so I saw a man sitting on a bench dressed in fancy dress otherwise known as a police officer I really see this kind of a gang member and I thought I'll go down and sit next to him and I asked him if I could film him and he said no but then after a few minutes he said it was alright so got the camera and just before I filmed he noticed that on my bike there was a legalized cannabis thing which someone had stuck there a few weeks ago and he asked me do I have any cannabis on me with a view to taking it from me I was all yeah we have a ton of this only and have it are you seen yourselves well just go online we can watch avatars online well they're many ticket mechana game for me well no the actual substance name No he's our and yet McDonald's relentless deliberately target children everything okay well everything in moderation I mean seriously the homeowners conversation


  1. One day they will hopefully eaten from the inside. I mean one is a conspiracy theorist and the others partner is vagan. Some of those things trickle down or whatever that saying is.

  2. It is not the job of the police to make up laws and enforce them based on personal views and I don’t want them doing that. If you want to prevent any currently legal practices in the food industry then you need to campaign for people to boycott any such companies or campaign to change the law (or both).

  3. Danny – What's inside chicken nuggets will gross you out. I think you will find his terminology quite amusing as I did… enjoy https://youtu.be/Ghv9ZRFMZfo

  4. By his own logic, he as a police officer has choice to not watch slaughtered animals as it's possibly offensive to him, even possibly "grossly offensive". What's the difference when someone comments or posts on a social media platform? Are they not able to turn off or look away? Seems all choice to look away is taken away by "law" in certain circumstance for certain demographic.

  5. No wonder people dont trust the Police. It was an opportunity for plod to open debate but he decided to do a 'minority report' on you! ffs!

  6. Everything in moderation, except cannabis, a simple plant that doesn’t undergo any chemical process like opium and coca, to even call it a drug is absolute nonsense 🙄

  7. They will sell their grannies down the river for an extra 17 pence and a promotion, whilst they lick their bosses balls. FTP.

  8. I think all three of you pricks are a total watse of air what a load of old Bollocks 💩💩💩💩

  9. "But you think it's ok to smoke drugs". He can word it how ever he wants. Yes i think it's absolutely ok to consume cannabis.

  10. You need patience to talk to morons like those 2. They are beyond help, and will always be overbearing and stupid. The standard of police has fallen beyond all recognition.

  11. To be honest you've gotta have a screw loose to want to enter a slave police force nowadays especially one in the center of a third world country!

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