Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care (OCON 2015)


  1. I am so glad, that I dont have to live in America. Absolutely nonsense, that are no arguments, just selfishness , without any care for other peoples, just thinking of herself. Just pressure. You should be ashamed of your homeless people too in the 21st century. It seems to me, that this woman would kill someone, to pay for her "individual" health . She will take her millions to heaven
    Of Course America has the "best" health care System in the world. unreplaceable.

  2. All I know is I make more than the maximum for Medicaid and I don't make enough to pay for my own insurance. I'm an epileptic… It's pretty important for me to have healthcare. Why can't I get it? Cause I don't make enough? Doesn't seem very fair.

  3. “The country with the best healthcare system is the one that has the best that money could buy.” So as long as a billionaire can afford top notch healthcare, ipso facto our country has the best healthcare system. Of course the sponsor is Ayn Rand Institute. Radical individualism with a complete absence of rational thought.

  4. These Randians are simply dangerous. I guess Police and Fire should be operated by Walmart? There is no other cost that is burdening our Capitalist system and innovation than the suffocating, stifling, inefficient health care system we suffer from in the United States. Basic health care is as fundamental as police and fire services. Ironically, a socialist model for healthcare will support a healthy Capitalism. But I don't expect a Randian to understand the benefits of a hybrid system as his/her left brain is not connected the right brain.

  5. A clinic on how anecdotal evidence can lead someone astray from the right answer. Medicare for all is a huge step up not step down for U.S. in every quantified outcome. We can do 2 things at once, improve while still covering all. Look at history! WE MOVE FORWARD NOT BACKWARDS CAUSE OF FEAR MONGERING! We can take what works & not what doesn't.Very poor conclusion

  6. Good talk though disingenuous. Certainly most of the universal single payer systems are costly. Controlling costs is critical, unlike the US where there is zero cost controls and the burden is placed upon the citizen who carries the debt. The US free market system allows for my statin to cost $1380 (90tabs), up from $774 in 2016. (Same drug). Whereas the exact same item in other OECD countries retails for $86. I suspect pharma still makes a profit on the $86 sale. Is the presenters argument still that price controls are wrong? Yes, doctors do things they don't want to do in some countries. But what of the time and resources doctors and hospitals invest in managing the insurance payment aspects. It is HUGE compared with the tiny concerns she raises.. Where does innovation and new cures come from? It generally isn't from pharma profits, more often government and university funded research. She forgot to mention this… The US argument is our 'freedom' to spend our own money on healthcare AND willingness to be exploited.

  7. fuck is she retarded … she is waisting time and is saying nothing
    Im german and the problem is:
    1) the waiting time (psychotherapy 1,5 – 2 years waiting, normal doctor 3 weeks)
    2) bad medicin, medicin in the US is 10 years more advence
    3) if you condition is bad you have to go to the US, because in the US you have WAYYYY much more sucsess chance
    4) some treatments are not availeble in germany, only in the US, because its "to expansive" for the goverment
    5) you HAVE TO pay no matter if you want or not, even if you are never sick
    6) your taxes are high as fuck + you still have to pay for every medicin
    7) ALL Doctors lie because they want to make a dollar more (because they cant earn nothing), so they give you medicin that you dont need just to make some more dollars
    8) the best doctors are leaving, they are going to the US to make some good money, so we have only the leftovers
    9) as a student you pay 185€ = 200 dollar a month, every month for nothing, no matter if you are sick or not. If you cant pay you go to jail, you have to pay by force – Im a student so the numbers a correct.

    socialism is so fucking bad

  8. 45 min and after – all performanece & emotion – very few scientific articles. supporters beliving in a myth! nice assertion.

    and no when i state performance & emotion its not because shes a women.

    im up on the fence with healthcare, but i find it funny when someone makes the claim, can we afford universal healthcare….no!

    can we increase 130billion dollars on top of the trillions we spend on bombs and the military! fuck yea!!!! bomb bomb bombs gets me wet!

    give me more myths! and even more BOMBS

  9. The US is ranked at 31 in terms of life expectation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_by_life_expectancy#List_by_the_World_Health_Organization_(2015))
    UK comes in at 20.
    Many of the countries that get a better ranking have universal health care.

  10. The private sector is ALSO capable of optimising its profits by "regulating" the number of MRI machines. If they make too many, and they flood the market, their profits fall. They have an incentive to make as much. Objectivists don't like regulation by government: they don't mind price regulation by entrepreneurs apparently. Objectivism is regulation too, but by the private sector.

  11. If you import drugs from another country, you are STILL paying for innovation; The economic argument given here is spurious. America is NOT subsidising foreign markets. It is selling its "innovative" products on a free world market. That is NOT subsidy.
    The UK also earns a lot from pharmaceutical sales. Switzerland and Germany also. That's not subsidy either.

    For the record, I never saw a general practitioner in Europe that did not have a receptionist and/or paid assistants. The typical system is three or four doctors' with receptionists on shift, usually a qualified nurse and often somebody to deal with computer and other equipment (maybe part-time). The argument given here that doctors do it all themselves is a fantasy.

  12. Amazing all that anguish and nervousness shown by this woman making this presentation. She seems very uncomfortable putting together all that crap there.

  13. She ends talking about how universal healthcare affects individuals, yet fails to mention that health care in the US costs twice as much PER PERSON.

    She says the individual should be able to choose whether they should pursue treatment, people in the US can't even weigh the options because they'll go bankrupt regardless.

    And riddle me this, if the WHO put the US so low on the list because they're pursuing a socialist agenda, why is it that the US has for example, the highest rate of obesity, and diabetes, and has lower life expectancies than all of these countries with socialized medicine?

    She fails in my opinion to provide hard facts to contextualize her argument, and uses a lot of personal opinion, and anecdotal evidence to support her case. Also at the end there seems to be a sort of faux-emotional high that comes at the end of her argument, and in combining this with my reasons listen above, I do not find her argument compelling to say the least.

  14. What a load of bullshit propaganda this channel spews forth!!! Delete my comment stooges, I speak the truth when I say Ayn Rand the evil witch depended on government health care, housing, and foodstamps until the end of her days. Suck on that you twats.

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