UAlbany Outcomes: Matthew Curran ’13/’14

UAlbany really stood out to me. There was tons of opportunity. I found something that I was interested in and that I had a passion for. My name is Matt Curran. I graduated in 2014 I currently work at the division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and we work on a number of projects one of which is the County Emergency Preparedness Assessment. We’re able to kind of analyze statewide trends from a capability and hazards standpoint. From a pretty early point in my UAlbany career, I was really interested in public policy, political science. During my senior year I was accepted into the Washington semester program. And I was able to land an internship with Congressman Peter King. I was able to sit-in on the Joint Chiefs of Staff hearing to the Armed Services Committee or Secretary Napolitano was briefing a committee on TSA. Just to be able to be surrounded by those people and hear their lines of questioning and their way of thinking really kind of helped to open my mind up and then when I was able to come back to UAlbany for grad school, I concentrated on Homeland Security. That’s what college is about, is finding yourself but you won’t be able to do that until you break out of your shell and experience the opportunities that UAlbany truly has.

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