Tuberculosis (TB): Progression of the Disease, Latent and Active Infections.


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  2. If only arthur was born in todays era so he could be medically treated. And have a much better chance of surviving than he would back in the 1800s 😭😭😭!

  3. Here’s my theory:
    Arthur Morgan was 35 when he was diagnosed,
    5 is the percentage of people that have the symptoms,
    Arthur Morgan is the protagonist Of RDR2
    Thomas downed gives Arthur TB In Chapter 2
    Arthur Gets Diagnosed 2 missions after you escape GUARMA
    That’s 3 reasons that lead to the number 2
    The Illuminati Symbol Has 3 Sides
    Chapter 5 is mainly centered around Guarma
    Dutch Says GUARMA is the 2nd island east of Cuba
    Cuba has 4 letters
    Dutch has a plan
    Plan has 4 letters
    To B Continued

  4. Is there any particular reason back in the 30’s or so that there were hospitals dedicated to TB patients? I’ve seen these abandoned hospital explorers explore them and it makes me wonder why they existed anyways.

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