UF Pediatric Residency Program – Medical Education Track

The medical education track has kind of two
big pillars in it. We focus on courses with in the College of
Education and we also have hands-on teaching component with the fourth year medical students. You'll be a big part of teaching in the Department
of Pediatrics, but also in the College of Medicine. You actually wind up helping us run one of
the fourth year electives for the students in pediatrics. We do a pediatric boot camp training for them
so it's about a two week course for the medical students and us residents that are in that
medical education track participate in the different components of their course. So we help teach them radiology, we show them
how to do different procedures, we help teach them do a proper history and physical exam. Kind of all the different things that are
more geared towards pediatrics versus the medical school training where it is kind of
everything is the big aspect. For the medical education track you will also
take classes. They actually pay for you to take four classes
at the University of Florida Department of Education. And these are graduate classes, so with other
graduate students who are getting a Master's or Ph.D. in education. And the classes are primarily online which
works great because then you are not trying to have to go a class why you are busy working,
so you can do it at home. I feel like the tracks at the University of
Florida were a big factor in to why I wanted to come here for residency. I thought that was a really unique program
they have here. I didn't really see that at any other residency
programs where you could actually take classes through the department of education and make
it a third of the way through your Master's so that was really something that drew me

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