UBC Medicine Admissions Video 2017

Hey, there’s so much that I have been through Study too much and that’s an issue But I’m okay Hey, I worked so hard just to get here But now I’m gonna do it again It overtakes my heart Came to the city to follow my star and Four years med school Eating my granola from a mason jar and I Can’t stop No, I I Won’t stop So open your umbrella Time to brush up on our yoga In our Lululemon pants With our Starbucks in our hands Follow me around the Seawall Let me listen to the rain Think the sky is looking softer We’re just hoping for an offer We’re just hoping for an offer Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped turned upside-down And I’d like to take a minute so listen to me About how I got med at UBC * Beatbox * In British Columbia born and raised I showed up to the interview praying for days Hyperventin’ and perfusin’ trying to look cool And readin’ out the novel they want me to review When I walked into the room, thought I was doing so good Shaking hands and labeling the best I could Started on the prompt, then I got scared Do I remember the difference between beneficence and what’s fair? Second station, yo this is great Got the prompt served up like it’s on a plate Scholar, communicator, real nice flows Seven minutes of me spitting those CanMEDs roles Like Jeeter, I’m a leader, I’m all about that I’m an advocate for you, I’ll go up to bat Done the MMI, thought it went well I’m compassionate and ethical, I’m sure they could tell I left LSC I was finally done To ruminate for months on Premed 101 Then May came along, almost jumped out of my skin Couldn’t believe it – UBC I got in! I pulled up to the LSC at quarter to 8 And I yelled to my mom “Yo holmes smell you later!” I felt so excited, this had happened to me Gonna get myself a UBC MD * Dream sequence * I got this X-Ray of someone’s bones This goes electric, wavey when I turn it on All through the clinics, all through the wards We’re pulling all night shifts and staying up ’til dawn ‘Cause I got that steth tucked in my pocket Ten new patients on my sheet You are febrile with myalgia and a cough FLU! Please don’t take your eyes up off it, moving pathologically Spinal reflex while we knock it Could you stop? Remember those nights when studying SOAPs We learned our FIFE now we’re getting up close When you move, well I already know Your diagnosis Diagnosis Nothing I can see but your diaphragm-phragm-phragm Maybe let’s request an echocardiogram-gram-gram All those things I do with my healing hands-hands-hands And ain’t nobody leaving soon so keep dancing I can’t stop the healing So just dance dance dance I can’t stop the healing So just dance, dance, dance, dance Got this feeling in my body Can’t stop the healing Got this feeling in my body Can’t stop the healing Got this feeling in my body We’re all here We made it into med school treating patients It’s all in history taking It’s pass fail We can finally learn and take the courses we don’t need to ace ‘Cause baby if we built a med school It would be just like the LSC ‘Cause UBC is something special West coast life is simply like a dream Baby you’ll be new med students Come on, come along with us Four sites in this beautiful province Distributed proudly Too busy CBL preppin’ to get knocked off our feet Baby you’ll be new med students The best place is U-B-C So come inside the LSC The best place is UBC


  1. nice video …. and I wana ask how many seats are available for MSc in pharmacy at ubc .. and even the tuition fees for international students..

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