U.S. Air Force: Capt Tiffany Winston, Emergency Medicine Physician

I have a symbiotic relationship with the
Air Force. They were able to provide me with the medical training I needed to
become an Emergency Medicine Physician and achieve my goals. And in turn, I serve
them and the military members. I’m an Emergency Medicine Physician here at
Langley Emergency Department. Emergency medicine falls under a primary care
specialty so we have a broad knowledge of medicine. We are sometimes under time constraints, we don’t have as much information, so we have to be able to
assess the patient and then quickly evaluate them and stabilize them. I can take care of things as minor as a cold or a cut, to big things such as a heart attack or those that are injured out in theater.
My job and my overall goal is to take care, evaluate, treat the service members
that are out there sacrificing and serving us, so that they can get back to
their job and complete the mission. To be an Emergency Medicine Physician you go to four years of medical school
and then you do three years of residency training. So I was introduced to the
military through the Health Professions Scholarship Program. I was at a pre-medical society meeting and a recruiter came and informed us about the program, which peaked my interest knowing that I could have a way to pay for school. And I
decided that it would be a great opportunity to help me achieve my goals.
I grew up in a single family home, my mother was actually diagnosed with HIV
when she was pregnant with me, so growing up with her, I was actually taking care
of her a little bit more and I had to take care of myself as a child just kind
of doing homework, getting to school. And I think all that has kind of led me to
where I am today–it’s kind of give me to drive, the perseverance, the
determination to achieve my goals.


  1. My dream is to become an er physician. I can't decide whether to go navy or air force. Any advice? Also I am a 14 year old female with scoliosis and wear a scoliosis brace. Can I still enter the Navy or Air Force?

  2. After our service back to the air force, do we have to remain in the air force? I'm worried because I'm thinking of things like taking care of my family and seeing my loved ones and what not

  3. She was one of the Drs I worked with when I was a volunteer. She is a phenomenal Physician and a very good person

  4. Nice video Ms. Tiffany. The military is a great place to advance someone's education.
    I am proud of you for continuing to pursue your childhood dream of becoming a respected Physician. Can you work on a cure for Cystic Fibrosis?

  5. Can I do my residency in the Air force while doing payback for using the HPSP to get through med school? I want to specialize in obgyn or urology.

  6. What medical jobs does the Air Force have that require you to work in a hospital with no college degree ? I looked at your website but I didn’t see too many medical jobs for people with no degrees. I’m interested in a career in the air force similar to hospital corpsman in the navy .

  7. So the way I interpret is that the Air Force will put you into medical school for free as long as you do so many years with them by helping treat wounded service men/woman?

  8. Once in residency, do you get paid through the military or from whatever hospital you’re doing you’re residency training at?

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