Tunnels & Trolls live rpg City of Gull 37 demon baby checkup

I was like I like this guy and I was
worried by the end of it because a lot the highest I dislike they are awkward
so I’m like oh he doesn’t like this totals of trolls night again here hi
right ready to start up here passive messages yeah I throw kisses but then I
was like no not you the person over there what what am i you hey I have a good tolerance it’s just
for others the drugs are bad weeds good for you it helps fight cancer
yeah it’s medicinal you really sure that’s
where you want to go with no medicine Oh better sign now medic anal oh that’s no
no I’m sure that’s it now you can never look at it without thinking medic angle
and now I think I’ll be fine it’s already bad enough when you see the
rapist yeah therapist the rapist I just realized that that logos kind of Bali
and I saw but so no you’re not saying that sack and then there’s the heck
that’s what you want to see that’s always what yeah it’s a normal penis and
acid penis and butts see Devon sees it I’m not into penis oh well that I’ve
seen a bit forced if you take off the two side parts I’m really really really
aware of the fact that we’re just staring at her tits so we should
probably you’re the only one doing it it’s the one it’s a one party baby
staring you’re always going where some day a welcome back some day some day
I’ll have to I’m waiting for him they’re coming in nicely though and this sweater
makes it look really good well that’s hard to tell
Hey look at me looking at my sets wow that’s hot you looking down your shirt
your did suck playing video games you feel like walk around the corner by
moving your head yeah especially in Resident Evil like the first few that
we’re like the dude looking up trying to look around the edge of the screen or
something yeah get close and I’ll see No first
time I ever played Resident Evil it was actually fun though was we went visiting
some oh my bosses at my subway key lights and we were out in the outdoors
he had all these speakers yet surround sound outs oh no and it was out in the
mountains not far down the mill nowhere there’s no lights outside at all
so it’s pitch dark out there we’re sitting there playing and then like hear
a crunching sound you’re like is that in the game or something fair says bears
are real and they will still kill me less than bear looks at the game says
holy shit he takes off do you can’t handle it it’s in my coat pocket I think
okay yeah okay I don’t think I’m gonna need all this I will need my calculator
though sorry explain yourself feel a little why would
you say that to me why did you give me this
hey yes I was showing that to you maxy yeah Mountain can see your teeth what is he short T so fever they name
that wasn’t G no no the two that were there didn’t know or wallers ones they
didn’t seem to complain it’s true my piece of the map oh wow no way that
so I was like yeah I got a good start it’s okay no we’re starting we’re on the
air anything you said lately you know it’s
been outside I would say oh dear no you can’t waste my Clips like that that
one’s broken actually it’s almost falling apart
and I got using four curtains in the studio why there’s the green one right
there we need these right up against the wall
wait okay they’ll give me the green with it why because that one has a better and
it’s all great this one even has a better yeah but this one’s nice it’s red
which is my favorite color and the Triforce of courage great Zelda reference right there
actually Purple’s my favorite color but green used to be okay we will start this
mess in the easel show a Ford Idol of the stage Oh Ted I’m serif were
you trying to read it read her shirt she just exposed her boobs more she’s going
backwards um what your hi I’m sober we’ll talk about this and it makes you feel any better I get
positive it tastes moving ok gustarĂ­a yes ah today you have an appointment
that was sent up to you by the hobbit hospice what was it that they already
yes set up a doctor’s appointment with a midwife
Felicia moons cry only could find the full wife she understands dirt things
she’s kind of a witch and with a reading she will help be able to it actually
determine a birth date for you neat roughly you know within yeah and I will
name him Frederick after the wolf’s horrible treatment of all they will the
sacrificing okay so to give you a heads up and everyone else
first of all what we’re doing these solo they’re kind of we’re going back a
little bit foods it’ll I’ve done you stuff back to individual cities stuff
everyone doing their things but a lot of these are just gonna come point when
you’re like hey I mean I should get some help with this you know there’s a point
when there’s like gonna be other people beating you up and you think I’m
outnumbered let’s not go alone so keep that in mind you’re going alone you can
die or you just get all the experience and I have to share him he said
something about keeping all the experience points not sharing Fox staring person ish I will need okay well
he has first is hit the they also said Lisa moons cry is set well away from the
street in a quiet part quiet part of the city houses marked with a colorful
banner which reads – Lisa moons cried diviner palmistry
wanna throw or only R Mansi pyromancy hydro-man see and bowling see romance
see astrology and cartee omen see an appointment must be made in advance
which you do have for a consultation with her test is still being covered from your
deal you did with them earlier so she will meet you here’s a picture so she meets you and uh
takes you to the garden area now to tell you the garden area the garden so that’s
got a magical feel to it so make a wizard tree rule 22 okay that
makes first level so yeah you definitely do feel that there’s actually more than
just a nice garden it’s there’s an enchantment here somewhere cool um looks
like a stone building or oh you see trees in every corner there’s a table
it’s kind of sit down there’s a little pond in the center also as well as like
areas were for different herbs and things like that she needs to grow now
like I know we just tend to do with their guard yeah okay makes certain
people’s Oh huge basil plant for no reason okay she will ask you your name
oh my name’s Chris Talia okay in your age how would you state your health how
do you feel pregnant like you know safely pregnant or are we more concerned
like a feeling you need nothing really bad okay what we see your occupation is
I am a well an adventurer of sorts and what we say your preferred form of
reading is I really like poetry well that is good
but I’ll tell you the forms which we I can do this under which oh the forms of
magic Oh prophecy yeah over the what was the list again I can only remember s
urology cardio men see uh-huh we just of course Tarot I don’t know let’s do that
one you wanna do Terra I like Tarot okay um
pulls out the cards neat and then says first of all I need you guys see a few
questions as she’s shuffling his deck um you’re not like cursed as in a
lycanthrope or anything no okay cuz that can lead to some bad headaches when
reading their pains do you serve a deity or devil not really
I slept with one you serve them no okay basically it applies to paladins or
priests okay people who feel that uh possibly my reading into their life may
be interference on their actions yeah so they will sometimes affect their quality
of the readings yeah so I’m gonna be first of all a wizard role 2020 Savannah
theme so putting like you didn’t to other things huh can we drop that here
too yes it is off thank you okay first I need it was it all and you said 20 and a
luck role 24 okay so made the one both um so first of all roll the dice 6
or have your phone taken away for texting I’m sorry
King 3 texting you lose phones you watch the the game are very important actually
that’s why Devon’s rule 3 3 3 yeah 3 hmm she tells you uh it seems
like something evil seems to want to invite you to visit so oh cool probably
it’s dad and um maybe I would say probably five months from now cool you
know it seems to be rather regular nine months because you’re I felt like yeah
so your child will be in five more months it’s been three coming up on four
oh no how you remember do episode we are on the show 34 37 37 37 stars okay good
every 10 episodes is one month okay so maybe easy so when we get episode 90
what are you gonna worry about that’s a lot of day
yes it is do you started this all the dicks okay now make a Prisma roll 34 okay Tom that was the initial part with
the appointment all that so just take 50 experience for it for that oh you so
would you do it well just don’t bump them the mic but someone wants to do
that alright we can okay I’m bitchy my back
hurts do you want to try the Pina Colada bout
to do I made it myself no my Pina Colada Mountain Dew I need it
alive already how they cure those pardon this is my third thank you very much
yeah you’ve already had to tonight’s not those whole things I was drinking big
gold cups and I would felt like that much at work and then you refill um yeah
actually there is one and a half okay make a
intelligence check me yeah okay we’re trying to check something 24 ah first
level you notice a shadow moving like over by the bushes before you and Exeter
house I’m gonna go see what it is okay and what would rule 24 for which it was
up here yeah okay um hey gentlemen kind of steps out of the dark kind of wrapped
in leather that’s odd yeah since I’m moon rider I’m a rider and Felicia needs
your help although she may not know it who is Felisa moon scribe oh that goes
no maybe I was wrong you can’t tell yours I thought you were
comfortable I miss her first name my only last name
please moon scribe I’ve heard some of your activities in town and especially
into a certain group that is attempting to kill her later this evening the Jews
know the coldest of oblivion those guys they’re not happy about her scrying for
the Blue Beetle cult so like this cover one nostril immensities know so the
cultures oblivion are planning to attack this happen probably so if you could
