U.S. Air Force: Lt Col Jon Johnson, Physician

I went to the Air Force Academy and
after that, I went to the Uniformed Services University of the Health
Sciences, where I got my medical degree. Got a residency in Family Practice and
then after completing a master’s in public health, I went to another
residency in aerospace medicine and then got a residency in occupational medicine
as well. I’ve got a lot of education. I’ve paid for none of it. So whether you’re
going for medical school, whether you’re going for your first residency, your
second, third residency, those opportunities are there for you and
that’s one thing about the Air Force: you get the exposure. Did I know that I
wanted to do occupational medicine? No, but when I became a flight surgeon
and started doing it, I said that’s an area that I was interested in. There’s lots of
opportunities out there for more education if you want it and they’re
willing to let you do it. My first flight is what made me fall in
love with flight medicine. We took off as a four ship, four F-15 Eagles. Pointy little
fighters, fast little sweet rides, and went up and watched a whole exercise at
Red Flag, our premiere operation exercise. We had B-1 bombers coming through for
the strike, we had the eight whacks up in the air coordinating everything, we had
helicopters doing search and rescue to rescue folks. When it was all said and
done, we flew back in as a four ship, right when the sun’s setting, they all hit
afterburners, which is, you know, where they burn extra fuel and it lights him
on fire to go fast, very fast, and it lit the sky up. There’s nothing more
beautiful and I knew I was in heaven.

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