U.S. Air Force: Life as an Air Force Physician

Practicing medicine in the United
States Air Force is very rewarding. You’re taking care of a very special
population of people who have served their country or are family members of
people who have served their country. For me, the most interesting part about this
job is not necessarily what happens in the clinic but it’s the extra duties
that are what excite me. For example, I went on a humanitarian mission, a
two-week mission to the Dominican Republic. You’re doing something that’s far
outside the spectrum of just the clinical work and that excites me. So one
thing they do as a flight surgeon is they put us in the jet. I mean what other
job can you say you get to go fly in a jet once a week? Do barrel rolls and
aileron rolls? In the civilian sector, many times there’s a gigantic insurance
company or an HMO that that dictates patient care, but in the Air Force I can
take care of my patients the way I want to. So if there is a test that the
patient needs, it doesn’t really matter how expensive, I get the test. The Air
Force is completely on the cutting edge of technology. We have the latest imaging
technology for radiology, the latest technology for surgical procedures. I
take a lot of pride being a physician in the Air Force and it’s been an
outstanding opportunity and experience to be a part of a team who’s treating
patients but also carrying out a bigger mission.

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