U.S. Air Force: Capt Paul Fernandes, Internal Medicine Physician

When I was a kid, my uncle went into a
coma, so my father at the time was a resident in internal medicine and he’s
actually the one who helped discover what was wrong with him. That’s what got
me inspired to be a Doctor. I’m Captain Paul Fernandes and I’m a
Doctor in the United States Air Force. I specialize in internal medicine. When a
patient comes in, they’re not really sure what’s wrong with them, we’re the ones who sit down and figure it out. We have to rule out: Is it cardiac? Is it GI? Is it
pulmonary? And then we try to put the pieces together, figure out what’s going
on with them. So, I went to civilian college, civilian medical school. While was there I enrolled and was accepted into the Health Professions Scholarship
Program. My second year of medical school I went to Commissioned Officer Training
School and received distinguished graduate, and that’s when I really knew
this was the right path for me. I really liked Commissioned Officer Training
School because up until that point I feel like I had been kind of an
introverted person and this was a place where your accomplishments really spoke
for you. And then after that, I did residency at University of Mississippi.
Now I’m here at Langley Air Force Base as an active-duty Physician. So being an
Airman to me is something very special. Every time I pass the runway on my way
into or out of the gate I think about the long road it took to get me here. And
now I get to do the two things I love: practice medicine and be around jets.

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