come back here and help us that would be appreciated attacker no we’re going to
defend her Oh from the cultists the whole boobies okay that sounds fun can I
bring friends sure any help that we begin we may be greatly outnumbered hey
des I need your help knowing what there’s these cult people
that are gonna tell my doctor protector yeah but that’s where you go for now
leave you there yeah you’re running around people’s oh are you doing after
that your FD appointment you’ll run around start recruiting people for these
yeah fuck some people of yes I got two sets yeah you sent me yes that’s better
leader that’s your best news percent lipstick no except for that’s paint okay
Tom I wanted my job to be point for pudding
since we don’t have someone here it’s a nakiye dorade oh hi answer hello problem
wants to talk to you they leave they were just delivering the message they’re
not taking you there Yuri will take yourself there I think
okay Nina hates me now so you go see drama we’ll skip I guess
describing the skill Finn barracks cuz you does it you avert it this was even
for and yeah but Anya didn’t make it so um make a role on utilities no wizardry
actually clang okay second levels so
how who’s dr. Qasim connected to this vampire problem yes the guy who runs the
bar the guy who owns the cemetery well they seemed upkeep it much but the
vampire was in his cemetery okay um did he seem responsible for that no hmm he
actually didn’t know so you think he’s uh no problems at all you heard it right
honestly I don’t think he’s a problem better cuz the retro priests are spying
on him I know when I was wondering why I told her that useful actually the
anarchists think you might have a connection to them no he has no
connection to them we found the vampire with anarchist guild okay then I guess
it’s no problems and has there been any little boys being reported missing that’s odd question cuz only went down
into the Erica skill we found a I guess six-year-old boy down
there yeah that’s that’s odd but parents aren’t necessarily the
greatest for reporting when their children leave sometimes they just look
at him as saving money on food probably assumed he fell into the sewers
somewhere well sir Fox has well okay staying with him is he opening an
orphanage no his job well if you want me to send it send the boy over to chris
tolly I can no you guys you guys can deal with it he seems to be a fine
upstanding sticking to my guy except for when he’s at the bar yeah so
friends watching when he’s at the bar supposed to be mountain mount meru does
he still live at the bar no haven’t my silver fox moved in together the reason why I’m having to ask this is
uh remember the gravedigger that used to be there what you also had to clean up
yeah remember the new one that replaced him
yep he’s a red road bridge to rest together and I’m curious as to why and
they’re watching him they asked me to refer information on dr. Qasim and his
research into cosmic forces I’d say watch his wife hmm
Jessica yep what was her condition when she came back when you saved her when you brought her
home she looked fine to me so we went on the other shoe look to
itto the system of the judging that she was safe and maybe not injured
honestly it look like she went along with oh he makes it a little more
interesting okay well you keep an eye over at that
place really wonder who runs the place over there stumpy Hatfield
he’s the soap harbor for the really great
yeah octal yeah he mostly runs a place the other guys busy supposedly in his
research outfit used to work with a mage long ago in a faraway land and that went
bad well Cheetos who is soaring Cheetos a Tory who’s that Corey Mullen okay we got that so um well if you get a
chance keep an eye towards him check him out
but you know not too much too deep well as he informed one of my other our
guards even nobility crosses his threshold and he does know people to
call to make things difficult for other people so but you know if you can find
out Vinny’s going on there I prefer they weren’t sticking their nose too much my
area and not informed me what the hell they’re looking for so what do you do your studyin will show up to you soon
and ask you to help her cope people I’m gonna go let silver-fox know that he’s
in charge of it all I meet I got a real stance for or give him stats for later
but to find it it was a module that was written up so it probably hasn’t it was
from a set that was downloadable off the same site I got the troll zine stuff
there were four sets of modules that are for D&D but I converted her so okay
Christelle yeah hmm you have another fancy dinner awful life at least a revite and are an
invite Jim Tia would like to see you knees since you a dress wear nice so you
got out yourself is another fancy draw another fancy dress write it down or you
just put to fancy whatever the hell it is you know me fancy dresses your back
you make by one also I just bought what yeah shut street
that’s see mm-hmm you good for three days a week now you
gotta watch I can’t be fancy more three days a week
I don’t want watch my clothes more often than that okay ah – you send him the
guys Jen you’re waiting to see if you approve every right to don’t I hit that
cool thing tonight yeah but that means I have two things to pick from you have to
split yourself tell the guy say this one takes place earlier than that okay so I
can go to that this will call this 9:00 p.m. so crystal he’s gonna be a hoochie
mama dress when she comes against me should we adventuring in a hoochie mama
dress hey make a roll on your luck 22:37 37 well you did all right it’s a mouse to ashes problem it’s
coming here come sorry okay yeah that was for oh um your dresses a little
tight I’m pregnant in the top no okay that’s your boobs are
starting to you a little bigger spent three months almost 4 that’s true so
your dress is a little tighter but that’s alright that’s the way he likes
it so now since we don’t have a mountain but we’re still gonna do his stuff so
there because this could fit easily for Fox Fox yes let’s go check out that candle
shop yeah you have to you don’t want him you have you don’t want to us I’ll do it
where the poison count Campbell came from oh that one yes I want to check
that one no I always just see if you wanted to buy some nice bow tubes for
your bath no a nice a nice bath bomb no keep some
body lotion some other lotion oh I want some soap for the child living in your
house yeah yeah maybe it was about you but that didn’t
sound right after having a child in your house daddy
you guys get started setting up playdates later yeah junior we can our
Kyle who’s been abused in the basement or a sewer come and visit my demon show
huh yeah they’ll be good oh I also have child the letter Jan your kid’s gonna
come back eating bugs that’s how children pets okay so you get there you
can hear you make a charisma role mountain I don’t know I’ve never shown
interest either alright my crews mom plus two they say 28 plus 4 plus 4 do
you have a calculator yeah we’ve just added it now 32 yes you made
it you’re very attractive you walk in for me that’s not a good idea it will be
when I don’t want to find it to delay the game okay Gilliam’s fantasies and
whacks millions specializes and now you’re having to wonder why was Mike
here well why was mountain at Gillian fantasies in wax
yeah I would be there and then you see this lady okay she comes tapping on
Facebook before you specializes in telling that crafted one-of-a-kind
candles that are greatly prized for visitors and city residents alike these
candles are molded into any shape and size the buyers like that really
sculpted I knew does he and just into Killians herself prices depends upon the
complexity of design of the time spent on the candle she also makes a few she
makes the dripped poured rolled scented unscented but as well as some other
enhanced candle surfer clothes here like you know questing one for you know once
a mostly she sells actually right up by the register and I register look the
cashbox love handles and ghost detector candles
um that’s the ones labeled there she comes up and says how can I help you
looks you up and down a little bit I want to find out where that black
candle came from no I make many candles I’ll make him in any colors you wish no
this one kind of had a drug into it that where we got controlled and we had to do
some labor just some it was a control oh so oh well that was bouton and you
didn’t find anything there’s nothing there
say at that so we closed the area that’s tragic I owe so much money and I was
hoping to use that to help pay those bills it’s all closed up and it’s gonna
stay closed well I do know of another one and no are
you sure yeah I can guarantee you doing something here for you or something here
for you is she like fed you know cash points it
herself me in the building I’ll talk to Mountain and we’ll come
back okay maybe you’ll find you know if it’s still available although let you my cartoon ones you’re almost as red as
her your shirt about yours oh yeah let’s see let’s see let’s see
your face what color year compared to my almost the same color in it’s pretty
close now look at her face almost same color make sure okay now let me check
everything because I sit down to rearrange love it okay I’ll give me a
warning they were gonna make it that’s actually that’s probably one you
were looking for no I found that it was over by the I was on top of the box
stuff behind that painting I didn’t have it over here I had it over there that
one page I was looking through the hero game okay
so on that um guess we have one more thing in this direction and that is a
toe my kid comes running at you actually it’s like probably in like 13 or 14 you
know he’s still a kid he’s a missing boys look for a home different colors
stab to the kidney what do you want um remember me stable boy
yes I’m Ned Ned the stable boy I know all your fans about culture Ned the
stable boy everyone always wants yes yeah okay so we have a we have a problem
remember the smithy yeah um I I think the the foundry has gone crazy and
possessed him and he’s just stark raving mad screaming and laughing about how he
