Tucker Carlson – Predatory Health Care Pricing

well health care in this country is as you probably know about four times as expensive it is in comparable countries why that's the case is hotly debated but one former hospital president says predatory pricing by health care providers is partly to blame Stephen Weitzman was previously the president of Palm Springs General Hospital in Hialeah Florida in a recent piece the Daily Caller he pointed out that a simple blood test can cost between $10 and $400 even was performed at exactly the same lab pricey says her phony and they make price gouging inevitable how do we fix this even Weitzman joins us now twice but thanks for coming out thanks for having me again Tucker okay Matthew everybody I was thinking to say everybody grouses about how much health care costs and understandably but a lot of people getting rich from it especially here in Washington I personally know a lot of people who've made a ton of money off the health care drama and so is there a connection between the amount of money that's spent lobbying on health care and the dysfunction in the health care system absolutely Tucker you can call me a cynic but the health care industry spends more on lobbying than the oil and gas industry defense industry and aerospace industry combined the one thing that every politician avoids talking about like the plague is medical pricing healthcare pricing is sick Duggar there's no such thing as a market price so why I mean two-part questions why do they avoid talking about something as obvious as the price of medical care and to what do you do about it well let me know I'm assuming it's it's hard to believe that this is an issue that they're missing I think it has something to do with the lobbying power of the industry you're right everybody is getting rich on it from the providers through the insurance companies hospitals you know you ask the price of any service you can't get a straight answer the only question the only answer you're alive again is what insurance do you have right everybody's price depends on how much can be extracted from you personally and the the consumer the patient is helpless and hopeless we can't shop because there's no real pricing we depend on the health care provider to tell us what our individual price is supposed to be but what nobody will tell you is that the patient that comes right after you for the exact same service may be paying 1/10 what you're paying or 10 times more than you're paying and the the price everybody else pays other than you it's literally protected in the United States as a trade secret you can't find out what it is the solution the solution is easy have legitimate health care pricing just like we have in grocery stores department stores gas stations nobody would accept walking into a grocery store finding out that everybody's being charged a different random price the store owner would probably be charged with 50 different types of discrimination let me give you an example I got a call a couple of weeks ago from a lady in Texas and this is unfortunately half of your viewers who probably had an experience like this she told me that she's been going to a doctor for years getting a treatment that cost 150 dollars in the past year she got health insurance she's about 60 her and a husband are paying $1,800 a month the health insurance she went to the same doctor that she's been going to few years and he said look your rate is three hundred and twenty-five dollars now he says hey I've been paying you for years one hundred and fifty dollars what are you talking he says well with your health insurance that's the network price that's the allowed price you haven't met your co-pays or deductibles she says hey just pretend I don't have health insurance he says no you know I've got a contract with the health insurance that's the allowed price I'm obligated to charge you that and the truth is that under the current system with Obamacare health insurers have been incentivized to pay more out than medical here because under the current law the only way in an insurance company can increase their premiums and profits is to pay more out for the underlying medical services they're required to pay out 80% of the of the premiums that collect for actual health care services so how could it possibly be that an individual can get a better price than a health insurance company that theoretically is negotiating for ten fifteen thousand patients exactly and and consumers all over the country all learning and there's been a lot of articles written about this that your best bet is to go to the doctor and pretend you don't have insurance because you're going to get a better price quite often than the network pricing


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  2. Why is this woman paying $1800 a month for health insurance? Competition doesn't take away greed and corruption. You are basically protecting the profits and nessesity of a middle agent between us and our doctor. The lobbying groups that you just said spend more than any other lobbying group. Yeah, competition! Now that makes sense. Smhhhh

  3. ridiculous .. health is no free tradeable product .. so it isn't handled that way
    the leverage of pharmacy giants is almost infinite..
    "if you want to survive .. pay it" would be a fitting quote
    it amazes me that the USA has about 4 times as high cost for health than round about all other western countries ..
    well i guess thats pointing back to the leverage ..

  4. Here is what they didn't tell you! This has been going on for decades! I remember going to the hospital in the 1980's and they ran the confidence price game with me.

  5. In my experience, uninsured patients get much higher charges than the insured. That is because insurance is often reimbursed to providers as a percent of charges. I am hoping that increased deductibles under Obamacare will cause more price comparison.

  6. Both Tucker and Doc danced around the root cause here.
    Voters are not innocent in this mess. Voters are not demanding the deregulation and market reforms needed, they are following cheap slogans about "broken" systems.
    Politicians shy away from the cost issue as they will be painted as heartless by ignorant masses.
    We can blame "lobbyists" and shadow figures all we want. But the culprit, as always, is public opinion.

  7. Doesn't a lot of this connected to Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance not payign more than the doctor's price. BTW, you see fro mhere that uninsured patients do get a break.

  8. Im not form america, but cant you just get a group of people together and create your own form of insurance that pays for procedures in cash but uses a collective pot that all members pay into. A bit like the old british building societies

  9. Do you guys think that in a complete free market, that health insurance wouldn't be needed? That if money isn't pooled in insurance for tons of people, that healthcare providers would need to compete for out of pocket procedures, therefore making them all cheaper?

  10. There is 3 tiered pricing Cash customers pay the most, insurance pays slightly less because they can negotiate, and the government piles on operating expenses to the provider and pays JACK SHIT! You are paying extra because they have to take government patients. This guy is on point but he is intentionally leaving out half the story.

  11. Judas… I've been saying this for a couple of decades now. If a potassium drip has the same nutrients as a bunch of bananas but costs $180 more, there's some hard-core gouging.
    The real problem is this: health insurance. No one makes more money than the health insurance industry, and it's because they don't care about prices. They'll either pay whatever the hospital asks for and then raise your premiums, or freeze your premiums for a period and only pay for 10-15% of what hospital bill and claim they don't cover most of the procedures.
    The only solution is to cut the legs off the health care insurance industry. Once they're out of the picture then the prices go down through competition between hospitals and clinics.

  12. Predatory pricing is not the same as price gouging. Predatory pricing is lowering prices to levels so low that they lose profit; smaller competitors then go bankrupt and price gouging can commence. Price gouging is raising prices to incredibly high levels because they know customers will still pay; this happens when competition is minimal.

  13. Harass your local RINO's to pass S.Bill 222 ! Call them out on their "Bi-Partisan" BS CRONY Socialist voting records ! Enough is enough !

  14. Before Obama care screwed me over, I had a catastrophic health insurance policy. the deductible was $10,000. I had a health savings account that I saved money to pay for the deductible. Everything else I went to the doctor for I paid cash. I may have spent $500 for the past 7 years out of pocket. I can only imagine what it would be cost of I had "real" insurance.

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