UChicago Medicine Day of Service and Reflection 2018

UChicago Medicine staff, family,
and friends gave a shout out, then they were ready to
go serve their community. Hundreds of volunteers gathered
for the 16th annual Day of Service and Reflection. The event has grown
over the years. 32 people signed up
for the original Day of Service and Reflection. This year, more than 10 times
that number participated. We get caught up in our
work, our day-to-day work, what we do normally. And this is not that. This is giving back to
the community in a way that– it’s about
being human beings, and serving in a way that’s
just– it’s not about how you earn your day-to-day pay. Community gardens,
daycare centers, churches, and other South Side
agencies were helped. We need more
servant leaders, who you may be a doctor by trade,
but you’re also a servant. And so to take their
hands, and to bring them to work in this
corridor in Englewood, you have put a smile not on
our faces, but in our hearts. One organization was the Theace
Goldsberry Community House. Their mission includes
helping young women in the Englewood community. The house had kitchen
cabinets donated, but the cabinets
needed staining, and that was accomplished by
the UChicago Medicine team. And as you can see, we
have many expert workers over here, who are doing
an outstanding job. It looks much better than
it did when we started. And this is going to transform
the usefulness of this kitchen for the young women who take
advantage of the programming here. Many of the organizations
needed help outdoors with planting, weeding,
and beautifying. Community gardens are a
growing part of the South Side landscape, and are a valuable
asset to local residents. And a lot of our
seniors don’t have cars to go to the grocery store. So that’s a 4 and 1/2
mile walk, round trip walk, to put a bell
pepper on their table. The effort by these volunteers
illustrates their work as servant leaders. And the work performed by
the agencies who are helped is inspirational. Often, they have to
accomplish their mission with limited resources,
while having an impact far beyond what their
resources should allow. Once again, we are blessed
to be able to have you all come and stand alongside us to
show these children that they are special, they are loved,
and they do deserve the best. At the end of the
day, volunteers were tired but happy. They know they helped make
their community better through their efforts. They also learned
something in the process. I loved it because we went
to a lot of different places in the community. And it was real educational
because some of these places, you didn’t even know
that they existed until you came to this event. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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