did it and and and he won’t do anyone wants him to do and he’s just doing that
and he scares me take me to him okay okay you guys get close to the location and
you’re hearing a medical laughter oh okay and he’s like I could do it but my
cackling good I did did it finally revenge is mine you did what go in there
yeah and you see the forge is like the plate the temperatures in like 140
degrees he’s like got it cooked up too high and he’s like you know making those
axes he made four oh yes you held it you helped it happen and now he will pay
double pay for his crimes 2950 please okay hold on Oh BKB hey she’s just Belushi’s nothing
nothing okay she was looking for someone to beat with
this hey why don’t why hit the blue mare I do I’m yeah well no it’s just I’m
pretty good after the first one rose ha would you like to partake yes just blow
it towards the towards the freezer how we’re doing does got it
82 Devin 82 Tevin 82 Devin’s you sunk my battleship okay she’s good okay got you some blueberry up there
okay it’s good he does I like the blueberry whenever Dale I mean this one
doesn’t hit quite as hard like this one okay this is the no no one no no – your
mommy being around this that’s great bang that was our special vaping part of
our game what do you got any clothes me laughs more picks up the axe oh no I’m
gonna use freeze please there it is okay
I knew I should be a finally only had like five or six pages these like
adventures that you guys started before we went into the dungeons we’re trying
to catch everything up so we get a nice clean start but I can decide what to do
it to you all ah what you get with your fries please
125 I think this is marvel that’s hope little damage BAM it’s a shield again
well he’s a little shocked this time looking you it’s not a spell for a
cultist of the Blue Beetle come on and he drops his shield so now I gotta get
my dice now he was trying to roll double sixes double fives and double fours you’re on hiding I mean probably at home
she’s creamin delicious hey does very sexist you clean the dishes you yeah
when I get home entertaining its at dark elf you know
they’re they’re very sick she probably had to escape see that’s
why she’s here no obviously because her character obviously like had to run from
a wedding to Wow Stan she like get this dark health training format assassin and
then run off I gots double stews that’s hard not to when you have 14 guys
ah did you did you wear yourself out on that role have you expanded your pension
I’m spent holy shitballs she’s got blue balls on
that sword because that’s what I’ve gone through
yeah no I’m drawing roaring do you have your hat but I like this paper which one
grab labor yeah but I also for drawing I actually prefer the ones with no
Alliance but holy shit yeah Wow what’d you get 157 that’s a lot of it – 120 130
something you okay red okay are you going another round
yes okay you seem to see you rather make a wizardry check okay we get done here
power to it you didn’t know enough dice for that play seven okay you can feel
that this sword if it hit or this axe if it strikes will like start drawing your
soul into it it’s not the horse horses have ears
those are performers that is a two-legged horse with a tiny torso and a
massive have you know what that is you what that is that’s like graphite on
pencil on paper how did our teacher do that he’s like just it’s supposed to be
up what is that it’s a horse no it’s not it’s supposed to be the horse doesn’t
it’s not a horse at all what is it it’s a piece of paper you’re drawing on you
walk away you had to think about it though for a while and you think about
it yeah is sometimes when you’re trying to draw something you’re trying to feel
like you’re trying to reproduce a horse and you’re not you’re just trying to
draw one trainer tried to drag it yeah it’s a horse now that’s a horse bird 210 okay and he goes down see now it’s he’s
also 4th of May which is more terrifying to me which what he had up as a
protected Pendragon but he’s crazy so he rolled in the walk side he just go for
it he thought I’ll take you down know things he can do that spilling weapon he
done to you he didn’t take me down no he thought his magical sword would do it
and he also taught you guys some kind of things did you help to do it
that’s what he said is he dying you helped beaker sim1 Lord Krang will pay
for his sins he knows the accident he’s using looks like tentacle to one
for for learn to drink so you you took him in Evil’s a cursed axe but he didn’t
fight you much when you wanted to take it and say ok 240 240 experience that
one’s done watching it now is your dinner party yay yes yay for you so I’ll
make a charisma role and what do you look role first cheap anything problem
happened with trying to get ready 20 you got there just in time I always survive
precisely what I mean – thank you he’s frozen shut oh no it shouldn’t be
after today no no I can get someone no our back door has a thick sheet of ice
oh yeah that’s just on the top that’s all it takes obsessed with the hinges
enough for it okay you charisma role is the second one Christmas okay 30 30 ah
so it’s a nice adventure looks it’s got a lot of nicely dressed people gonna
lunch all the foods you need all the food just go straight over to the
dinners okay Gemma Tia we’ll meet you at the door
this is ah so I’m glad you made it I don’t know how my evening would have
went without that um wanted to show you some newest work if you would wouldn’t
mind following me over here is he an artist
Oh in a way yes and he takes you over to a surgery area okay people are waiting
and then they roll in a body and it looks like one of those blood dolls
huh but this one doesn’t look familiar at all and he’s like after that
assassination attempt on me by one of these I’ve been studying them and I’m
finally think I’ve learned how to reproduce one remember that sounds like
kind of a bad idea well I guess if it’s on your side well yes that’s exactly it
it’s to help create a an army if necessary or you know people that it’s
kind of like to take people are useless to our society and create a use form you
know a little bit of blades injected here and there
change their perception they’ve come perfect soldiers true so as he’s showing
that off one of the rest you do it I’m gonna go see if I have breakfast at my
house waiting for me where’s my dinner no she’s got a dinner party tonight yeah
I have to go to a mansion and even it was she’s gonna meet up with you guys
and take you to a mission to kill the whole people oh but all to oblivion is
sticking its nose up again back Oh fun that’s what I just led everyone make oh
let’s go children’s role everyone except for Chris tell you cuz she’s somewhere
else Oh intelligence rolls for perception
perception really and skill use that intelligence hmm 72 73 73 whoo that’s a
lot seven explora still he goes to the same damn thing
yeah fits under 75 79 okay this one’s done
trying to check here 35 yeah 35 how’s everyone else do okay and what you do 24
okay that’s a first level you missed your fishing making dinner
notice actually breakfast no it’s nice yeah it’s they’re back
they’re very confused with the whole Sun Moon she’s I got and then they show up
in there’s like oh my god okay no I got it three of you sear
noises outside of the house okay it’s Mountain brew pooping in the streets okay um you go outside alone to look
around or does anyone go with you no three just sit in the house and wait
well she knows me those two go with you so you grab the
ferry and put your very good grabbing ferries
ferry does not approve of being grabbed a heart he’s heard that doesn’t mean
he’s listening but he’s he’s heard that never that oh come here okay there is
some movement on the other side of your fenced area like people sneaking around
oh man you go sneak up what are you doing sir heading over there yes a light
comes floating out floating towards the center of your backyard find out what the hell it is sir heading
over the light eat it mega wizardry check late do it or not
right you notice that for the window we don’t wear them when we get a light
now back here how do you do right now backyard
what could you – you realize it’s a will-o’-wisp what did i do what do you
do what do you do make red light yes okay you have 10 people surrounding you
in the backyard that’s the three of you who are you who
am i yes who are we yes Who am I that’s right y’all we are of the cult of oblivion die yes
that’s exactly what we plan to die they’re gonna die to you kill kill kill you’re with me gotta kill Moloch what
you think this is Pokemon so the three feel your outside may do whatever you
need to do I should get this let’s get some initiatives eight oh you guys don’t
have enough dice huh you know what Fox and Hazel mm-hmm then I should get Rayna
I’ll get you although you’ll come in next round okay – that’s a new soup yep
Fox you guys six plus your speed everyone roll unless you’ve already
rolled and then just wait for me hazel you get yours I have 20 right now
no Fox know your speed oh my sweet you guys six plus your speed yes my speed
and 23 33 and arena oh it’s beautiful right
okay now go ahead and run with your numbers
sky rolling and I will roll mine my not good I don’t have enough
I need more dice I need more people and uh 118 with my so long I still get
one okay save a lot of you with different dice they all seem to be fighting with sham
Cheers curse words basically yeah you can add up the numbers should
mention though as you guys rolling your numbers some are doing magic you did
range range your bow is or don’t use my board okay how do you roll magic yeah
well you said you have to which one you’re doing should do that first okay
who’s doing any arranged attacks no one you’re doing yeah okay
what’s your magic – um I’m cafe au go away on the nearest okay person I guys
just go right ahead equally kept koltes which are you a
wizard first level spell just in so it’s a first level wizard even in roll roll
you’re pretty good unless you roll three to get out of those um you’re good good
