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students in UCD are encouraged to go and scrub up to assist at operations to come and see how actual operations are done and indeed in the maternity hospitals to assist with deliveries of babies doctors have this remarkable trust from their patients but it's very important that young doctors understand the responsibility that goes with that we want to not just train medical students we want them graduates who diagnose and treat disease but can also understand that scientific process so they can further develop new treatments and new diagnostic tests so medicine is indeed a broad church always think of family doctor our students think of things they see on TV shows but in fact medicine offers a huge amount of opportunities students they voted to give something back to return something to society is both broad and diverse so it makes it a very effective option in the long run for people when they first come to the hospital they will spend a lot of time in the wards and they will spend time with patients students and examine patients on wards under supervision of more senior doctors and under supervision of consultants and they take part in all of the team-based activities that take place on the wards theatres at least 400 clinical educators across the country and educating our students at any particular point in time as they move on through their clinical education when they're skilled up to a certain point they're then ready to deal with real patients in real-life situations and that's very important it's very difficult to learn medicine from a textbook you need a patient from you need a teacher we have only really reduced the mortality rate of cancer by about 5% so we believe within the School of Medicine at the science that we need to train scientists at the interface of science and medicine so that these people can more efficiently bring ideas from the bench into the clinic but we're now moving into the molecular age we now need to understand what are the genetics behind it what is the molecular mechanisms behind it because we shouldn't just be treating a man with prostate cancer in a specific way every person is different all lecturers have active research programs and ongoing within the Conway Institute and within our teaching hospitals so they are teaching students the latest cutting-edge technology and findings that are going on within the area of medicine and biomedicine your first module in stage four might be six-week immersion in medicine during which time you will be in one of the major acute hospitals seeing people come in through the A&E department and following through them through their journey through the hospital to the point of discharge so we make sure before you arrive on the wards at the junior doctor that you know for example how to prescribe drugs how to organize a bed how to take blood from the patient so all of those procedural skills are again taught in a very safe environment until the point that you're comfortable that you can do them so that when you're in the real world environment and these types of things are second nature to you it's great for having young energetic enthusiastic medical students who come in very very bright intelligent young people they get to work with clinicians understand and see patients get samples from patients bring them into the laboratory do research on them so you see dia has an excellent foundation of lecturers and research facilities whereby we can really teach them the cutting-edge aspects of the basic principle in isms like which disease occurs the rewards in terms of personal professional satisfaction can be tremendous the ability to give something back to your society and there is so much diversity within the profession most people can find something that they really like and are happy that 30 years later that they made the right career choice


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