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hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'm back with another video as you can tell I'm back home no longer in my dorm room I just finished my first semester at nursing school so hopefully I should have a few more videos coming up for you after this one but um I just wanted to put on this video which is kind of like half clinical day hab skills lab day so my skills labs we're at the first half of my semester and my clinicals were in the second half so this is kind of like a combination of both it's gonna be kind of short because I wasn't able to get a whole lot of film just because first semester trying to figure out what I could film what I couldn't and then trying to make sure that I was staying on top of things at the same time since school is the priority here so I hope you guys still enjoy it and that it gives you a little bit of a sneak peek as to like what clinicals looks like for normal nursing student so I hope you like it it's a little choppy just because I didn't get everything all together but I hope you still enjoy it so leave a comment in the description box below too if you want to say any other kind of videos hope you enjoy so I had my first day in nursing school yesterday but I was a little scared a long time school with me but today's my second game I'm just gonna treat it like it's my first day and take you guys along on my journey there's some school so yesterday I had health assessment lecture and lab although the lab kind of was like a lecture and today I have our ecology from 9:00 to 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. so it's been really long I've got my coffee if you can read that behind every successful person is a whole lot of copy is so true so yeah basically all I have is pharmacology today today but pharmacology is one of the toughest classes in your first semester not to med-surg if you take med surg to you but I'm just gonna kind of bring you guys along my journey and I take lecture notes and what to expect for the blast everybody's class and teachers obviously gonna be different but I'm gonna give you as many tips and things as I can from my own experience and just kind of give you guys an idea of what to expect enjoy today's vlog okay so just got our pharmacology it was three hours not four hours and I can definitely say it was very overwhelming if you're a nursing school already learned all about ACE inhibitors and beta blockers so you can get over it over and over again so long class kind of overwhelmed gotta have a lot to study tonight but I enjoyed the topic I enjoyed the teacher and when I pieced together my notes and the handouts that I got custody and the powerpoints and stuff I'll show you guys how I'm going to organize my notes and basically how I'm going to start studying and we'll see how it works out and if I need to change anything so you guys would just be along for the ride I may have stayed up kind of last night after my foundations test I should have sat down did a paper and watch the video for my glucose comp which is what I'm using right now today because we comp on glucose and fully catheters but did I practice or study for either no I hung out with some friends and went straight to bed so I'm catching up on that now it is currently 5:45 in the morning because I have skills today 7 and I have that to watch a video so got mice cups on full-view liter yeah little nervous it's kind of foggy this morning and there were a few crazy people on the road by I am safe in here a little more nervous now that I'm here also it's awful at night and it's not that bright out I promise um but I am a little bit more nervous but now that I'm here for less nervous cuz you never know a lot of times they say you need to shop to clinicals like at least 20 minutes early and give yourself enough time because if you don't get to your clinical day on time or a little bit early they will not let you in so I always try to give myself enough time especially because I have train tracks on the road here so I never want to get stopped by train by any chance um yeah get here no problems um it'll start at 8:00 so I still have about 45 minutes until I start um but I'm gonna go ahead and get in and make sure that I know where I'm going which is always a smart idea yeah I'll let you know how cast [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

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  1. Awesome video! I would love to see a video on how you study and a what’s in my backpack video. Your classmates and teacher are hilarious 😁

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