UF Health Community and Family Medicine – Jacksonville

Oh My name is Jude Allah Haddad likley, and I’m the medical director for University of Florida Community Health Center I’ve been here for 20 years at the University of Florida and I have patients that I delivered and now they are adults so it’s nice to be part of their life and see Improvements are not improved but how they grow together with me We are located in beautiful downtown district of Jacksonville, Florida And we are close that we can also serve the areas of San Marco Riverside and the Northside We are the biggest primary care clinic on campus. So we are located at UF health a hospital campus My job I like the interaction that I have with my patients It makes me feel very very good when I see somebody sick and see them improve after the treatment We provide multiple medical services we want to specialize on your preventative care, but we can also take care of all your medical needs We have a great team of providers including medical doctors nurse practitioners We have psychologists pharmacists and our medical assistant and awesomer service Representative are here to help take care of all your medical needs We have a great group of staff they really work well together We don’t have like a front office or a back office. It’s all one office So if a medical assistant has to help register in the front, they are ready and able to do so We look forward here at community health to serving you and be part of your health and healthy living You You

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