause you’re getting things moving. that was pretty good like I could
feel, it feels kind of like like kneading your skin. You could feel like a bit of
pain but it’s tolerable it’s good. I’m really happy. Yeah I feel really good now. How does my back look? It looks red Oh great! Everybody is so nice
and like so knowledge. It’s awesome I’m happy. So on the back, we have the bladder
channel we say runs down the either side of the spine and their linked
to corresponding organs so I think the level around where your liver which is associated
with stress, there it seems to be a bit raised so that’s why I’m going to needle the
whole back-shoot points along the bladder line so the corresponding points for the
liver we’ll do that local and if there’s a knot around here, we’ll also put one there. So yeah, we’ll keep it simple Is it painful or? It’ll be like a pinch might be like a mosquito bite or something like that
going in and then it should subside it’s just you have some cutaneous nerves
that might get triggered when that happens but what you should be feeling what
we’re looking for after I stick the needle in is a bit of heaviness, heat. What some people will explain is like a fish tugging on a hook if you’re familiar
with fishing but yeah sort of like a sensation of things opening up and
moving so there are single-use aseptic so they
have a tab on the top some of them and what you do is it’s like a guide tube
you can just tap it in. It goes in faster that way rather than freehand.
Freehand meaning you don’t use any assistance, you’re just putting
it in with your hand. Come in! Okay so just a pinch. Sometimes when you exhale too. Does does that feel okay? Yeah, I didn’t feel anything. In a Chinese medicine perspective, we look at the body as having pathways
where energy or chi flows so where there’s blockage we say, there’s pain and
where there’s no blockage or free flows then, there is no pain. So we unblock
those areas that are stagnated by using needles sometimes along the same channel
although not locally where you feel the pain or where the issue is presenting. So
that’s how these distal points to treat sometimes more effectively things
like headache you might use points on the feet. So there’s different
ways of looking at it and acupuncture is a modality that other practitioners like
physio therapist or massage therapist can use as well so it may be
different the thinking behind it but generally, the technique is as I mentioned. You also have a type of needle so these are filiform where they’re
like pointy at the end. There’s also needles that look like a little blade at
the end so it’s like doing micro surgery but it’s very good at releasing the
fascia which is sort of like if you’ve ever bought meat the saran wrap that’s
around the meat so your muscles are covered with a layer of fascia.
Sometimes when there’s tension in there, it will cause pain. Feeling relaxed? Yeah Okay I’m going to let you lie for a bit.
See if you can have a nap maybe. And, yeah, we’ll come get you. Thank you. If you need anything, you can ask your friend
to get us or there’s also this button. you can press. Okay? Okay. That felt so good. How do I look? Like you just woke up from a nap? I feel really relaxed it’s like it
wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I feel good. I just feel good. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. No problem. I feel so much better. Oh that’s great! Yeah, I can see how you’re shoulders feel, we’ll give you some exercises, lifestyle tips
and then, hopefully that will help prolong the results as well. mm-hmm So that was my first experience with Chinese medicine doing cupping and
acupuncture. Thank you so much Xissy for doing everything, making me feel good. and yeah be sure to subscribe and hit
that bell to be notified for upcoming videos and yeah thanks for watching. See you later!

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