U.S. Air Force: Maj Paul Puchta, Physician

I grew up in Warsaw, Poland, continued
through medical studies while working in laparoscopic surgery. I was offered
a research position in the United States. After 9/11, the Air Force was looking
for foreign-born physicians to fill up international health positions. Where at
that time we’re building coalitions with our Eastern European partners. I
interviewed for that position and came to the Air Force. While building
coalitions we are trying to raise the standard of health for our coalition
partners. We help them by building public health, making sure that their facilities
are better equipped and the personnel working in hospitals is better trained. In my service in the Air Force, I have been as far east as Kazakhstan supporting
International Space Station missions and as far south in Africa as Tanzania and
all over Eastern and Central Europe. With humanitarian missions, we’ll bring a team that will educate the doctors, we’ll bring a team who will try to procure
medications locally so we will use our fans to teach doctors, we’ll use a fans to
procure medications. I had a blast working in the Air Force, in medical treatment facilities as a surgical resident and in the staff positions as
an International Health Specialist and now back into my clinical realm of
serving flyers. My goal is to stay the full 20 years. There are more
opportunities to advance your career in the Air Force. Physicians can go through
language training, medical readiness courses, deployment courses, public health, military advancement. It’s not only strictly medical courses that Air Force
physicians are limited to. And the most important part, it’s paid by the Air
Force, it’s not out of a pocket money that we have to supply. I’d like to go
into residency in the aerospace medicine. It’s a three-year program here at Wright-Patterson. So the first year it’s
Masters in Public Health and then two following years a clinical occupational
or aerospace medicine. You have to realize that not everybody gets accepted,
they have to have certain values and qualities to join the Air Force.
That’s pretty important. I’m very proud and honored being raised in Eastern
Europe and having the opportunity to serve in the US Air Force is great
privilege and honor for me and my family. My name is Paul Puchta. I’m a flight
surgeon with the United States Air Force and I’m from Warsaw, Poland.

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