a-agent you can actually add a rule again but it gives you a chance of doing
a three which always a four that gives me 36 yeah so maybe pretty good yeah
okay okay um that one runs away then yeah that’s one gone keep plenty of
strange points all right I think I was supposed to level two last time I
thought we did care that okay I know we can what do you want to raise the
statute I don’t I just raised one stop you raise the stats once dad read
sometimes – what are you looking at some combinations you do – I will raise my
speed your speed okay I do believe common that is and you’re going to what
the whole third or second level exam away so I have four points your speed okay any other magic some use my magical
sword nope it’s true that’s just the tech so
now we’re on a physical text what do you got guys the other two of you
195 118 that total it’s boy 95 for me and 118 for him okay okay as the fights
going on looks like they’re not doing great I’m not even here fine fine okay
I’m in that house way up there the really fancy charity I’ll do it this
time be interesting no no nothing okay but if I was there why would I know
what happened that I get this it’s more you can leave then you can go over there
and look at it again okay just if you make any exceptions all exceptions are
invalid okay but and they’re here because it’s your fault I didn’t do this
you do oh you just don’t know it wasn’t me yeah you do know is you I just give
you information free and you’re like no you don’t believe it okay nothing to do
um one of the maids one of these occultists threw down his staff and the
staff has become a giant stake and the other one slammed his staff on the
ground and a couple skeletons by living skeletons can crawl out of your shed for
some reason hey magic you guys why are you under you want to do some magic
second round brother next row and you can come this time you’re in the
noise and remarque office spell points yeah how many are there there were ten
there’s now three less so I would cast I would go away on another one then okay –
hi that’s a three you failed that’s what we
do the roles even though it seems young you should have it but sometimes
sometimes nature sucks you sneezed while doing your spell just got you
shit probably yeah your sneeze explodes great damage to your sneeze take that
you sneeze okay you guys get your numbers I will get mine which aren’t so
good as much Oh skeletons again thrown this time you know why still skeletons no I don’t
want any skeletons Shellington no skeletons for you what is Pixy aren’t
you Jim I just never taking yeah we have
syrup after already offer thank you what do you have yes and peanut butter which
is really good on pancakes oh you’re talking about pancakes now Oh peanut
butter and bananas all right that gets you it’s hard to chew after a
while yeah if they can get fit I’m here for a good time hi aren’t easy talking giving you guys the numbers when you’re
ready 118 that’s not all
Joey you’re sort of the 235 whoa a lot of doubles on there several times never now what the key okay that kills two
more okay um he’ll be the skeletons and snakes
commandment that’s who uh that’s what I want to know
that’s all just mast we’re going all your masses you’re wearing them out everyone do combat roles for next round did I just punch somebody in the party these people stand in line they don’t be
dead by now yeah it was but you kid terney yes hey 31
okay would you get over there 114 and we’ve got another big number coming and then after you’re done there all you
do a first-level luck little yep see if anyone gets oh we don’t but I’m a fairy
does that even make sense you’re lying though I would never – but
no I’ll give you another backup role because of watch you know you good role
I get it wrong yeah I still got hit yeah that’s true five good lucky I need is 702 5600k dead
dead and snake goes down because he’s the one the kid snow needs salmon roe
vs. snake snake went to fight you miss aim for a better shot and disappeared
yes you were snack okay she tricked him the other one who’s gonna die oh wait we
got a lie – attacks okay I’m digging this okey-dokey excuse me making his sister it’s even grosser feel okay how we doing um
35:35 for your spell yes okay no one goes away which is getting
pretty close to they’re going to left 35 okay Plus who else is into this I am 206 130 okay field my backyard is full
of dead experience what’s it for the one that escaped experience when she dove
into the tree yes brains horns 634 everyone except for the one that came in
late 60 I already have you thank you yeah that’s why you can use your foot
before you wanna freak you track your appearance yep you just keep track that
way if there’s any questions you can always go back and look at it and prove
this numbers were wrong okay well let that clears your backyard
I have found these in they serve free embodies inner in their heads
hey why not get a mile away don’t hey that’s why there’s no kids living at her
out bring the animals inside chop them up feed people to the dog that’s your
job you want dog you gotta feed him no but you got those bad ones taking care
of your goblins the goblins so we just give it to them to take care of it oh he
doesn’t he’s like we’ll get your goblins to do it no they’re gonna cut them up
we’re just flirting Madonna in there bring into the room I know the room has
a meeting chop meeting our meat chop block in there have I mentioned a good
job okay well then we’re back to you your
party blue party Peter party is over what party it’s time to go get people
for the other thing okay um did you have any do you you voiced a little bit of
complaints about what he was doing but he seems quite proud of his work he was
glad that you can show everybody see it I’m hesitant and you know and remember
if you ever get tired or something happens and suddenly you don’t have all
those friends you go down there do well I’m sure you find a home for you all my
oh my lands here I got a couple homeless here and their towers I should say so
you know keep that in mind okay take care of yourself in the future bat in
the little one you got your belly okay so now you have Felisa moons cry they
say that there’s going to be a group of cultists attacking there they don’t like
that she has apparently been doing readings for the blue beetle cult that
she should be neutral towards their activities well where’s yours she got one drink me
show me your tattoo I used to just walk in with a camera and they did yeah I
don’t remember in this summer Fox is it old perverted bastard well he is old oh
I am only under the 4 C’s younger than you
oh hell you fucking young whipper snipper yo P 109 111 hey guys are all
pretty close how are you I’m a baby I’m 32 over you I know that is so cute we’re
close in age you know sugar baby a track record like I’m young they like a young
back in the dark okay small house from the outside it looks
like a rock house matter of fact from the outside published oh yeah from the
looking at the house from the outside there’s absolutely no proof that order
signs that there’s any kind of garden anywhere the house is looks like it’s
got a complete roof all over it hmm but from the inside you know that you can
see an openness shot to the schedule cool so that may have been the elude the
enchantment on the place but here we are it’s like a body hole there supposed to
be some Cultus showing up here to attack you guys should decide on any kind of
defenses or any kind of way you want to be ready for this or you just like I’ll
sit around drinking out front until like things start so foxes that’s my plan no
drinking no I mean we could just go tell her here she goes running sword first swinging wildly into the night kills the
tree actually no not yet oh he will give the dice rolls ready
first so I allow one round on that to be done first just show that way when we
get to it we can just get numbers out as quick as possible
we have people viewing right now they have to put up with how long we take so
I’ll just have you okay are you guys ready or you keep rolling your numbers something happens okay what happens to
be the same people that just attacked your house then fuck them it’s not the
identical people and it much gets showed up with damage feet up no what are you
doing in our job and we wouldn’t detect your house what you doing over here I’m
attacking your house doesn’t for so you want to talk to who
Lee Colton you’re fresh outta friend yes they’re showing up that’s I just thought wildly swinging how are you he’s getting
one round ahead in his combat Oh too long because these guys had already
attacked their house they’re just looking for the chance to attend to help
you system no silver boxes just being a dick yeah your sister yeah men like oh
you girls come on yeah you pussy you know what put on your big-girl
panties and shut the fuck up I remember the first time I worried about peeing
myself you gotta go back and watch the closed captions yeah those that are
watching this game if you ever get bored go ahead and watch the automatically
done closed captioning most times pretty good but sometimes it gets kind of funny
and what words it picks out officially you have multiple people talking at once
and it just starts to mash together the language yeah I’ll say a first round of
course the first thing you guys see is the signature nice zombies and two
zombies and a snake come running in Kirsten running in that do that do that
remaining a snake goes really going in it
sure coming in put the attack there’s no talking just like hello they see it you
guys they know which way this is gonna go just they’re mad they’re they’re
upset because apparently the other group was supposed to already taken care of
you I am immortal why don’t said before he
goes oh you guys again yeah well our brother should’ve already I guess they
missed you at your house no other day oh well yes they missed me but I killed
them I did not miss them watch it better not all dad one left I
go away two of them that’s right he made him run away too
yeah I guess actually technically to these people could move for the same
