U.S. Air Force: Capt Chauncey Tarrant, Resident Physician

I am Captain Chauncey Tarrant and I am
an Air Force pediatric resident physician at San Antonio Military
Medical Center. Growing up as a daughter of an active duty member, I always wanted
to be able to serve that same population that served me as a child and I was in
the very beginning of my first year of medical school and I came across the
Health Professions scholarship program, which offers funding for students and
turn, you serve in the United States Air Force afterwards. It’s an awesome
opportunity just because it provides not only the funding for your tuition while
you’re enrolled in school but while in school, you know you don’t have to worry
about how you’re gonna pay your bills, you get an additional stipend. After that,
everything kind of took off. I went to training the summer after my first year
of medical school and following that completed my next three years and when I
graduated got selected to come to the San Antonio Military Medical Center for
training and pediatric residency. The kids that we get to serve in our
population are some of the most amazing kids you can find anywhere. They are the
sons and the daughters of active duty United States Air Force members. Some are
deployed, some are at home with them and they just say the most amazing things
in exam rooms and we get to just kind of laugh and nurse them back to health
when they’re sick and when they’re just coming for a routine visit, you know, we
kind of get to become a part of their lives as they grow up which is an
awesome feeling. We get a lot of career development while we’re here. We are
constantly doing conferences, going to meetings, just to make sure that we
continue to grow as physicians and as pediatricians because any
physician knows I mean it’s just a lifelong learning experience and the Air
Force really allows for us to do that. I think joining the Air Force was a big
turning point in my life. I had done leadership roles while I was studying
for my undergraduate degree at a civilian university but I think the Air
Force helps you to further develop some of those skills. Being able to become
more of a leader, being able to be more aggressive about pursuing my
professional goals. Being in the United States Air Force as a physician is
awesome. Our coworkers are just amazing people and the type of kind of
brotherhood and sisterhood that exists in the United States Air Force I think
is very unique and different from anything else that you can be a part of.

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  1. Still..I would not want to risk terrorist knowing I’m in a government force, just because I value my life in a emergency.

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