Tyler Metroff: Occupational Therapy at Clarkson University

[MAN]: I was originally
working at a hospital, in a cubicle nine-to-five, you know, new graduate, exercise science … You know, I was expecting to get more hands-on, working with the clients, and I really wasn’t getting that
face-to-face interaction with the clients. I went through the phone interview
process with Clarkson, and the school itself seemed
more organic. A lot of the schools that I talked to were a more kind of robotic feel to it. So it just kind of felt like the professors wanted me here. Love the Adirondack area, definitely an outdoorsy kind of person, so I think it was more of just a good fit. Things felt right when I was interviewing, and I just kind of went
with my gut feeling. And having a small class size gives you more that one-on-one interaction. And not to mention we have
an amazing simulation lab. So I think it was just kind of
a combination of just kind of feeling like I wanted — they wanted me here as much as
I wanted to be here, so it’s kind of a reciprocal, you know, kind of relationship, and you know, just kind of felt excited. It felt right. I’m actually working with four
engineers for my capstone right now. We’re designing a lift to be able
to help an individual as far as getting into and out of her kayak, from her kayak to her wheelchair. So I think there’s about three or four of us right now, working with engineers, so you kind of get this defying
convention from Clarkson, right? So I mean you’re working with
these engineering students, you’re working with these
different disciplinaries that you wouldn’t normally see
in other universities. So it puts a kind of cool twist to it, because it’s different, but it’s it’s fun because you get to kind of see
the other side of things, how their how their minds work and kind of being able to put it
together is pretty exciting. If I were to go back and during my process of choosing schools, I’m 100% happy with choosing Clarkson. For being a new and small program, it has a lot to offer. Just with the facilities, the professors, kind of what I was saying earlier — you really feel like they want
you to succeed and they’re providing those
resources for you to, so, you know, going in to my level twos, I have no doubt that I’ve been equipped as much as I can before I’m kind of thrown out into it, but yeah, so it’s exciting!

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