group once you made oh go away I mean she made three of them going so 301 where are you gonna wait till next
room oh wait to the next round start rolling so five of you yes I got 31 okay yes you
like that don’t you okay I think he’s compensating for
something no big old phantom fantasy-style sword
bullseye baby whoa that’s the medieval like equivalent to
having a giant truck jacked up like then this is not even my biggest sword sward that’s it my biggest murder okay
if you guys I’m Netflix watch Dragon prints and see what we mean it is good
this is a my be sworn okay first round baby like see a bunch down but not enough Amanda so next row and
everyone I should do first little luck roll first okay but yes 18 you’re the
lucky one 32 you’re on chat right 15 points yes
up here what you cost okay you’re unconscious she hit by snake it went
down oh he got through first battle well the snake just snuck up on people he
does say she’s just sneaky things right now
yeah oh my god oh wow that’s a wonderful role oh jeez three dice I rolled a six
total are we going to get one two three Devon wait I need it to cast oh yes do
you spell first what’s your spell um I cuz she just went
down right yeah so I cast Oh pull the foot coming up you
have just to remind you and you may not have a card for it with oh wait yes you
have a reroll card close that to hope your luck bro okay they make a rough
roll over ganzel I never marry people favorite favorite players get a bonus oh
and don’t let solar Fox shredded yeah I do not want to be turned into a table
like you want to share your potions anyways you are not gonna live this down
nope music I can live on chunky potions I don’t know what your guys’s problems
are is my person down like all people 15 the second time yeah it’s even worse my
thanks are not liking me a minute ago before I can I can soak ass kisser but
but the questions the thing I’m pointing out is actually the system
has if I find it a spell that we added I’ll let you read it around got a copy
of it this is another backup healing spell you
have so it takes four spell points for one point of calm it’s poor baby is
stronger version of it yes so that’s the first over poor babies the
second level I’d be better off doing into a battle hold on stop
yeah stop this whole thing getting after sex well then we’ll use mage I am level
two okay you should have more spells oh well you gave me a one – ah bullshit
yeah this is second level except the one yeah yeah the rest of the first level well everything else is first level yeah another page jerks in the game so no is
that one you know that’s all poor baby which evening one yeah I do
that’s probably what I’m gonna cost anyway it’s because she still think the
other one Jim yeah okay so I cast um for baby to heal let’s say five points at
house okay find my care I buried it you’ll never get it again
put those inside the folder makes it easier okay what are you doing you want
how are you Mike you track just the real us sometime maybe during the break yeah
which we will probably have pretty soon so uh what we got Oh numbers oh there 59
109 249 we have some lucky days tonight well they did Debra doing a lot of
doubles there do dice the more dice you have and there you have more chance
again just ten days doing four dice next time you my thoughts art yeah we could
go to road oh yeah I keep forgetting you how’s that
you said getting people picking them off one at a time okay so um everyone went
okay you’re brought up by the magic okay your poor baby back to existence so we
have another round of shooting intent throwing in so who’s any magic a magic
lift yes um I can’t never mind yeah sixteen okay this is probably one of my favorite
of the songs right it plays like almost every time I really enjoy it royalty
free video so it reminds me of Castlevania music little cow mania games
I found some nice ones of you background for video uh-huh that one’s called fun
film noir oh yeah and there’s just background music there like 40 minutes
of it and it’s like you could we could use those for our films but you plan to
get back to something you will something but like little short like 10-15 minutes
yeah even better I don’t know we don’t put a mustache
yeah I could do drag makeup I don’t wait all right
why would I know we just need a beaker really for dates is even better what 40
anymore 60 60 okay Wow they real doubles no teeth no Fox I got one inking and big
sword over there yeah we’re working on it
she’s gone stay in force back there like shining towards this armor off into the
air what hi Guido as the wind blows a familiar
phrase I’m a virgin fabulously
okay they die experience points sprays points same
kind of group is last up for 1:30 for everyone they could be the most of it
1:30 I take 1:30 everyone takes 1:30
wait did you you know you get you didn’t get my message for okay Mike end guide’
you tack one that’s dead used to me and everyone gets the 130 oh that I thought
130 130 experience points and this is the house of Louisa moose Christ mission
so oddly enough that you brought them together you get an additional 155 just
tell you okay okay we’re done fighting he’s like I was gonna do that to beat
the hell out of a tree I wish our next-door died hey wait level six level
six it down mm oh my level okay what do you want race what you want to hear I
don’t know there’s so many options we want something you know you want to say
it keeps make something stronger stamina this is six
can I put three on luck on and three on wizardry think of my dad don’t you okay
well there’s some combination say well yeah there’s some that are close up I
think both those as long as they’re ones that you can get half your stat for yeah
okay also to you chose luck and Wizardry yeah
don’t give you that three please yeah actually no guess what what don’t you 6
apiece you’re six level yeah both those are double oh you’re a rogue not a
wizard yeah I’m not three on the wizardry six
on the look okay feel better yeah basically luck you get double
points nice zero but both of them leo
focus to whore him and uh which death was it again strengthen or no look in I
looked and IQ oh I need to adjust that by six to look for your personal ads and
your missile eggs yeah my intelligence for nothing yeah unless you have
intelligence related skills like languages sometimes there are things
they are used for so we’re down to voice um couple things um everyone make a look with my new and
fruits that this should be no problem 30 get all cocky I know I was hoping I
was wrong one of the two purely for the comedic effect to show you 4728 okay 1710 I’d spent it low on that
when you get a chance or the relaxi is soaked you want to fire her I’m not
fight it’s bigger than me and I hate my muscles have degraded terribly hope for
like ecstasy won’t apples that’s dough and you can do sipper level two you do
like it said just 10 points you do 20 points in the next level
okay damn as I review my information see which way I want to break why you do you want snacks like you said
no annoyed yeah well make a quick seven or circle-k
room no I cannot drive in this state okay
what do we have No oh you have snacks dear don’t forget you
have barbecue bites no your chair it’s makeup at my work have these phone calls you
have to see trigger and all the way we would say these words well I lost the
rumors as they pay me on so that grapes for snacks are gross what I don’t like
grapes weird good for you I can’t do it no fruit for you so weird to be like
working at 7-eleven and not being able to little things I used to help thankee I wasn’t sure I’m being copyrighted that
one this was good okay during the break straight somehow Bowser Knox’s got my sock and No I’m trying to figure out what they have
in college myself lost your sorry man I grabbed it from them and I have stitch but – big orchestral version of the game
okay so just dropping in we’re on lunch now get your snacks we’re
out stress
we’ll talk to that people see you prepare her family like stood and so
every time every time so much where I started yeah oh she’s not gonna be here Friday okay well I thanks for quiet she sucks each other
that’s what you know smart go to church I love nothing over here are you doing
some math yes I am mouthing it up my nice Warren thank you so much don’t
worry no earlier today I was no one what you ain’t with Annabel asleep they said to warm it up it’s a new one as you know it’s mine
yeah I did I’m gonna be rebleeding it I said spin all the way as soon as you get
back to where it was how are you gonna tell her and what to
make a noise at me remember in Scott Pilgrim the ex-girlfriend did her hair
blue too she’s got roll me good take your bud okay let’s see what do I got left here
for you guys yeah I’ll get more fine
Oh little puppy no they try not to we don’t do that we still enjoy you might
but we don’t it’s a hell it was a hell it was a Schnauzer it was a Schnauzer
hell hound now sound never live up to north at this many schnauzer
yeah like it says just a tech clean let me know mine snows put that out of you
way you mad at her about her ear schnauzer
okay now that mine in schnauzer I say ah okay and Snelson we will start
with everyone role you see anything just find a role in attack you suddenly start
attacking each other what is this more intelligence
yes scare a perception if you have any skill that’s related to perception or
seeing or hearing okay makes it he went a little over 35 is my name will need to
know could you a an average for human is 11 be a blonde oh you jump around
beaches rather like your bouncy bouncy oh oh my god cheerleader oh me too
because I was one of those kids that like I fixed my little buddy was trying
to grow out it’s still trying I wish you would stop
I want mermaid hair and then this is I get like mermaid hair length oh you’re
going to get nude pictures and I’m gonna cut it like really like seaweed yeah
like like dread nuts yeah but just long enough to cover my like my tits so that
I can take a picture so you are looking down I’m gonna cover your kids with fake
yeah no with real hair put your are no real but never
