Ultrasound Guided Abscess Drainage (Medical Education & Training)

today we'll be doing a review of Office on basics here and we have the new SonoSite machine first things first you want to get some protective equipment on definitely some gloves and the next thing you want to do is you want to make sure wipe the Machine down with the sanding cloth these are germicidal disposable cloths means specifically for the ultrasound machine with the red top and then here we're gonna start going into some of the learning we'll start with the female pelvic ultrasound and we'll move in through some of the more ICU acute care stuff and more into the ob/gyn and the musculoskeletal with anesthesiology at the end enjoy the review a linear array transducer with a superficial venous exam type is used to perform an ultrasound guided drainage of an abscess the transducer is placed in a longitudinal direction over the area of tenderness or fluctuates with the orientation marker directed toward the patient's head it is helpful to have a generous amount of gel on the transducer face to decrease transducer pressure and pain with the examination the depth and extent of the abscess cavity is determined by scanning the cavity in a left-to-right Direction septation of the abscess cavity should be determined as it is important to free these areas during the drainage procedure for optimal results the superior and inferior extent of the abscess cavity can be determined by moving the transducer in a superior to inferior direction the drainage incision should be planned at an area where the abscess cavity is most superficial and likely to promote dependent drainage

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