University of Evansville Master of Physician Assistant Science Program

(uplifting music) – All hospitals, all
healthcare across the nation, are short staffed, PAs fill a need. – Anybody wanting to go into
healthcare as a primary field but also those who are
looking to go into healthcare as a secondary career choice. – I think the ideal candidate somebody that wants to have a great
connection with patients that wants to have the ability to have a family life outside
of their medical career. – I think what makes
the PA profession unique as a profession is that upon graduation and working, the physician assistant is able to change specialties on the fly. There’s not a separate reboard, there’s not a residency requirement, and so that ability to
adjust the clinical practice I think opens up many doors. – I have got to do so much in my career and it’s been so fun and it’s made me a lifelong learner. Each time I come into a different career and I explore something
new I become a better PA. – This area is so underserved the amount of interest from the clinical world here for our grads is incredibly high. – PAs are in such a high
demand it’s just amazing. You look at the list of the
opportunities out there. Whatever you wanna do,
the sky’s the limit. – The national average
right now is around 85,000 starting yearly salary with
no experience coming out. And then of course it moves up from there depending on specialty and
region that you work in. – Today PAs are utilized
the way they’re supposed to, really expanding that physician’s role, being able to be an independent provider with a backup system
of having the physician there in case there’s any kind of need. – Being able to perform 85% on average of what a physician does
means that I can help a physician better manage their time to be with the patients
that more need their care. – You’re working as a team
member with a physician. You still get to do a lot of
things that the physicians do. The training is at the
level of a physician. – One of the unique
things about this program is we have a little bit different focus. Certainly we know that grades matter, you have to be able to do the work. But our program really is focusing on what a lot of people might
call the soft side of medicine. And that’s the communication, the empathy, because what makes a
good health care provider is the ability to communicate, the ability to earn
the trust of the person who’s giving you access
to the most important thing in the world, which
is their loved ones. – We get to teach them
what we want as providers so it’s extremely exciting to have this. Evansville’s been waiting
around for this program since I started 19 years ago and it’s exciting to have
this program in an environment that really needs more
healthcare providers. – It’s a 28 month program
that is year round and what the med school
model is is to have all didactic classes, and there’s some early exposures there,
and then the last year is all clinical, and so
that will be one on one with preceptor, which
is mainly physicians, it may be other PAs or
other healthcare providers in a one on one relationship to give about 2000 plus hours of clinical time in a variety of specialties. With the PA programs you
have to have a degree so it is a pure graduate program. Now what’s interesting
about our program is we do not require a specific degree, it can be any degree out there. We just have about 40 hours
of prerequisite courses. Now on those prerequisite courses, they’re pretty standard
for a pre-med curriculum. – [Narrator] So at the
University of Evansville with their physician assistant program there are two pathways to
gain entry into our program. The standard pathway is
for graduate students. They complete a common
application known as CASPA. From there, as with the other programs, they have to complete the
GRE, certain prerequisites, and then apply and go
through an interview process. However we also offer a second pathway that they can actually enter
as an incoming freshman. The second pathway for
entry into the physician assistant program is
actually unique to the University of Evansville. This is a direct entry
pathway known as the baccalaureate to physician
assistant program or BPA program. During this program, a high school senior or incoming freshman will
apply for this position, will interview, and given
acceptance will be granted a provisional seat upon
graduation from the University of Evansville. – And I think one of the things that makes this special is
you have an age diversity but you also have an experience diversity. We have foreign medical graduates, we have doctorate degrees all
the way to no experience whatsoever in the clinical world. We’re partnering with the IU School
of Medicine Evansville campus, and we’ll be moving to the new facility downtown. In that center besides the PA program, we’ll have the med school there, we’ll have the physical therapy program, we’ll have an occupational therapy program, and accelerated nursing. Now the goal then is to
get all these different professions and learners
together as much as possible to learn from, with, and about each other. We have an all-star
faculty that would rival any in the nation right now. – You have to understand that this faculty has been hand picked to really provide a great education for the students. – Your professors do know you, and if you ever think that
that’s a disadvantage, it’s not, it’s because
we all care about you, we all want you to succeed. – And we want those
providers that come out and people go I want to see that provider, I want that to be my provider. We want our preceptors to come back and say give me another UE student because they were phenomenal.

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