Two Things Recovery Month

Sarah I am so glad we’re here to
celebrate the beginning of Recovery Month. Can you tell us just a little bit about what that’s all about? Sure, Recovery Month is a national
effort to really recognize the fact that people with substance use disorder recover. In fact, most people recover. There are more than 24 million people living in long term recovery in this country. And we in the health care system often only see the people that we perceive to still be sick. We don’t see that message of hope and recovery. And so we honor that and celebrate that at this event but we also use it as an opportunity to highlight the areas we’re working on at Mass General and the areas where we still have more work to do. and I know this is like our fourth one, and what is the focus this year on Recovery Month in those areas? So this year we wanted to focus on racial inequity which is playing out in the ongoing drug overdose crisis, and also on how policies towards people who use drugs impact the vast racial disparities and mass incarceration. Fantastic. Well you do unbelievable work, we’re so lucky to have you leading this initiative, and we look forward to many
more great steps from you. Thank you so much.

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