Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen!

So this thing caught my attention. I saw it, I think, floating around Amazon It’s called the Touchjet Pond. It is a touch projector Try to formulate what you think that means. Essentially, the projected screen is touchable with this pen right here. So as you might expect you’re playing Fruit Ninja with a pen on a giant… It’s… It’s bizarre. It’s cool though. It’s got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI so there’s a number of different ways to interface with it. They’re using it to uhh well… I guess… spice up their dad’s look there as you could tell Thats the same guy, I think they used the same guy with his family as they did with the annual report Shes crossing out the results though, I don’t know if that’s good for him maybe hes not going to get that christmas bonus Okay, lets open it up and see how this thing works I’m excited to touch a projection screen ooh it all fits into this carrying case here Whoa, that is smaller than I expected it to be Look at that So you’ve got some controls on the side here, a tripod mount on the bottom. It also looks like a little camera there. Maybe thats how it maps you’re input with the pen USB input, HDMI, Audio out, and DC in There is a.. That’s mini HDMI I think To full size HDMI adapter If I wanted to put a full sized HDMI source in there like a laptop Or.. A game console something like that, I could do so Heres some batteries right here.. Ah, for the pens. Ooh! those are substantial, that’s a hefty pen right there Kinda like a cigar over here This part screws out and batteries go in there as well. And it looks like there’s one more cable here Micro USB to Female USB Like a USB Thumbdrive maybe? That has files on it? Video files? Something you wanna access over that port I’m gonna get this baby rigged up now Dim a few lights and see what were working with. So I’ve got it rigged up there I’m sort of shooting it down onto the table here now I do have a piece of ‘Bristol’ board here as well Just to cut down on the glare a little bit. The crazy part is this pen becomes your input. Its really like having a giant Android tablet, or phone You see I can like scroll through like that. Back out of here I’ve got a you know complete interface This isn’t as big as it could possibly get either right What happens for Keying something in, Its a giant touch screen essentially So I could be like U-N-B-O-X.. Therapy Heres a recent video And exactly like using the app on you’re phone you can get rid of it like that Now the nub it clicks down Like this and the click actually acts as the tap *screen goes mental* It’s gonna try and sense the location of it, map it, using the camera on the device to register that click The other thing is that it has a built in battery, so if you wanted to do like… a movie night Take it into the backyard broadcast it on the back of your house See this is actually how you calibrate the pen in there. Tap down hold, tap down hold. This is the true test right now OH BOY! BOOM! WOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WOO! Thats cool, right? Wow, that is such a strange sensation Its really like drawing right on you’re table, but digitally Uh oh… Jacks got a tail *maniacal laughter* There you go, you can become an artist *maniacal laughter*


  1. Oh My god. The way u play fruit ninja….horrid. And the multi strike fruit….ugh…lew….why do u make me do it to u

  2. In schools here in New York, I don't know about other places, they use similar things in class called "smart boards"…

  3. When I was in high school (almost 10 years ago now) we had smart boards which works exactly the same way but MAN, the machine was HUGE! This is tiny! Crazy to see how far that piece of technology has come!

  4. That’s basically Johnny lee interactive white board look it up that technology is from like 8 years ago

  5. slightly triggered at the fact that he didn't go crazy on the pomegranate – am I the only one who literally stands up to swipe as fast as I can when that appears 😂

  6. This is a good idea, but it needs more power.. the screen is already dim at a few feet from your table, there is no way you're projecting anything unto your house.

  7. there is some things i believe and doing without explain because of God so i can explain but i dont explained because i believe in God

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