UND Physician Assistant Program Promo

Our mission is to educate PAs that will
serve in a rural or underserved area in a primary care setting. Our curriculum is
focused on primary care. You have any history of any heart problems? The first
two semesters are completely online through our distance education those
students are at home during that period. You’re able to learn from clinicians in
your area while spending time at home with your family that’s probably the
biggest part of our program that a lot of people like. So I’ll send you down to
lab and see what your white count looks like. During the clinical phases where
the students will be working with their preceptors they’ll be seeing real
patients with real problems and, and so they’ll take the knowledge that they’ve
learned in the classroom and online and apply that to real live patients out in
the clinical area. In addition to that students return to a primary care series
where they’re on campus about 17 weeks for the next year and a half and those
are alternated with clinical experiences as well, so it’s two years commitment in
all. Many graduates share with us that without the flexibility and uniqueness
of the design of this curriculum they wouldn’t have been able to return to a
professional graduate school to achieve their goal of becoming a physician
assistant. I wouldn’t be where I am today without going to the physician assistant
program. UND is the only med school and physician assistant program in the state of
North Dakota. As a North Dakota resident, that was an easy choice for me.
The tuition is extremely affordable and much less than other programs in the
region. If interested in applying to the program, I encourage you to check our
website. There is instruction there as to how to apply and what we’re looking for.

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