wool it’s you know you’re clean instead of doing that cut your hair short and
get like a little wig for each one and then so you know Harry boobies I did J
now we’re off on that direction moving back to the death
everyone who rolled over 35 little your hands okay not like that not you always something on a really high shelf they
did that to me on camera on camera they reach a plug to reach you for something
about high style he’s like that up like a KGB or so looks like every side right
if someone straight up not seeing these like raising his hand I couldn’t help it
I’ll show you the video let me get home and they’re gonna see her with me at
least they’re pretty awful I’m sure in the first two parts I think are pretty
good actually yeah I think the third part fell apart because when we were
running out of budget and everything at the time and but we can always do stuff
maybe the ABI I didn’t came up with an idea that maybe the third one didn’t
have them maybe it was a dream me pretending might seem missing half I didn’t have a same face I had a goth
face wait I’m still there yeah uh-oh she’s like God we those people just stop
it no I see you down some okay well that’s what even wheel we talked about
that that’s nobody in the sex hey can sure little mite sure that changes the
radio John stuck your finger in her hole stop that
she has a fascination with belly button really don’t you say that I do
yours that’s true it’s not really hot bellybutton
okay you guys heard a scream few blocks away
I know any that way okay everyone become a fivesome can tell the direction that
everyone hears it but most you can’t like to find the trigger or some of you
can what was that – these – you’re running the other way it’s coming from
there’s a stream and you’re all like obviously something scary’s coming I’m
out of here yeah – you like what are you guys it’s
over here we go what is this scooby-doo come on you’re like I am NOT security
are you super please oh I’m just a pregnant woman in the bar where pregnant
women don’t belong wait there was even a picture for the cameras I know I saw
he’s ahead of not approving it I do not like it I was just looking at this what
I have this them the missions available it’s a clean up stuff and it was woven I
was like okay we’ll do that when we know we’re gonna have to do that that’s a
time issue people watching the watching online uh probably been wondering
besides come on a search demon baby yeah that’s gonna be a good one compared to
legs man okay what are you guys are you guys
attacking your arms you guys head that way yes dollars you get there you get to
a point where it looks like there’s an area where someone’s dug out part of
underneath a wall I’m going I think dug out some bricks I’m going in okay you go
in there Rowland i-66 okay there are six people
in there but they’re dead meat our job is done look around we say
you’re going find traces of anybody else okay um you know you just strip until
just raw for us so it’s 20 or 30 35 again anyone seer can make in total 35
how about 41 well then you made it right where they all have darts stuck in them
the traps crystal Yin um traffic you dug underneath the whoever was these people
decide around they dig up under the wall on yeah dig into this chamber what they
got into it then in this hallway they got shot by darts also in the room you
see a bunch of barrels filled with fetid sludge I thought you said Bettis cheese
and a play like a couple of barrels are broken by the earliest ones like towards
the photos when you first come in once towards the part of the site or proton this sludge is countably this are the
same area well your whole area kind of falls under but it not directly no like
you’re not breaking into the same area this was like an old sewer interesting
you seen what signs on the wall this show Mason Durie trap you know there’s
an area that Mason sees it sealed up dug back into it oh man go out there and see
who’s followed me over I’ll follow you looks I think everyone followed you
you know did she decide not to know I’m in the back of that line for sure every
button okay let’s go I’m following you from back here hey
zap zap non-committal dist yeah and the well you know when we turn on a run I’m
in the front in the front first to get away damsel and the ones always having
the problems yeah I feel like being as small as I am great off the most problem
what do you guys do with this long hallway I’m gonna keep going down okay
make a luck roll hey you start to hear darts firing from the wall Fitz five
okay you made it now you’re over there sneaky
little man with your sword protecting the wall okay just to be sure
okay get down to the end and it opens up into
like a sewer area where there’s a lot of pipes dumping into now like an almost a
like like of slug yeah yeah it stinks pretty bad making it dirt or conrol
back up back up no you leave yep okay you guys I thought this shitstorm
no no paint head now wait I do it you ready go I’m gonna push her in big
addiction I’m gonna push you 25 too late I already wait you know I
push her in yes there’s something moving in the water there right oh yeah it’s
just I’m moving in the water I feel for it
oh my girl where you want to go back to where you were let it go try and seduce
it no I mean once you seduce the demon everything’s brittany’s know by the way
people yes do Evanier do we get cook okay what about cheese
no I heard case of no which is nice right so they arm tentacles come flying
up out of the water seduce it no hey try to give you a hug I’m gonna fight it
tentacle porn you’re like I’m gonna leave wait there’s something big and
scary in there I’m in there I’m small on that back way yeah like I don’t want to
become part of this still of that you stay back in the magical range
I’m not doing anything yeah I know this thing much three big probably doesn’t
work yeah no I’m just chilling cuz I’m starting to run low on my enzymes dawn
standby kind of for joining unless it’s oh I make sure necessary
also some women carry to this no taste everyone watches going you can
just sit here and do nothing for a while we’re mapping and while those two three four five six
is going for a while there okay everyone got numbers it’s you some
teen next would you I’m not doing anything
you’re watching surfers healing got me you’re 60
okay no use that one of my poison arrows okay so it takes the physical attack okay she’s magical heroine do it first
of all you’re gonna need do you make sick a little textbook you get that
afterwards we need but we need working on that yep
Joey she hit it yeah yeah no it’s not the 1:55 but I can’t
buy more okay it’s dead everyone that’s shot at it takes hundred
fifty points hey anyone I want to go jump in the water and me I’m already in
it I’m already in it I want 250 the other one
if I would have hit it yeah 300 to our 320 probably it was only 850 in mark 25
25 you made a second level yo um there’s something stuck in its mouth I’m gonna
eat this beak oh wait what is it so it’s like a rock I want to grab that rock
Trish shiny Rock I want to grab a sign you rock like
member I’m rainbow almost go I fucking love rainbow roll strengths rule well
pregnant woman seeing a super strength down there 27 makes sense it’s a diamond
then a single mom finds a diamond yeah 27 hundreds or 1,000 gold pieces this
works hold on doesn’t go piece of diamond was
stuck in it scroll okay and I guess an additional 150 for everyone may
experience point bonus for finding a way to finish that one okay yep another 150
on top of that oh okay the 150 was due to the strain of combat
but in case usually put a bonus level on it that if you can finish it without
that anyway so if you finish the mission but until you finish you don’t get there
that’s what a lot of these artists once you guys have started before we haven’t
got to the point of finishing them yet um and see you all the others that for that
thing you guys get let’s see everyone rolling
dice six we’ll do it that way sick one by six
all right four one four okay a vanilla high number six do you happen
to get someone at your door again you need to get one of the bigger doors Wow it’s someone that looks like they’re
from a guild you’ve seen the anarchist killed what do you want well first of
all we want to let you know though we have no on a mass you know no evil
towards you guys for getting rid of the vampire lord that had taken over our
place okay firstly we served the minute the Medusa we would have appreciated if
you haven’t killed her though um but that’s not the problem
we said someone approached us for a contract to kill you
who was it the guy that runs the mortuary really doctor no no he’s a guy that owns
top doctor costumes to get that don’t whatever Alondra along just the one that
looks like he’s a vampire but I don’t know that’s custom Elantras the guy who
works at the place new place in mortuaries next to the cemetery the
launchers together run set you ran him and do him a long time ago
apparently he paid some cultists to come and kill you but failed so he brought
the contract came to us and we refused it based on the fact that you’d
eliminated our most our people recently we had a really big scary thanks for the
information they want you to know that they’re not the ones doing it they were
not taking the deal ok so you want to talk to Graham yeah yes what do you do
what do you say no no that uh yeah put a hit out on me and my group well that does what possums the guy in
that place that owns the cemetery but the mortuary next to it is owned by
Alondra yeah he originally hired one group to try to kill and then he then he
tried to hire the anarchist guild and they’re not taking the contract well I
would go check on take them out for a while see what he’s doing you misted
made him upset about something have you been sticking your nose in the air
around there or anything no I wonder if you guys being around the cemetery could
him he’s right there by it he might have something going on that you panicked on
it’s like maybe you do you might want to put the right girl well just in case he
