Tuscaloosa New Patient Orientation Patient Advocate

♪ Music ♪ Hello, I am Susan Higgins and
welcome to the Tuscaloosa
VA Medical Center Today I would like to tell you
about the Patient Advocate
office and the services they provide. Patient Advocates are here to
assist all Veterans with
questions and concerns with your healthcare or if you
have a concern, complaint or
compliment about about the customer service
provided by employees. A Patient Advocate is your
liaison between you and your
healthcare experience and we are here to help walk
you through the process and help you understand or
solve issues that may arise
during or after your visit. Patient Advocates are VA
employees who are specifically
here to manage the feedback
from the community we serve, and work directly with VA
management and
employees to resolve issues. We strive to provide the best
care possible in a courteous
and efficient manner, if a problem does arise during
your hospital visit or hospital
stay, we encourage you to share
this with a member of your
treatment team. The Tuscaloosa VA has Service
Line Advocates or SLA’s in all the outpatient and
inpatient departments, When you need assistance, you
may ask any employee to help
you locate the SLA. The purpose of the SLA is to
help solve your issue or
complaint and the lowest level quickly and efficiently. If
you feel that your issue was
not resolved then you can take it to your
Patient Advocate office. Every employee at the
Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center plays a very important role in
providing great customer service and provides the best health
care to our Veterans who have sacrificed so much for
this great country of ours. Please do not hesitate to Call
205_554_2957 or come by bldg. 135,
room G_56 to see your
Patient Advocate. Thank you for choosing the
Tuscaloosa VA as your
healthcare provider and Thank you for your service. ♪♪ Music ♪♪

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