UConn Health Minute: Teen Mood Disorders

Mood disorders in the teen and adolescent
population is a big deal, and a mood disorder can be either depression,
anxiety, bipolar disorder. One in three kids are going to be suffering from this.
Signs and symptoms for parents to look for a two-week span at a time, when
they’ve had little or no interest or pleasure in doing the things that they
normally like to do, and if their mood has changed. Is their concentration worse?
Are they having trouble in school? Are they having feelings of guilt,
worthlessness? Any sort of transition: back to school, a move, divorce, marriage, a
birth of a child, all those transitions can sort of bring out a mood disorder.
Some kids don’t know how to verbalize their emotions well so they’ll start to
complain of a headache, belly pain. Patients who have had a
concussion in sports or car accident are also at a higher risk of anxiety or
depression. So it’s good to stay keyed in to what’s happening with your kid and
your teen. Ask the question, and when you ask the question that’s when you’re
going to find an answer.

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