tries going off to the city guards could be but I try not to have to work with as
much not really pleased with people to think
they have a position over top of me Sartre well I’ll get a my group together
and we’ll go and discuss hmm okay keep an eye on him make him nervous he’ll
screw up he seems to be a rather okay um you’ve dealt with him once
remember when that person from the cult come to you wanting to help the old pool
oh yeah yeah the jewellery of the family that was basically sold yeah he was
involved in that you talked to him you don’t know if you was directly you
didn’t find any direct information item to it but he should have known about it
yeah so what is the plan how do you reached you about this I’m just gonna go
lighter this place can’t go show up like inside or outside outside outside you
start hanging around yeah well the rest you guys doing so glowing with you know
spending mass out front whatever they want to do I’m on like a gang of kids up
I know in this case we like a gang of middle-aged people around there
I’m out looking at your building everyone sort of loitering out some of
my supplies totally cough but I think they know the cops are watching my house
they are secret Cubs so how do we look from that side game you could push for
years do you want to tap on someone’s figured see if they can do something
yeah no lucky the screen okay um you guys a
quick thing on that place it’s well you’re the one hanging out there does
anyone elses is anyone else gonna go see what the hell I wanted girls so happy
boys up to I will after I go and reload some of my equipment oh yeah you guys
have time to do that and no actual I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sit on the ground
across the street from his place and just stare you probably found a bench on
the set of Street soonerlater there’s benches here nerds or town on the roads
you don’t really understand how a stakeout works do you go ahead I don’t
care and that’s why I’m a secret cop because people know what I’m doing
secret copies I’m gonna have my big-ass sword let’s just sit there sharpening it
yes like that weirdo across the street sharpening sir okay I think I got it
okay little thing on this place is a quiet sector city sounds a rather small
building sombre and coloration by the cemetery a sign hangs for the front of
this tapestry reads Palace of peaceful repose
Alondra proprietor laundry provides the service most adventurers hope they will
never need such as chemistry find boxes gold boxes you know whatever the hell’d
your ass in the cemetery next door he also takes care of the guards bring the
dead bodies here and he preps the bodies and then they put him in the holes the
people who actually own the cemetery don’t wish to do when you work with it
most of time they just sell the gravestones in the location and that’s
it basically crown pays them a flat amount led to be of this city guard use
it you see every once in a while let’s watch a wagon will show up basically one
that they carry a body in and they’ll you know roll it out that way where Tim
the gravedigger picks it up and he goes out and buries it he works for the
cemetery it’s a couple of coppers for it but most of the places not up kept
that’s what they kind of found out what the vampire situation the place wasn’t
well-kept it’s it’s kind of overgrown here and there but for your guys is poor
part of town in Delton it eyes the only cemetery around used to be a big one
after a while the river of priests come in take up the bodies the you know kind
of like they do in France for barium in catacombs but some say they dump them
into the tower so so if you’re outside waiting magnets on this roll anyone
that’s with you will also run else with you you want to be there I’m there
you’re pregnant no yeah no no something – are you there or not or you just stare
with your eyes closed okay she’s hurt they’re doing this 30 okay well your being there actually adds an
additional thing their intelligence wrong this did detect something but this
is kitchen no no no personally no I got a three we got three no wait I think I
that was like wait there’s a body in that they should like us you know that
you thought it was well known information hey there’s a body in the
back that don’t like it they’re burying bodies out there graveyard
does that go away kid you bother me find the pathi pathi pathi pathi you notice
the beautiful it comes out the body and it goes down explode so what can’t you
share as it goes past the cemetery it just keeps going
what why fuck it you stay here and I’ll be back
okay I’ll stay here okay girl died six fine okay follow our vehicle down there
making it so just rule so you can see where it’s going and not lose it 65 okay
no problem with that I number you find it in it heads over to the nobility
section and goes up to one of the rather ritzy homes and goes up to the gay
entrance and a guy comes out and pays for the body you make intelligence wrong 59 the guy who accepted the they got the
smooth appearing on the screen then I was sitting there
accepting the body for the kids they take the body out of the vehicle took it
over to the entrance and go in with it I mean he just gave the bag hold the end
of a robe of the cult oblivion he goes inside the house like he lives there or
something and uh wagon goes back teledrama drove us by slowly back to
that house like you you follow the way your back will you stand by the place
like crystal you know that her little Libyan friends are there were friends all the bad people know you yeah that’s a Blue Beetle fastest awful
creatures to whom looking at you okay well deep subject oh man he goes
inside and parks the way and not much else happens for the night except for a
couple bodies as normal brought in from people killer go up and knock on the
door okay hey uh I believe yeah
Alexander or Alejandro tall dark light with fellows like polar to his features
it moves about it freely during the day so although suspicions about his being a
vampire have been a lot her laid but he does look like one most the time pale
skinny mostly it up at night but that’s also part of his job teeth are perfectly
white even to smile he has been caught in one situation as far as the police
know about looting dead bodies yeah that were asking you guys are like sitting in
front of guards like I’m catching his body yeah no he’s a dead body searched
in this investigation how much eggs pockets no for clues write
your next card get out of here um he’s very well known first cosmetic
work though he does on bodies um the answer door hello We Need to Talk
do you have more purchases for me to do no I don’t okay quit trying to get it I
mean my perp kill okay I know it was you the anarchist guild came one of the
members of the anarchists killed came to me personally and told me that they did
not accept your contract to kill me and my people so if I get this right a group
whose leta you have recently executed tempt you with information that would
help you and accuse me of doing things we didn’t killed earlier that’s not as
I’d heard from others they work for the police
I might have lured Anarchy the vampire yes that wasn’t their leader well previous that it was the Medusa and I believe that also died in the
invasion the arrest of an execution of their leader but still you’re telling me
they then turn around do something good for you yeah I find it rather suspicious but it is
interesting we can sit down in the dining dining hall and wish to speak
about this No consider yourself warned okay look with me you die I see okay Chris tell you what items out oh hey he
comes up chopping it trees kill you no not yet oh my god stop with the only
thing you just make it and such shapes yes it’s my art style oh my god you and
you Roland wizardry chicks boat once Laura
Fox and Krystal oh yeah or Miranda and crystal yet or Silver Fox interests or
hazel and marina in my watch over here funny you know III come on there what I’m it’s
for your wizardry there’s a drink okay as you come out as in Edo talks to sell
you you tell her we’re gonna go you feel like you’re being watched by from the
direction of the cemetery neat I feel like I’m being watched from the darshan
of the cemetery and silver-fox feels pull in the same direction kind of
intelligence check to see if I say anything sure roll very okay you are then 53 well actually was it on
your wizardry no I mean when I say thank you okay yeah but I also see when you
would see if you can possibly really can do it’s more of a magical thing at first okay uh what you do see is the
gravedigger hitting your gut you kind of jogging towards the entrance from the
cemetery okay he comes out and slams door shut and shaking hands Trezza
locked the door the chains locks it open okay
no no you don’t know what’s in there what’s in there okay I don’t know what’s
in there my my inform the pretty uh I’m gonna go as a private citizen and talk
to retro priests and let them know well accompany you um but at that point
you’re starting to hear noise from inside the cemetery you go to the noise
where you follow him to report the situation I can go with him if you want
to go check it out alright I’ll go with him
no seducing gonna yes recovering magic somewhere that’s not lying I’m not even
high you guys can be so much where would you guys be out getting lunch somewhere
probably that’s like you want Italian okay psyllium cells – yeah I don’t want
to make food for him tonight I’m gonna go eat I think guys so I come back okay read those numbers
like singing remember you’re back to like put Italy put them inside your
square oh you’re drawing future on the square
that’s actually where your picture supposed to go I accidentally drew 3d
cheese there you need cheese what yeah if you look good like to try another
like Joe gets hired about two dimensional cheese yeah it’s cheese all
right it looks like you guys just running in there yep as you guys know
running in there you uh need to make charisma rolls what you’ve done with
those two counts you’re doing and what are you doing doing this – are
you ready hon – screams Monroe yeah hey just tell you yes what are you doing I’m
taking the guy to the place okay just checking
yeah you doing that you’re going with him so you guys have priority because
you guys are here you run in and from about five or six feet in the air and
opening up ears not here agloe if it would be starts a small blow and becomes
bigger charisma charisma yep 10 plus 38 38 39 and 40 41 42 um buddy get here ola 42 okay out of
this sky drops this about 10 foot tall guy blowing in full like uber sized
plate mail even bigger than his plate mail carrying a pole art – it looks
looks humanoid it’s ten feet tall as advances it states that dr. Qasim
your work will end today but I’m not dr. Casas
I have a question for you big guy don’t weren’t you just a picture
yourself attacking already picturing the attack she was three n-no yeah down here
is she with you he or she with you yeah I can’t identify at sexuality of your
species Thanks
does it always just freely speak excuse me dr. garlic first oh no I don’t think
he really cares right now that the Gators back to attacking oh wait it’s the problem well he’s been
fighting he’s been trying to summon back the old towers Nass we stopped that oh I
would imagine you would but why would another one have to come here uh-huh don’t understand which talkin
bout another one what keeper of the storm riders on the store something I’m
missing off at this one who are you talking about
are you not one of the keepers yes you are okay you’re a demon desert hairy
yeah what this is Harry Carter yep I can do I know
oh well dr. Qasim is about to create a gate
within a few days oh I am too dr. Kostin yes I just kill well just let me kill
him we could stop him no I won’t go that’s the way to stop it yes I know my
sword I think you crazy I should sword didn’t come with I give a
sir the sword actually is like that hey you know ended a while ago this is a
sword character you need to bleed drink blood daily period but from an award and
it would have to be like a certain time of the year it’s very chunky involve
alcohol just going to go inside and listen to what this floating guy from
the sky told personally tacos mr. duck face looking quickly not very quickly
really there it is there um you wanna go talk
to dr. Qasim yeah the guy that was the destined date the boyfriend of the lady
you saved me so yes I was you the wacky oasis huh he will see you rocky races
yes yeah a man who owns McKinley cemetery Holloway doesn’t spend any time
running the sempre busy with his own research so yes oh really yes I didn’t
know I was that close to success he’s here to kill you
well that’s not right we have to do now I could that’s why I’m trying to open
the door why to save him from killing me I knew he was coming soon
that’s why I’ve been doing this research so way I can stop him who is he the
creature is coming after me uh-huh the keepers of the eternal storm
wait you caught up with us cuz I’m with the doc I was walking him no you were
with the gravedigger oh okay yep I get those two confused all the
time but just to go with that did you copy the impersonal surgery was really
bad they take you the guy takes you I’m asked you to wait cuz he wants to do
well the guards at first like act friendly that he’s there like oh hi oh
oh oh they grabbed some against the wall act like you something for you they’re
like come with me when they take him to the other room and talk to him okay bye
I got you you’re safe and they tell you to wait there talk to
a little bit and then open door I call you in did you see anything I’ve seen
lots of things you have to get a little bit more specific involving Tim here
there are those who would call me too the gravedigger says that uh there was
some glowing lights appearing in the graveyard that would hit escape oh I
remember those yo-yos though I don’t think I saw those today yeah
remember Maeve no that was the other lesser earlier there’s that one guys
create a light in the backyard that was different some kind actually start with hmm I wasn’t there though
well then so no I don’t know anything about no lights no how okay then
both you guys can just get out of here now okay and back to the others
well it depends it depends oh whoa what something like dizzy spells
ah okay you roll two days six on your intelligence doubles and roll again yet and spacing often cuz I’m breathing in uhm so take what
your old matter what that is a server the six add your intelligence 27 okay while you’re sitting there the
place eating you start hearing someone talking about a but a treasure search
supposedly the Titan underneath the clock tower say source information about
that so you’ll be listening posts or deceiving you more like okay but sound
that they’re talking about that there’s something hidden underneath what you
just run off and do it yourself clock tower there’s on so much
underneath it okay back to dr. Qasim are you when planning to charge me to
deal with this problem well boy this one I could either go to
the priests tell them what you’re up to get you thrown in prison or I could take
or I could get rid of the big guy then guts the writer of priests tell
them what you’re up to can’t you thrown in prison or you could
just stop your shit now I guess I should stop what I’m doing well now have a nice
day that was easy crisis averted should be
another one let the big guy get or hold it in wait did I miss another demon so I walk
out right yes I looked up so he’s all yours okay you guys leave yep okay I have to
go talk to the red-room priests priests okay what do you tell
them dr. Qasim is is going to be opening up the gate a gateway okay there is a
huge being hurry oh that’s a big a beam okay um that’s what’s scaring off the
grid digger the lights you ran out of lights
yeah well like a willow wisp whatever that is in the graveyard right now came
out of those lights sure wasn’t an illusion go look okay
we’ve had someone on site as a fire that’s nice
tell us about the other pretty lights okay um and what would you say the
lights work whatever allows the gatekeepers to come into our world
Peppa knows I mean there’s a portal i below a gate maker yes
okay well check into that can’t miss him it’s but he’s about ten feet tall month
late daddy keeper of the storm keeper of the store
oh they search around to close any gates keep her button yep and that’s what I
cost was doing is well that’s it right just act so I don’t worry about that one
well I don’t bid whatever that thing is to keep it constant is all his okay
nothing really needed your opinion to do so but I understand thank you so we’ll
be looking for a new person tool in the cemetery soon I doubt he’s gonna let him
live no he’s not okay what time do we go 10:41 what are we
gonna call it demon baby well we go one thing one thing here
these guys start looking into something you’re listening to a people talking making another intelligence rule 24 24
24 quick 17 you didn’t hear this but you’re happy you’re smelling you snuck
up hey underneath the table apparently the clock tower sits over the
top of an old entrance to the sewers and the co lots of employers to sell back
when you existed is to buy stuff from crunge they apparently found it in that
sewer but culottes have gone so cool place people used to buy magical items
got killed I so you wish to inform Fermi or any of the actions I’m not joking I
like that too so no what do you tell her everything hazel goes whatever they just said
whatever whatever they what are you I’m just saying it’s your basically been
here that was the impression or trend here they’re talking for a while when guys
older guy missing half his arm to do a mining accident bitterly it was a minor
accident yeah and he uh gets up from the table at the bar next to you guys and
heads off you know leaving the other guys at the bar drinking I’m uncertain
situation cuz they’re not talking anymore right hotel whip it out walked
away we should probably follow the guy that
walked away this is all the arena sing sneak sneak sneak
oh um goes home his wife um when he gets home probably going for me though sure you go
you could go and inform the person for this in the house that you’ve never seen
mom’s gonna get by it killed instantly I say we go for my brother I say we go
and get either get there of course and she’s like sure bring us so here he’s
sharpening his sword again so much blood so little time
see buddy short different light there I’ll show you how it works on you
Thanks right through that arm I called her frosty bitch so frosty
bitch comes oh no my super so your sister shows up but your sister super
bitch to the sister is there death I don’t know but hazel and I were at the
restaurant we heard two guys talking they said something about a treasure
being at the treasure what did you say so go to your visiting the same houses hey
I was showing everyone the sword again I tell you about my new sir let me show
you some of its finer features not again 800 secret power look at this I can use
it to open ball caps can’t close them though again okay so
what’s your plans if like me when I was in Seattle I went down to all the
churches after a demon LSD and I know stuff and there was this big old cross
there is actually well the other guys says they lost their Jew oh my god they lost their Jew hey they lost their
Jesus off of the cross so therefore they lost their Jew they had a cross without
you oh I hate it when I lose my Jew What’s Wrong bill well every time I go
Jesus Christ not a kid there it is this one crunches clock tower top a
patch a high ground near the center of this area of town stanza ting mat ending
Matic clock tower ancient structure weather-worn stone is the pride of the
city frit and alone it marks the passage of intangible near magic thing known as
time the clock tower is a massive structures close to hundred feet tall
enormous brass Gong X with the image of serpents following its tail sits upon
the top of the tower well now that we are that
it’s all nice we think so yep okay that was a good cliffhanger hey
everyone we will see you and don’t forget to smash that like button

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